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  • Dec.16.2020
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cowgirl position

So the rider on top sex position can be controversial for some. Many people love it because it allows the receiving partner to be in control of the rhythm and flow of penetrative sex, but others find it uncomfortable or just simply not their thing. If you’re one of the people who dislike cowgirl, hear me out, because there may be a way to make it more enjoyable, if not one of your most pleasurable experiences. If you’re a fan of receiving partner on top positions, I think I have a few cowgirl position tips that might make you love it even more.

So let’s talk all about how to have sex in a cowgirl position and get some good cowgirl sex position tips! Knowing how to do cowgirl properly can really enhance your sex life in ways you never imagined. As the classic receiver on top position, the cowgirl is a super helpful position to feel confident in.

Additionally, this position is the only one that allows many people with clitorises to reach orgasm because of the on top partner’s ability to control the rhythm and grinding. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to make the cowgirl position most suitable and sensual for you!

Dry Humping

As unappealing as the name might be, doing little clothes on grinding beforehand can really set you up for penetration well. This kind of rocking and grinding can help you tap into your intuitive sexuality; we are animals after all. Starting out in the rider on top position with some kissing and grinding can give you a good idea of what you’re working with, what kind of rhythm you want to start out with, and get you in the mood to really get things going. A proper warm-up is really important for penetrative sex, and additionally, a little bit of lube can keep things from building up the wrong kind of friction, so you’re free to mix up the rhythm and go as long as you like.

Make It Comfortable

how to ride cowgirl

One of the biggest reasons why some people are resistant to trying more rider-on-top positions is because they’re getting on top in a way that is really uncomfortable or hard on the body.

We suggest when you’re on top, you plant your knees on the bed or surface on either side of your partner’s torso instead of going into a squat with your feet as your only support. Squatting is a killer position to be in and unless you’re a pro athlete, it’s truly an unsustainable way of achieving the cowgirl position. In addition to kneeling comfortably, you can also put pillows under you or under your partner’s pelvis so that there’s something to rest your knees on. You can use your arms to support your weight too, in whatever way is comfortable.

Lean In

Another big factor in comfort and pleasure is the angle at which you ride. Some people think that sitting upright is the goal, but really what you want to do is get on an incline, so that grinding on the shaft of the penis or strap-on can really get some clitoral stimulation going. It is also a more preferable position for penetration and will tire you out less.

Additionally, you can do what you wish with your hands, whether that be touching your partner, leaning more on the bed, floor, or whatever you can hold on to. It also allows your partner to touch you more easily. Another way to lean for some good sensations is back. If you lean back, you can open the space between you and your partner enough for them to go in for some clitoral stimulation with their hands or a toy. It also can make for a sexy view.

Giddy Up

cowgirl position tips

So contrary to what some might think, you really and truly do not have to bounce up and down on your partner for the desired cowgirl experience. Bouncing can be fun at times, but if you try to bounce vigorously the whole time you’re most likely going to get tired out. The biggest pull of the cowgirl position is that the rider gets to control the rhythm and speed, so do what feels good!

Both you and your partner can get some really amazing sensations from rocking and grinding slowly or at a moderate pace. You can also switch up the movements however you like. One tip that was circulating around a lot recently was to spell coconut with your hips while you’re on top. Get creative and get into it and your partner will too.

Take an Intimate Break

Even if you’re not bouncing in a squat the whole time, you can still get a little fatigued from being on top, and that’s okay! A really nice thing to do when that happens is lean all the way into your partner and slow down the movement by a lot. You can whisper, kiss, or just bask in the warm skin to skin embrace that you’ve got going on. Who knew taking a break could be so sensual and amazing?

So with all of this information, I still might not have convinced those who don’t like the cowgirl position to give it another try, and that’s okay! You don’t have to like every position, and your position preferences are valid. If you haven’t been so keen on the cowgirl position before but these tips have piqued your interest, I say give it at least one more try! Sex can change completely when you feel more confident in what you’re doing and it can also feel completely different with different partners. So get back on that horse, cowgirl!

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