What Does Sex Feel Like?

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what does sex feel like

If you’re wondering what sex feels like, I can tell you that sex is not a universally agreed upon experience and that different bodies and different partners will drastically change the sensations and feelings involved in sexual activities.

Because not everyone has the same kind of sex, not everyone will feel the same kind of sensations during sex. There are, however, some through lines that connect most people in terms of desired sensations and outcomes from sexual engagement. The most important thing is that most people agree that sex should feel good. So if you’re wondering things like “is sex supposed to feel good?” the answer is for the most part, enthusiastically yes.

But if you’re wondering “does sex feel good always” there is more to discuss about how sometimes figuring out what feels good during sex has a learning curve, people aren’t sexually compatible, or the ways in which sex can impact emotions and sensations negatively.

What Sex Is Like?

If you’re wondering “What will sex feel like?” or “What does sex feel like for my partner?” you have to first consider that there are many ways of having sex and each way might feel different for different people. While the old timer and heteronormative definition of sex is penis in vagina penetration, there are so many other ways to have sex that are valid and sometimes more desirable.

Using P in V penetration as the singular definition of sex excludes the experiences of so many people who may never explore vaginal penetration for any number of reasons. Oral sex, anal sex, fingering or manual sex, sex with toys, mutual masturbation, and even french kissing are among the list of acts that some people consider to be the full deal.

If you want to know what sex will feel like, consider the fact that there are multiple correct answers to that question. There’s not a direct answer to the question “what does sex feel like for a woman or man”.

Is Sex the Best Feeling?

sex feel like

If you’ve never had sex before you might be wondering “Is sex really that good?”. Whether you’ve explored your own body via masturbation and found out about the pleasures of orgasm or not, you still won’t know exactly what sex feels like until you try it.

It’s nearly impossible to describe the feeling during sex in words because it’s a very personal and intimate sensation. Some think the feeling during sex is the best feeling a person can experience, while others, who are on the asexual spectrum, might not even enjoy sex at all. There are also certain medical conditions such as vaginismus and endometriosis that can cause vaginal penetration to be very painful or difficult for women.

Apart from the physical sensations and feelings during sex, sex can also bring up a lot of emotions especially if you are a survivor of sexual trauma. If you or a person you’re in an intimate relationship with is a survivor of sexual abuse, it is important to be patient, understanding, and sensitive about any feelings that arise surrounding sex.

The Sensation of Sex Depending on Gender and Biological Sex

The feelings and sensations that come from sex can be very different depending on your genitalia, your hormones, and the way that gender roles can often come into play in the bedroom. There are also many different sensations that can occur depending on the sex act you are giving or receiving and the position or angle of said act.

There are internal factors such as stress or excitement that can come into play and affect sensation during sexual activity. There are also environmental factors like temperature, music, whether or not your roommate is home, etc. Sex can feel different with every partner, and it can also feel different with the same partner on a different day. If you want to know what sex feels like for a woman or what sex feels like for a man, again, there are many different ways sex could feel, and not all women or men experience the same sensations.

Reports show that homosexual sex leads to greater satisfaction, most likely because the definition of sex is less rigid for people who won’t be having the most mainstream definition of sex which would be a penis in vagina sex. The less rigid your concept of what sex should look like, feel like, or sound like, the more likely you are to figure out what you uniquely need and desire in a sexual situation.

This is something that carries over no matter what kind of sex you’re having. Don’t be afraid to explore your pleasure and discuss what works and what doesn’t work for you with your partner(s).

If you are looking to know specifically what vaginal intercourse feels like for straight cis men or straight cis women feels like, we’ve done some research. After reading many testimonies of people with penises and people with vaginas on what sex feels like for them, there are a few things that seem worth noting for each. There’s an article online with a great compilation of straight girls describing sex sensation and how it feels to be penetrated with a penis.

Women having P in V sex describe it as many things, but many positive responses included feeling filled, warm, stretched, tingly, weighted, and good. Many women said the feeling sent tingles through their bodies, and that the first moment of penetration is the most thrilling and fulfilling, like a fit that was meant to be. Some negative responses concurred that when there wasn’t enough lubrication, the feeling was uncomfortable. Some women reported that size didn’t play the biggest role in whether sex was fulfilling or pleasurable, some said that when it comes to being penetrated, penises can be either too big or too small.

Not every girl feels penis in vagina sex is the most important part or kind of sex. Most reports said that when the penis was too big or wide, the feeling was too sharp or stabbing and if the penis was not quite big or wide enough the feeling was minimal and not as satisfying. Many women said that they prefer oral sex to vaginal penetration, so no matter what genitalia you’re working with if you want to please a person with a vulva there are many ways to do it.

How Does Sex Feel for a Male?

sex feel like for a woman

The same folks who brought you the testimonials of straight women describing sex also made an article featuring straight men explaining the sensation of sex (of the P in V variety) for them. Many of these men reported the positive sensations of penetrating a vagina feeling like their penis was engulfed in a soft, velvety, warm, wet, and enveloping cushion.

Many said that with each thrust but especially the first one, there were tingles and good sensations flowing through the shaft of their penises. Some negative sensations were described when instances of dryness occurred, or a feeling like the vagina was too tight or not tight enough. If you want to read more about straight men’s experiences with vaginal intercourse, just a quick search on the web and you will find it.

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