What is Yoni Egg: Learn All About Yoni Eggs and How They Can Benefit Your Sex Life

  • Aug.20.2021
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using yoni eggs

What is a yoni egg? According to Gwenyth Paltrow, yoni eggs are powerful tools of ancient Chinese origin that are meant to increase sexual libido and function in vagina owners. The word yoni meaning vaginal, and egg which refers to the shape of the device, come together to form the item called a yoni egg. The yoni egg is a tool or egg-shaped weight made of jade that is inserted into the vagina and held there for long periods of time. Enticed? Let’s talk more about this intriguing concept of an egg-shaped jade crystal to be inserted and kept in the vagina for many hours. If you haven’t heard all of the hype surrounding yoni eggs, it might be a good thing.

There are a lot of myths circulating around the internet about yoni eggs meaning good things for your sexual and reproductive health, when really they aren’t recommended by most gynecologists. The apparent benefits of using yoni eggs range from strengthening the pelvic floor to balancing the hormones in your reproductive system. While there are some people that stand by the idea that there are many benefits of yoni eggs, many reviews by doctors and curious consumers alike are skeptical if not outright dismissive of yoni eggs. While you might have set out to find a yoni egg guide, this article might actually tell you more about yoni egg safety and why you might want to avoid purchasing something like this.

How to Use a Yoni Egg

The typical way that a person would use a yoni egg would be inserting yoni egg into the vagina and then either holding it there while doing day-to-day activities or sleeping. It is meant for long-term usage, and it is said to also be of good use while doing kegel exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor. The idea behind this enhancing your prowess and desire for sex with yoni egg keeping your vagina in tip-top shape.

One of the biggest issues with this is that if you keep the yoni egg in for a long period of time your vagina will be in a constant state of contraction without release. This isn’t typically how we train or exercise muscles, and it can lead to fatigue, cramping, and even weakened vaginal walls. It would be like lifting weight and never putting it down again to do another rep.

Do Yoni Eggs Really Work?

how to use a yoni egg

Contrary to the musings of Goop lab and other promoters of yoni eggs, most OB-GYNs agree that yoni eggs use is more likely to be detrimental to your health than to actually benefit you or your sex life. While the purpose of yoni egg usage is to strengthen your vaginal walls, improve sexual satisfaction and regulate the menstrual cycle, what may actually happen could include vaginismus, vaginal soreness, and chronic vaginal/pelvic infections.

What Are Yoni Eggs Good For? What Are Different Yoni Eggs Alternatives?

do yoni eggs really work

Yoni eggs are intended to be used to increase sexual function similarly to ben wa balls. The difference between yoni eggs and ben wa balls is the material that yoni eggs are often made of.

Ben wa balls are typically metal and meant to be used for short periods of time. Yoni eggs are often made of a porous material like jade or another crystal which can harbor bacteria and cause infection, especially if you consider the fact that those who participate in a yoni egg practice will often keep the egg in their vaginas for very long durations. Think about what is considered unwise when using menstrual products.

Usually, we are told not to keep a tampon inside the vagina for more than 8 hours to avoid toxic shock syndrome. Yoni eggs are not disposable or easy to sterilize, so the bacteria that could be harbored in the small pores of the jade stone might just linger and continue to be a threat as you reinsert the yoni egg no matter how long you keep it in for.

Instead of using a yoni egg or even a metal set of ben wa balls which are easier to sterilize, you might be better off just doing simple kegel exercises. There is no evidence to show that adding weights to your vagina during kegel exercises increases your strength or muscle control. In fact, it can sometimes lead to sore or cramping vaginal walls instead.

More Alternatives

Another important thing to do once you realize that yoni eggs are not a safe or functional investment, you should ask yourself the reason that you might have wanted to explore the use of yoni eggs in the first place. Did you look them up because a friend mentioned them and you were purely curious, or did you want to find something to help you better your sex life and maybe achieve stronger orgasms?

If the answer happened to be the latter, there are so many other things that you can do to achieve better libido, stronger pelvic floor muscles, and more sexual prowess. Firstly, you should invest time into exploring your own body without the use of fancy toys. Vibrators are amazing and there are many of them on the market, but take some time before going for the vibe to simply check in with yourself on a sexual level. What do you desire out of your sex life, and how can you attain that?

Regular masturbation can help many people who struggle to achieve orgasm figure out what it is that really makes them get to a climax. This can also help with sexual libido because finding out what makes you go crazy will make you want it time and time again. Figuring it out for yourself can also help you tell your partner what it is that gets you there.

Once you and your partner have a better understanding of how to make you aroused and get you to the point of no return, there might be a lot more happening in the bedroom department.


what is yoni egg

To conclude, there are many methods of pelvic floor strengthening and libido-boosting that are more effective than the yoni egg. Obstetricians and gynecologists recommend that no one uses yoni eggs for any period of time let alone long spells of time. If you want to use a weight or a tool to help you understand your own pelvic floor muscles, stick to something more washable like surgical steel ben wa balls. You could also achieve strong pelvic floor muscles by doing many reps of kegel exercises without any help from vaginal weights. To do this simply squeeze the muscles that you would squeeze to stop urination.

These muscles are between your pubic bone and tailbone and they help with all things related to the pelvis. Squeeze and release ten times and then repeat that three times for a total of thirty kegels per day. If you find it easy to do more, you can easily do more as these exercises can be done at any time and don’t require you to stop writing emails, cooking breakfast, brushing your teeth or lounging in your living room. They also don’t require you to purchase the expensive and potentially perfect host for bacteria that is a yoni egg.

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