How To Have Underwater Sex? Get Incredible Pleasure And New Experience

  • Jan.05.2022
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underwater sex

Beautiful shots from films and photos from magazines, which depict couples engaged in underwater sex. It’s so beautiful, but is it worth doing in reality? Let’s look for answers together.

First of all, it should be noted that the body becomes lighter in water, and that is why you have the opportunity to try those poses that you did not dare to apply in bed. In addition, the very atmosphere – waves, nature, and drops on the body inflame desire to the limit.

Is It Possible to Have Sex Underwater?

You know that most of the time people do not listen to advice, and they do not listen to any advice from anyone. So for those who are not convinced by the previous arguments, we continue. So, another burning question – is it possible to have sex underwater? Of course, you can. But here the arsenal is very limited.

There is no talk of a full-fledged act, it is rather a love game with elements of oral sex. Do not think that men only win, because the gentleman, if desired, can please the lady. However, we repeat, this is rather inconvenient. But people are not afraid of any obstacles to the madness of those dissatisfied with their usual sex life. So forward to victory!

Sex In Water Health Risks

having sex underwater

But sex in water also has its drawbacks. These include the risk of chilling the genitals and catching an infection. In addition, natural lubricant is quickly washed off with water, and the water itself is hard and cannot pretend to be a lubricant, so buy an artificial one in a sex shop. And if you decide to do this in the water, do not go very far from the shore, avoid sex in strong waves and check if the condom has slipped off. Let’s find out is it safe to have sex underwater?

Can Damage the Vaginal Mucosa

The mucus protects the vagina from bacteria and injury. But hot water, especially in a hot tub, can break that barrier. So it becomes very easy to earn irritation and to make friends with harmful microorganisms too.

Sex Can Be Uncomfortable

Because the natural lubricant is washed off, the sensations during sex range from not very pleasant to painful. Lubricants come to the rescue, but even they stop working under prolonged exposure to water and the cleaning chemicals it contains.

You Can Get a Vaginal Infection

Chlorinated water alters the pH of the vagina, which can cause thrush and bacterial infections. If you are already prone to such diseases, it is not worth having sex in the pool or bath.

The Risk of Contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases Increases

Many people are worried about the question can you use a condom underwater? It is a mistake to think that chlorinated water would somehow protect against STIs and it is still necessary to use a condom. Buy a silicone-based lubricant for this to make it harder for the water to wash off.

Sex in the Shower Is Also Dangerous

It is more hygienic to make love in the shower than in a hot bath. But it is also more traumatic. If you decide to do this kind of experience, only use very stable positions. Otherwise, you can break something for yourself.

Can You Get Pregnant Underwater?

Of course, those who want water procedures, not with their long-term partner are also interested in the question – is it possible to get pregnant while having sex in the water? And the answer is yes. There are two reasons:

  • During love games in water, the condom can come off, and a man, seized with a passionate desire, simply does not feel that sex has changed from protected to unprotected. So be sure to do condoms work underwater carefully.
  • On the one hand, sperm that just floats in the water is not capable of fertilization. During penetration, water does not interfere with getting pregnant. So there is another good reason to use bath or pool protection.

Sex In the Shower or Bath

For those who are completely upset, we inform you: this is not the time to fall into despair. Away from the resorts, one can find the joy of intercourse in the water.

And most importantly: a person is not at all interested in whether it is possible to have sex in seawater, because the latter is far from him. But if someone cares about the sea as a bed, then remember: the mucous membrane may not be happy with salt. But let’s leave that.

Now we are only interested in one thing: how to have sex underwater, even if at home? This is the safest way, of course, we are talking about a shower or a bath. True, in the shower you can slip and break something for yourself or your partner, but is this the price for a good orgasm? Moreover, you can always take precautions, for example, lay a mat that does not slip on the floor of the shower stall. Of course, the best solution in this sense would be a jacuzzi bathtub, but this is not a budget option.

Underwater Sex Positions

how to have sex underwater

Having decided on intimate games in the water, do not forget to take an air mattress and a ball with you to the night beach. And you also need to memorize six positions that would surely help you get unearthly pleasure.

First Pose

Choose a place where the water reaches your chest and with a flat, non-slip bottom, otherwise, your partner would be uncomfortable standing. You need to wrap your legs around his hips, and he should support you by the buttocks. Don’t worry about your partner having a hard time: you’ll become very light in the water. Even though during best underwater sex, the range of motion can be below, you’ll enjoy it.

Second Pose

While resting at the hotel, you can swim in the pool at night, there are many of them at these establishments. Artificial lakes are equipped with steps, so on them and do underwater intercourse. The partner should sit on one of them, and you climb onto him, put your feet on your shoulders, rest your hands on his knees and throw your head back. Your man should be hardy and strong, and you should not think about anything and enjoy it.

Third Pose

An inflatable mattress and a man are your “requisites” for this pose. You need to lie facedown on the mattress with your buttocks at the very edge. The partner stands behind you and holds you by the legs or by the butt. The main thing is not to lose balance and grab the mattress well, otherwise, you’ll float away or the condom can slip off if the man makes high-amplitude movements.

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