How Effective is Pull Out Method – Understanding Withdrawal Sex and the Pull-Out Method

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pull out technique

All about Withdrawal Sex (Pull Out Method)

Sex is a fun and healthy part of any adult’s life, but there are things that we must think about in order to be sure of our safety and health when having sex. When you are sexually active, you are taking a risk that you could become pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted infection. Read this article to find out what the pull-out method is, how effective the pull-out method is, and what the pros and cons of using the pull-out technique for protection can be. Check out these pull out method facts to understand more.

Withdrawal Method Definition

So what is the withdrawal method? The withdrawal method (or pull out method) is a technique for preventing unwanted pregnancy when engaging in penetrative intercourse. It involves removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation in order for no ejaculate to enter the vaginal canal and prevent the possibility of getting pregnant. If any semen enters the vagina, there is a chance that this will result in pregnancy.

Withdrawal or pulling out can prevent semen from entering the vagina by simply removing the chance that ejaculate will be in the vaginal canal. In theory, because the ejaculation happens elsewhere instead of in or close to the vagina, there should be no risk of pregnancy. However, there is in fact a small chance that pregnancy can happen because of living sperm that enter the vaginal canal in the pre-cum. Pre-cum is a liquid that comes from the penis during arousal.

Unlike cum or ejaculate, there is nothing that will enable a person to know exactly when pre-cum will come out of the penis. There is no feeling involved, and it can happen at any time during arousal or sex. The likelihood of getting pregnant from pre-cum is not high, but it does happen. So does pull out method work? The pull-out method, when done correctly, has a pretty high efficacy rate. However, the biggest problem with the pullout method is that it has a high rate of failure. Many people do not execute the pull-out technique correctly, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy or a pregnancy scare.

How to Do the Pull-Out Method

how effective is pull out method

If you are going to use the pull-out method, you will want to make sure that you are doing as much as you possibly can to do it effectively. Failure to effectively achieve the pull-out method only once can result in unwanted pregnancy. If you want to use the pull-out method you need to be very sure that you or your partner will be able to pull out before any ejaculate comes out of the penis. This is difficult for many people, and even if they can do it successfully most of the time, many people will have days when pulling out in time is just not as easy and might not happen.

Some people can benefit from practicing when it comes to the pull-out method. If you are prone to premature ejaculation, the pull-out method may prove significantly harder. In order to practice the pull-out method, try masturbating and edging, or using condoms to practice pulling out before an orgasm occurs.

When mistakes do happen, the emergency contraceptive pill or Plan B is an option to avoid pregnancy. This pill can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex occurs. While plan B is an option, it is called plan B for a reason. It isn’t particularly good for the body, and it does cost money, so it might be better to have a trustworthy plan A instead.

Can Pulling Out Prevent Pregnancy?

side effects of withdrawal method

For most people, the reasons to pull out include avoiding pregnancy and enjoying the sensation of skin to skin contact with their partner. But does pulling out contraception actually prevent pregnancy? If done correctly, the pull-out method can be up to 96% effective in preventing pregnancy, with the 4% who become pregnant a result of pre-cum. If you are sure that you will do it properly every time, the pull-out method may work fine.

Effectiveness of Withdrawal: How Effective Is the Pull-Out Method?

So the pull-out method can be pretty effective if done correctly, but what is the failure rate of the pull-out method? The trouble with the pull-out method is that one in five couples who use the pull-out method as their sole form of contraception will become pregnant within a year. This is because the pull-out method is difficult to achieve 100% accuracy with every time. Never using the withdrawal method and then choosing to do it could result in accidental insemination, because the person with a penis was not used to this method of contraception and not used to having to pull out before orgasm.

Alternatively, the more frequently you use the withdrawal method, the more likely it is that you will make a mistake. Mistakes do happen, so it might be better and more effective to use a backup form of birth control as well as the pull-out method. The most effective forms of birth control are the hormonal birth control pill which is 99% effective if taken correctly, but can be less effective when some pills are skipped, or an IUD which is over 99% effective and requires no maintenance after insertion. Condoms are 98 percent effective and unlike the other contraceptive options mentioned, condoms will also protect you against sexually transmitted infections.

Does Pulling Out Prevent STDs

withdrawal sex (pull out method)

How safe is pulling out? When it comes to sexually transmitted infections, the pull-out method is actually not a form of protection at all. There is nothing keeping the spread of infection from occurring by using the pull-out method, because all that needs to happen for infection to spread is either skin to skin contact in the case of viruses like herpes and HPV or fluid exchange for gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV. Pre-cum can be the fluid that can transmit an STI from an infected person with a penis to another person, and fluids in the vagina can spread STIs from a person with a vagina.

Even during anal sex, microtears in the anus can leave you vulnerable to STIs, and the withdrawal method will not prevent the spread. The only thing that will totally protect you against sexually transmitted infections is condom use. Barrier methods of protection are very effective in preventing the spread or contraction of sexually transmitted infections.

Withdrawal Advantages and Disadvantages

So if you are achieving the proper pull out method, the risks of pulling out are possibly spreading STIs and a small chance of pregnancy via pre-cum. If you aren’t able to effectively pull out before ejaculation 100% of the time, you are also putting yourself at risk for unwanted pregnancy. These options sound like big risks, but the pull-out method is still a very popular form of contraception for many people today. Many people chose to use the withdrawal method because the side effects of the withdrawal method are minimal. While hormonal birth control methods can cause unwanted side effects in those who take them, and some people prefer the feeling of not using a condom, the withdrawal method doesn’t have any of these problems. The only issue is that you are taking a much bigger risk with the withdrawal method than you would be with condoms or other contraceptive options.

If you really feel strongly that the withdrawal method is the best method for you, it is recommended that you take as many steps as possible to ensure that you are doing the most effective job with the pull-out method as you can. This could include practicing pulling out or adding additional contraceptive measures to the pull-out method, such as fertility tracking or spermicide. Tracking fertility during the monthly menstrual cycle can be an effective additional measure to prevent unwanted pregnancy. You should also make sure that both you and your partner are getting regularly tested for STIs. This means once every six months or after every new sexual partner.

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