A Guide to How to Wax Play – Learn How to Use Candle Wax to Spice Up Your Sex Life

  • Jul.09.2021
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wax play guide

How to Wax Play

If you’re looking for something a little daring and a little exciting to get some sparks flying in your sex life you might be interested in trying wax play for beginners. Wax play has become more popular in the past couple of years and more and more people are becoming interested in trying a little of sensual wax pouring in the bedroom. Wax play is fun and should be totally safe, but it does require some understanding of what you should and shouldn’t do when beginning your wax play journey. That is why we’ve created this super easy wax play guide for beginners. If you want to learn more about the process and how to enjoy wax play safely, check out the rest of this article to find out.

What Is Wax Play?

what is wax play

Wax play involves the sensual dripping of hot wax onto the body of your partner(s) or yourself in order to elicit arousal and excitement. It is typically considered part of BDSM, but it isn’t always painful. BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. Why do people like hot wax during sex play?

The hot wax can be sexy for those who are interested in a little bit of BDSM play and want something thrilling and exciting in the bedroom. If someone is into the sadism/masochism aspects of BDSM they might be interested in using candle wax in a way that elicits some pain. If you’re looking for more of a submission/dominance type of play then a less painful wax dripping might give you that kind of a feeling.

Wax play can really range in terms of how painful or how extreme you want it to be. If you just want to try out something playful and fun, you can use a body safe candle made for wax play and experience the warmth and sensuality of candle dripping. If you want a little more heat and extremity, you can use a specific candle for that purpose as well. Do note that it is important to follow the safety advice and learn about how to use wax properly before you dive in. Don’t just bring out the scented Christmas candle you got as a present from your coworker and start going to town.

How to Use Sex Wax

The most important advice to read about when it comes to wax play is wax play safety.

Firstly, you are going to want to buy specific candles for wax play, as many old ordinary candle could potentially burn and damage your skin permanently. You can buy these candles at a sex shop or online.

You will also want to establish a safe word when you are playing with hot wax. With anything that could fall into the BDSM category it is very important to establish a safe word so that anyone involved in the play can safely and effectively stop the activity. A safe word is a word like “pineapple” or “sailboat” that doesn’t make sense contextually in the conversation of the BDSM scene and can be used to mean that one person would like to end the scene. This is best because oftentimes it can be confusing when a partner says “no” or “stop” when they’re role playing or experiencing pain that they have asked for and consented to. Choose a safe word that both of you know and agree on before taking part in wax play so that you can be extremely clear about when to stop with anything in the play.

Another important one of our wax play tips for safety is to make sure that you aren’t anywhere near flammable things when you’re playing with fire. Choose a spot that is far away from any drapes, curtains, blankets or papers. Have a bowl of warm water on hand to either help if any stray sparks or flames escape you or to pour on yourself or your partner if the wax burns too much. Warm water is better than cold water because it won’t shock and confuse your system. You can also either prep your body by shaving or rubbing some baby oil on your skin so that the wax doesn’t stick and pull on body hair.

What Kinds of Candles to Use In Wax Play

how to do wax play

With different candles you can have some control over the wax play temperatures you want to use. Some candles made for wax play burn hotter than others, so you will want to keep this in mind when shopping for the right candle to use. Soy candles are safe to use and are the best candles for beginners because they won’t burn your skin, and they’re free of harsh chemicals. Paraben candles are also safe but burn hotter, so if you’re looking for something more intense these might work for you.

Stay clear of beeswax and candles with chemical scents and colors added to them because these can leave you with lasting burns. Don’t buy candles in glass containers, as the flame can hit the glass in a way that heats it too fast and can burn the person holding it, leading to a possible disaster if it’s dropped or if it burns the person’s skin. Instead use a candle warmer or if you must use a glass candle, be very careful and drip the wax into a secondary container before dripping it on a partner.

This added step makes the wax cool down faster and therefore become harder to use, so your best bet is to use a long soy candle without a glass holder. Candles that are specifically designed for this kind of play are best to use, but if you can’t access them our recommendation is a long tapered candle that is 100% soy based without added scents or colors.

Wax Play Basics

When it comes to how to do wax play there are plenty of wax play techniques that you can play around with to find out what you like best. The different places that people like to pour wax on include the chest, the back, the bum, the thighs, the hands and feet and the stomach. It’s best to avoid the sensitive and tender areas like the genitals and the head and neck because these areas can be more prone to pain, inflammation or infection.

Dripping the wax should be sensual and fun. You can drip it slowly and watch your partner react. You can pour it really close to your partner’s skin or far away for some added splatter. You can blow on the wax once it meets your partner’s skin so that it dries faster and adds more sensuality and sensation to the play.

When it comes to wax play ideas the possibilities are endless as long as you are being safe and checking in with your partner about what feels good and what their limits are.

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