C Spot Orgasm: All of Your Questions Answered About Cervical Orgasm

  • Aug.18.2021
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what is cervical orgasm

You might have heard of a g-spot orgasm or an orgasm from penetration, but have you ever heard of a c-spot orgasm? The c-spot refers to the cervix, which is the narrow canal that goes from the end of the vaginal canal to the wider part of the uterus. Cervix stimulation during intercourse can actually lead to what some people call a c-spot orgasm or a cervix orgasm. So what is a cervical orgasm? It is the orgasm that can result from cervical stimulation during vaginal penetration, when the owner of the said vagina is particularly aroused, and it can be pretty earth-shattering.

Why Have I Never Heard of the C-spot Before?

how to have a cervical orgasm

It is a kind of orgasm that is rarely talked about, maybe because it is less commonly achieved, or possibly because people simply don’t understand the mechanism for it. Many vagina owners think only of uncomfortable or painful situations when they think about their experiences with their cervix during sex. This is possible because if you are not at a heightened state of arousal, pressure or stimulation of the cervix can feel uncomfortable or even painful. This goes beyond whether you’re super wet or mentally aroused. Intense arousal is a very important step for enjoying pressure or stimulation of the cervix. If you are one of the vagina owners who believe their cervix has never caused anything other than pain, think for a second about whether there have been times that really deep thrusting and penetration with something (or someone) long has been actually amazing.

This happens when the body is relaxed and aroused enough that the vagina has expanded and the sensations of penetration have totally transformed. Not only does the vagina lubricate during arousal, it also goes from about three inches to about six inches in depth. The walls start to soften and you can experience a whole new world of pleasure. This is why getting vaginally penetrated before being adequately aroused can feel super uncomfortable, dry and like you’re trying to jam something in that doesn’t fit.

Sex should never feel that way, and it doesn’t have to. If you spend the proper time warming up and getting really aroused, there are no limits to the amount of pleasure you could trade in for that potential discomfort of getting too deep too quickly. All of this said, sometimes no matter how aroused you or your partner may be, getting rammed in the cervix might still be a pretty intensely bad feeling. Make sure to talk to your partner about this concept before you try it in order to make sure that everyone is comfortable with some experimentation. You should never pressure anyone into attempting this, and if you feel at any point that it’s not for you or it’s painful, you should slow down or even stop entirely.

How to Have a Cervical Orgasm

cervix orgasm

So now that we know the answer to the question of “What is a cervical orgasm?”, let’s figure out how they happen. Experimenting with masturbation may be your key to unlocking this type of orgasm. This is because of the feedback loop established between the intensity of penetrating and your ability to adjust it according to how it makes you feel. To do this you can use a dildo to penetrate yourself deeply, feeling for that external part of the cervix that some describe feeling like the tip of a nose or a tiny doughnut. You can use your fingers to feel for it and test out different positions and methods of penetration to stimulate it once you feel you’re really aroused.

Once you have an understanding of whether you like it or not, and what you need to make things feel great, you can introduce the idea to partnered sex. Having that personal knowledge of what feels good and what doesn’t would help you guide your partner to goodness. If you want to know how to get the best position for a cervical orgasm, think of positions that enable you to do the deepest thrusting. Deep thrusting positions include doggy style, missionary with one or two legs up on your partner’s shoulders, or the “magic carpet ride position” which is essentially cowgirl but the underneath partner does all of the thrustings.

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