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Cuckolding is a term that has many uses, but in terms of being a sexual fetish, the term is used to describe a situation where a man watches his wife have sex with a different man. While this term is typically used to describe a married couple with these specific gender roles, people can still use the term cuckold when describing this situation happening within a long term relationship or with different combinations of gender.

For example, it could be a wife watching her husband have sex with another man or any other combination of a partner watching their partner have sex with someone outside of the relationship. Why would anyone be into something like this? How did this fetish come about? Well to understand the origins and uses of the term cuckold, we should look into the definition and history of the term.

Cuckold History and Origin

Cuckold is a term that originated in regards to the cuckoo bird. These birds often lay their eggs in other bird’s nests and leave the eggs to be raised by this other bird to whom the nest belongs. This relates to today’s definition because it is like a man potentially inseminating another man’s wife and leaving him to raise the child.

But these days there is typically no actual act of impregnating when we discuss cuckolding because of the birth control methods we have and use. That being said, the original definition of cuckold in old English simply means a man with a wife who practices infidelity. While this can sometimes be a colloquial use of the term cuckold in this day and age, that gives the term a negative connotation. Some people view cuckold and cuckolding as a negative thing, but others find it extremely sexy and practice it in their sex lives.

Cuckolding Fetish

When we’re talking about cuckolding as a fetish, the cuckolded person usually gets off on the fact that someone else is having sex with their partner. Sometimes this is role play and other times it’s an entire evening event with guests involved. The cuckolded person will often watch and sometimes participate in sexual activity after the fact. Some couples incorporate more BDSM in the mix like dirty talk, down talk, ropes, gags, and blindfolds. There is a whole range of ways that cuckolding could go down. When experimenting with things of a BDSM nature, remember to have an honest and open discussion beforehand in order to set up healthy boundaries and a safe word.

Is Cuckolding for You?

cuckold fetish

The cuckolding fetish is definitely not for everyone. In fact, there are plenty of people whose relationships would be absolutely destroyed but such an act. Others thrive with the introduction of a new partner. Sometimes one of the reasons a couple will engage in cuckolding might be because the man might have a smaller penis, and want to see his wife or girlfriend getting pleasured by a larger man.

This isn’t always the case but it definitely brings something different to the table. There is definitely something very generous and sexy about a person who wants to watch their partner experience a ton of pleasure and they can sometimes learn a thing or two about how their partner likes to be touched or a new position they want to try when engaging in this kind of play. Cuckolding can also be a kind of punishment fetish that aligns with where someone falls on the BDSM scale.

In case you need a refresher or you’re new to the acronym BDSM, there are multiple meanings for some of the letters, and the acronym includes Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. There are many ways that cuckolding can fit into the BDSM universe depending on the intention behind the experience.

Cuckolding can satisfy sexual cravings for submission, masochism, and humiliation. It can also fulfill sexual desires for the person doing the cuckolding in many ways. The person doing the cuckolding could feel dominant to their partner and submissive to the guest, or they could be living out a sadistic fantasy with their partner while playing with bondage and discipline. There is also a layer of voyeurism and exhibitionism where one partner can enjoy watching their partner having sex and the other can enjoy being watched.

Is Cuckolding a Common Fetish?

You might wonder whether cuckolding is a particularly unusual kink or if more people than you realize are into it. It might surprise you to find out that a bit more than half of the men survived in a recent study said that they have fantasized about being cuckolded while about one-third of women have had similar fantasies.

It is a popular genre in pornographic media and while fantasizing about it doesn’t mean that you will actually go through with your fantasies, it does probably mean someone you know has experimented with it once or twice. If you have fantasies about it but don’t want to really follow through with the real thing, you can always discuss role-playing with your partner, or experimenting with something similar but not quite qualifying as cuckolding.

This could be a form of mutual masturbation where you watch your partner use a toy to pleasure themselves and you’re not allowed to join in the fun. This could be coupled with some dirty talk or light rope play if you and your partner are both interested in something like that.

So now you know all about the cuckolding fetish. Maybe it interests you or maybe not. Whatever your feelings about it are, you’re free to feel however you feel and discuss the idea with your partner to see if they might be interested in something like cuckolding or cuckolding role play. There is no shame in either liking or disliking the idea. As long as you are sensitive to your partner’s feelings and have a safe word, the world is your cuckoo’s nest.

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