What Makes a Girl Moan and Why Some Make So Much Noise during Sex

  • Jan.13.2021
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why do women moan in sex

If you’re wondering why a woman in your life is moaning during sex with you, don’t think too hard about it. The most likely explanation as to why the woman you’re sleeping with is moaning is because she is enjoying herself and getting pleasure from having sex with you. If you want to know why a woman in your life isn’t moaning or isn’t moaning all the time, there are many reasons that this could be and it isn’t necessarily always the case that she is not enjoying herself during your sexual explorations. Let’s take a look at vocal expressions of affirmation or pleasure during sexual activities and what it means to hear or not hear them.

Do All Girls Moan during Sex?

No! Not all people and not all people who identify as girls will moan or be vocal during sex, and this doesn’t mean that they aren’t enjoying themselves if that is just the kind of lover they are. Some people prefer not to make noise, some will whisper or talk during sex, some will breathe a little more heavily, some might giggle and some might be silent. There are a lot of other factors to gauge whether your partner is having a good time such as eye contact, physical touch, and the best one of all: asking!

No matter what noises the person you’re having sex with is making, there is no harm in checking in and asking your partner what they like and if something feels good to them. It is important not to get too hung up on trying to get a verbal affirmation or response and rather to communicate when it is most appropriate to do so. If you want your partner to give you more communication or be more verbal during sex, you can discuss this when you’re not in the heart of it all so that you can have a more helpful discussion. When you’re having this conversation, instead of asking yes or no questions, it might be more useful to ask your partner to describe what they like in bed, and then ask them if you do this and if not how you can get better at it.

Converse in a way that promotes listening and learning rather than taking it personally if you don’t know exactly what your partner likes, especially a new partner. Sometimes your partner might not even know what they like, and that’s okay! You can explore that together. You can also be more vocal yourself and see if that makes your partner feel more comfortable about being vocal with you.

Why Do Women Moan in Sex Videos and Pornography?

why do girls moan during sex

In mainstream pornographic content, many porn actresses moan a lot, and loudly. This is a friendly reminder that most women do not have sex the same way that porn actresses do, and that porn actresses are just that: actresses. Porn actresses may or may not experience an abundance of pleasure from their work, but either way, they are often asked by the director to amp up the affirmation and to be extra expressive. It is simply not a good idea to gauge your personal sex life around the kind of sex you see in pornography because you will most likely be confused or disappointed. Pornography is typically catered to the male gaze meaning that it shows you what men want to see and not necessarily what women want to experience.

So while it is important to want your partner to feel pleasure while you’re having sex, don’t focus so much on the moaning, and focus more on fulfilling their desires and communication and it will surely pay off. You can also check out my article on how to make a woman orgasm if you want more tips for getting her there.

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