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  • Oct.11.2021
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Types of Sex Furniture

You might have heard about furniture designed for sex and figured that it must be something exclusively used in sex dungeons and swingers’ parties. While these may be likely places to find a few different types of adult sex furniture,furniture for sex isn’t actually that uncommon for your average couple to own, and it doesn’t always mean adventuring into anything more than vanilla sex.

Types of Sex Furniture

In fact, many people are actually using sex furniture to help them accomplish a more comfortable missionary position or to access positions that are difficult for them due to physical limitations. There are tons of sex furniture options from small things like sex wedges or pillows to big investments like sex tables and elaborate benches. No matter what your plan is when it comes to how to use sex furniture, this article will help you find the best furniture to have sex on.

What is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture can be any piece of furniture that aids in either comfort or versatility when it comes to having sex solo or with a partner. There are many different popular sex furniture types ranging very widely in use, size, and price.

What is sex furniture

Smaller items might be something like a wedge, pillow or ramp, while bigger items might be a full-on dungeon bed or vibrating sex machine! Don’t be mistaken, not all sex furniture is BDSM sex furniture, but some of it is. Sex furniture can either be for ease of comfort and access to certain positions (which could very well be vanilla sex) or it could be for getting kinky. It may be obvious, but something like a cage or a dungeon table would be more helpful for instances of BDSM play, while a wedge or sex pillow might just make doing it doggy style less hard on your joints. Sex furniture makes pleasure and sex more accessible for people of different sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities. It might make things more steamy and hot, but it could also make things more sweet, sensual, and comfy.

So even if you’re not into BDSM, and you’re thinking why should I use sex furniture, note that it might just make it a lot more comfortable and allow you to have way more fun. This article will show you many options that may pique your interest. The best type of furniture for sex is going to be the furniture that fits your needs.

For some, that means furniture item(s) that allow you to have the fullest range of movement and the best leverage, and for some, it might mean limiting your ability to move if bondage is the name of the game. Each person may have a different idea of what would enhance their sexual activities, but I can guarantee there is an item of sex furniture that every sexually active person would appreciate the benefits of.

Pillows and Wedges

Pillows for sex
Liberator 24-Inch Wedge/Ramp Combo, Black Microfiber

Sex pillows and these super helpful pillow-like things called “wedges” are helpful for adding support and cushioning to any position that can be hard on the body. Depending on your size, shape, flexibility, and strength, some positions that are really intimate and pleasure-oriented can be really uncomfortable when you put two bodies together on a bed or another surface. If you have knee pain, limited mobility, or you simply want to avoid cramping while going all night, you might want to invest in a sex pillow or wedge to make things easier and more accessible to you for longer.

Wedges for sex
Liberator Black Label 24-Inch Wedge/Ramp Combo (Short) with Cuff Kit, Black Microfiber

Sex pillows are typically anti-microbial temperapedic pillows that vary in shape and size. They’re perfect for putting under your knees, tummy, back, bum, head, or wherever you need support while you’re getting it on. Wedges are meant to support different positions by allowing you to achieve a better angle. Instead of laying flat sitting up, the wedges allow you to comfortably recline for whatever kind of positioning you want to get into. These items are among the least expensive sex accessories you can buy, but boy do they make a big difference.

Sex Benches, Couches, and Chairs

Sex Bench
Pipedream Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool with Free Love Mask

There are many different kinds of sex chairs, loungers, benches, and love seats that you can invest in to make your sexual activities more dynamic and sensational. There are chairs that come with straps and hand grips that allow you to get leverage in complicated positions, or to even strap yourself in when you aren’t able to hold yourself due to strength or mobility issues. These are really great for allowing yourself to completely relax into a position that you wouldn’t even be able to accomplish without the chair’s support.

sex chair
Sex Bench Bouncing Mount Stool Sex Furniture Positioning Chair with Handrail Position Aids Chair Novelty Toy for Couples Adult Games

Benches are also great for aiding in a comfortable alignment for the body in a wide variety of positions. Many benches or lounges have a curve that hugs the body when it’s reclining and also allows for a propped-up pelvis and an excellent place for sitting or resting your knees. Benches, chairs, and lounges are often a lot more versatile and supportive than a traditional setting for sex: a bed. Although they don’t often come at a very low price, they’re certainly worth it if you want to unlock the best possible positioning and comfort for your sex life.

Cages and BDSM Furniture

Cages for bdsm sex
Bed Restraints Sex Handcuffs Games for SM Play Under Bed Restraint Kit Bondage Spreader for Couples

While the two furniture options I mentioned before we’re more focused on providing support and comfort during sexual activities, there are plenty of options for furniture items meant to restrict movement and aid in BDSM play. BDSM sex benches, dungeon beds, bondage supports, and cages can all be used to restrict the movement of a submissive to be consensually dominated. These furniture items are designed specifically to aid in kinky play and pleasure. There are places in many of these pieces of furniture for arm and leg restraints, and some even have these things built into the furniture. BDSM benches and beds are equipped with spaces for bondage and discipline.

bdsm sex furniture
Sex Bondage BDSM Leather Set

BDSM crosses and boards are also meant to facilitate bondage and discipline, and they are less of a fixture in the room where you store them. Cages are made with holes big enough to play through and support for whatever your imagination can cook up. Again, it is important that you have very enthusiastic consent and a good conversation about boundaries with the person you choose to try out these furniture items with.

While all of this could be made to be uncomfortable or painful depending on what you’re into, they can also aid in the same kind of support as the furniture I mentioned previously. Many people love bondage because it can allow the body to stay in positions that it wouldn’t be able to naturally achieve without the ropes or chains. If you want to be able to have the most freedom and explorative potential with your BDSM play, investing in something like a dungeon bed or a cage could be a revelation.

Sex Toy Mounts and Sex Machines

Sex Toy Mounts
Premium Sex Machine with KlicLok System

There are also items of furniture that allow you to mount a sex toy for solo play or partnered play where you want more freedom to move as you play. Sex machines take this a step further by having built-in vibrating, spinning, and penetrating devices on a motorized mount. These things might seem intense, but they can revolutionize the way that you approach play, whether that be alone or with others.

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