Which Condom Is Best to Use?

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best safe condoms

There are a lot of condoms on the market today claiming to be the best condom, but what truly is the best-rated condom out there? Well, that might depend on what you’re using the condom for because different sexual experiences and different bodies might require slightly different love gloves for enhanced pleasure. The top condoms are ones that are versatile, safe, and barely noticeable.

Condoms don’t get a lot of love in this world. Many people think that sex doesn’t feel as good with barrier protection, and I hear you, but what if I told you you’re just not using the right condoms the right way?

The truth of the matter is, there are plenty of great condoms out there and a few tricks for using them properly that will make you forget they’re even there, or even enjoy the sensation they bring you more because of some high tech protection features.

These days there are condoms for everyone! Condoms for smaller penises, condoms for bigger penises, condoms for vaginas, condoms with flavors, latex-free condoms, ribbed condoms, and condoms with cooling or stimulating properties that can actually enhance your sexual experience. If someone has ever told you their penis doesn’t fit into a condom, it’s a lie. Sizes exist for all penises!

While birth control pills and IUDs may effectively prevent pregnancy, unfortunately, they do not stave off STIs so it’s always best to use a condom. Condoms are also important for anal sex because, again, STIs! Additionally, they make for easy cleaning up and there’s no need to pull out when you have a condom on. So if all of this exciting information about condoms wasn’t enough to get you to hop on the condom train, here is some information about the best condoms money can buy (or that you could potentially get for free at a local health clinic or student health).

Best Condoms for Him

best condoms

Durex Prolong Natural Latex Condoms

These condoms are actually effective in prolonging sex for the guys who wish to last a little longer. There is a bit of numbing lubricant inside the tip of the condom that once activated by heat will melt and create a numbing sensation for the penis, allowing good feelings to continue, but extending the time frame of penetration long enough for your lover to be satisfied.

MYONE Custom Fit Condoms

best condom

These condoms come in 60 different sizes to effectively ensure that you’re getting the right fit for you! A lot of the issues around condoms come from a feeling that the condom is ill-fitting, and while yes the elasticity of condom material will stretch, it’s nice to have that perfect fit feeling, and that can lead to better sex.

Best Condoms for Her

top rated condoms

Her Pleasure Sensations Spermicidal Lubricated Condoms

These condoms are thin and ribbed, making them a nice go-to for vaginal stimulation and comfort. The spermicidal lubricant is great for an extra feeling of safety and comfort, but be cautious using spermicide if you know your vagina is sensitive or prone to yeast infections.

Best Latex Free

top condoms

Durex Avanti Bare RealFeel Non-Latex Condom

These condoms are great latex-free condoms for people with sensitivities or latex allergies. They’re also very thin and barely noticeable.

Natural Latex Condoms: SUSTAIN NATURAL

best kind of condoms

The Sustain Natural brand of latex-free condoms gives you a natural option and alternative from buying from the big brands.

Best Flavored

best rated condoms

Durex Tropical Flavors Condoms or Skyn Cocktail Club Premium Flavored Condoms

Both of these flavored condom options are stellar, and as you can see, the top-rated flavored condoms are often a melange of tropical fruits. These are great for oral sex. I know what you’re thinking, oral sex with a condom? Yes! STIs can spread from oral sex, so if you haven’t gotten tested since your last sexual encounter, using a flavored condom during oral can be delicious and protective!

Best for Smaller

best kind of condom

Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit or the Slimfit Premium Small Condoms

These condoms are great for a more tight fit if you’re a bit smaller or thinner down there and don’t want to worry about bunching, slipping, or excess baggy latex during sex. The better the fit the better the sex so doesn’t let your ego prevent you from pleasure. After all, it’s the motion of the ocean, right?

Best for Larger

what are the best condoms

Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Large Size Condoms

These condoms are the magnum size for those who are packing a little more than average. The great thing about the “Bareskin” version is that they don’t feel like so much latex happening, in fact, you can barely feel the condom there at all!

The General Answer to “What Are the Best Condoms?”

The best kind of condoms are ones that work for you and your situation, but overall best rated in recent years goes to these two varieties, both of which are great at being thin, well-fitting, and a classic good choice.

Trojan Pleasure Pack Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms and Lifestyles Skyn Original Condoms

Both of these give you that condom-less feeling because of their thinness, they are good quality, comfortable, and don’t break. So if you just want a basic and great condom for a good price, I would select one of these two!

So there we are! Condoms galore for all of you to peruse and choose from. If you are a little bigger, a little smaller, a little more sensitive, or want to try something new or fun like ribbed condoms or flavored condoms, give these a try and remember to use lube if you need it! Safety can be just as fun and here is the proof!

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