Blue Balls Information: Causes, Symptoms and Cure

  • Mar.03.2021
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is blue balls real

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been making out or fooling around for a long time and decide to stop, leading someone to say “Don’t leave me with blue balls”?

This is the simplest of terms that could refer to simply being unsatisfied, sexually frustrated, or stifled. But simply feeling frustrated doesn’t quite explain the blue balls feeling. In this situation that I’m sure a lot of us have had what we want to know is, what happens when you get blue balls?

What Are Blue Balls?

So a lot of people, whether they own testicles or not, wonder “Is blue balls real?”. The answer to this question is yes. Blue balls are known medically as Epididymal Hypertension and it is a scientifically proven physiological response to increased sexual arousal without release to the point of pain or discomfort.

What Causes Blue Balls?

what causes blue balls

The cause of blue balls is a large amount of blood circulation to the genital area, specifically the penis and testicles, without the release of tension that comes with orgasm/ ejaculation. When a lot of blood flows to the genital region the penis becomes erect and the testicles also experience increased blood flow and swelling.

There are tons of tiny blood vessels in the penis that blood flows through during arousal, and after ejaculation (or simply when someone stops being aroused) the blood recirculates throughout the body and the erection goes away. When someone is aroused for a long period of time without this release, it can become uncomfortable or even painful. This can happen during sexual activity or foreplay with a partner or during masturbation, specifically if the edging is involved.

Blue Balls Symptoms: What Does Blue Balls Feel Like?

Symptoms of blue balls include aching testicles or genital region, heavy feeling in the scrotum, pain or discomfort in the testicles, and potentially even a blue tint to the testicles. Keep in mind that while sometimes this blue tint happens, it is not necessarily a key symptom for diagnosing blue balls. Blue balls can happen without the involvement of the color blue.

If you are experiencing these symptoms after a long period of sexual arousal with no release, you could very well have blue balls. One thing to note about blue balls is that this condition is not dangerous. It is fairly common and shouldn’t cause you any harm. All that needs to happen for sweet relief for the person suffering from blue balls to have an orgasm. When this happens all of the blood that has been “trapped” in the genital region can be released back into the body and relieve the tension that causes discomfort.

Another thing I should mention is that “blue balls” as it’s coined aren’t something that exclusively happens in men. People with vulvas can also get a form of “blue balls” called “blue vulva” meaning that the same experience of blood flowing to the genitals and not away from them can cause discomfort or pain until an orgasm is achieved and the blood can be released.

The Cure

blue balls feeling

The surest enough way to rid yourself or your partner of blue balls is orgasm. If a person experiencing blue balls has an orgasm, the blood flow will go back to normal and the tension will be released. This is an easy cure and it should work every time, but if you’re with a partner who doesn’t want to continue or engage in sexual activity, never pressure them to stick around for you to orgasm because of blue balls.

If you’re not in a place where having an orgasm is an option, there are other things that you can do to cure blue balls. Basically, anything that will make you less aroused will also do the trick. If thinking about something boring or not sexy will make you less aroused, do that. You could also take a cold shower, do some work or read a book. Eventually, as you become less aroused the tightness, heaviness and discomfort should go away.

When to See a Doctor

If you’re feeling constantly achy despite orgasming, if you feel a lump or a drastic difference in size between your testicles, or if you are having chronic pain in your testicles, this might be a symptom of a more serious problem and you should consult a doctor.

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