What Is 69? 69 Sex Position Tips and Tricks

  • Jan.04.2021
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what is 69

There are certain sex positions that can be a little more challenging than others. The 69 position is definitely one that requires a bit of patience and humility, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Lucky for you there are plenty of 69 tips and even a how-to do 69 step by step coming up in this article. If you hate the 69 position, it might just be because you don’t know how to do 69 properly, or because you haven’t found the best position of 69 to try.

What Is 69?

how to 69

69 is a sex position where two partners fit together just like the number 69. Typically one partner will lie on their back while the other gets on top of them in a way that allows both partners to orally stimulate one another. Many people like the position where one partner lies on their back and the other person sits on their face and leans down to give their partner oral as they’re getting oral.

You could also position yourselves in a way that both of you are lying on your sides while you 69, this 69 position benefits some couples because there is less pressure on the underneath partner and no one has to be on top. Do be aware that if you’re both lying on your sides it can sometimes be more difficult to get leverage or mobility. If this is the case you can try positioning your arms and legs in different ways to make it easier.

If you’re in that side lying position for a long time, you can lay your head on your partner’s inner thigh for support and they can do the same with you. Try out both positions or switch around which partner is on top to find out the best way to do it. This can work for anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The thing that many people find difficult in the 69 position is often the distraction of having to both give and receive at the same time.

While some find it extra rewarding and hot, others can be overwhelmed or have trouble concentrating on either getting oral or giving it while it’s happening. If this is the case for you here are a couple of 69 tips and tricks for keeping things going and getting the most pleasure possible when you do the 69 position.

Don’t take yourself too seriously when getting into position. This is something that can be especially important if you’re learning how to 69 for the first time. There may be a little bit of awkwardness trying to line things up so your face is immersed in your partner’s genitals and their face is in yours. Sounds pretty awkward when you phrase it like that, but hey, that’s what you’re signing up for. It might be awkward if you worry about it all going perfectly and smoothly, so again don’t take yourself too seriously and go for it. Sit on your partner’s face or have them sit on yours.

If you have confidence about simply doing it without worrying too much about the process it can be super sexy. When this happens you can even explore the sensuality of the position which leads me to my next point. You don’t have to rush! You can take your time and explore your partner’s body as they explore yours. If you need to take a break at any time there are ways to keep things going while taking a break at the same time.

It’s better to take a break and refresh than to keep going when it’s not as fun for you. One of the sexiest parts or maybe the absolute sexiest part of the 69 position is that you get to see your partner in ecstasy as you go down on them and see them really enjoy going down on you. Enthusiasm is hot and consent is crucial. Never feel like you have to continue if it really isn’t your thing, and know you can take a break and choose either to stop or come back without anyone being disappointed! If you want to keep going but your mouth needs a break, use your hands!

There is no reason why your mouth has to do all of the work just because you’re in the 69 position. When you give oral sex in any other scenario it’s always great to add your hands into the mix. Using your hands doesn’t just help with stimulation, it also helps you if you need to take a break from what you’re doing either because you’re distracted by the awesome pleasure you’re getting or because you need to readjust your positioning. Using your hands could mean giving a handjob, digital penetration, or fingering, but it could also mean sensually touching other parts of the body like the thighs, chest or butt cheeks.

Additionally, to take things to another step in terms of pleasure, you could use your hands for touching the perineum, the balls, or introduce the anal play. You could also add a toy if you felt so inclined, whether that be a vibrator for additional external stimulation or a dildo for penetration in tandem with the external stimulation you’re giving with your mouth.

Also note that it’s okay to take a break and change positions completely, either going back to the 69 position at some point or letting things naturally wind up where they wind up. Some people use 69 as the main course event, but others like to use it as a warm up or a position that they spend a brief stint in to make things interesting and fun.

The goal of the 69 position is to have fun! The goal for this position, and frankly all sex, should be to have fun and not focus too hard on the orgasm. 69 can lead to uneven time spent pleasuring or giving pleasure, but it can also lead to multiple orgasms if one partner gets off before the other, or simply if you wish to spend the time there. It also could lead to no orgasm at all, and that is truly okay! As long as you’re both having fun and exploring what feels good in the 69 position, there is no necessary amount of time you must spend there, nor should there be an orgasm centric goal. The fact is, often the more pressure you put on yourself or your partner to have an orgasm, the more likely that will lead to stress and no O.

So do yourself and your partner a favor and don’t stress about orgasms, let them happen when they happen and make sure that communication between you and your partner is flowing so that if and when they do happen you know. If any of these tips have inspired you to try out the 69 position or one of these methods for doing so, my best advice is simply to have fun and enjoy the exploration.

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