Tips to Spice Up Sex – Easy Tips and Tricks for Making Your Sex Life More Interesting

  • May.28.2021
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tips to spice up sex

Having a healthy sex life can be crucial to any healthy and long lasting romantic relationship. Don’t worry, however, if you find yourself in a lull when it comes to libido. There are so many reasons why your sex life might not be as hot and spontaneous as you might wish it would be. Maybe you are super stressed out at work, maybe you had kids and that made everything a little more complicated, or maybe you just haven’t been putting the thought into keeping that spontaneity and sexiness going. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that it will be like that forever. As long as there is a will there is a way. If you want to learn some simple ways to spice up sex, this is the right place to look because spicing it up in the bedroom is what this article is all about. There are many ways to spice things up in the bedroom that might surprise you, excite you or restore your faith in your ability to get things going. If you want to get back to having a spicy sex life or simply attain the sex life of your fantasies, check out these tips to spice up your sex life.

Write Down a List of Fantasies

ideas to spice up sex life

One of the best ways to spice up a relationship sexually is to simply have a brainstorming session with your partner where you make a list of sex ideas to spice things up. Write down your deepest fantasies and desires. You can do some research or just sit and ask yourself what kind of things you fantasize about when you happen to be in the mood and write them all down. Once you’ve written them all and your partner has too, you can go down the list with your partner to see what you absolutely want to try, what you might be able to get into and what you’re generally not interested in. Once you have this master list of things you’re both wanting to explore with you can go to town checking each thing off. Who knows, these fantasy ideas might lead to more ideas in the future. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of a spark and the flame reignites like crazy.

Good Ideas to Spice Up Sex Life: Role Play

One of the best and most exciting tricks to spice up the bedroom situation is to role play. There are so many ways to role play, and you can go back to your fantasy list to understand what roles you might want to play and what your fantasies bring you to. It could be fun to role play as a teacher and student, a contractor at a house who walks in on a woman naked, two strangers who meet at a bar, or two people having a pretend affair. No matter what roles you play, pretending to be someone you aren’t can be fun, exciting and sexually gratifying. Sometimes all we want is to escape the stress of everyday life and step into someone else’s shoes. It might be easier to dirty talk or get caught up in the romance if you’re pretending you’re someone else. Roleplaying can actually often bring out the best or most exciting parts of ourselves that we don’t usually share.

Book a Night Out at a Hotel

things to do to spice up sex

If you’re looking for different things to spice up the bedroom, maybe just try a different bedroom all together. Spending a night in a nice hotel can be exactly what you need to get that good mood going. Sometimes home isn’t a particularly sexy place, especially if you have kids or you’re not always on top of the housework. If you go to a hotel, you can pamper yourself and your partner and not worry too much about making a mess. Really make the night whatever you want it to be. Order room service, watch xxx movies on the TV, wear the white robes and really go all out!

Spend Some Meaningful Time Together

If you’re not into the super lavish and expensive outing idea like a hotel room or a weekend get away, there are easier things to spice up your sex. It might be obvious, or it might not be, but doing fun things to spice up sex could start out with just doing fun things. If you and your partner have shared interests, hobbies or pastimes, doing them together might be just what you need to become totally in the mood. Spending time together without too much pressure for it to be sexual can sometimes stimulate some sexual feelings. One of the biggest issues that makes for a less than ideal sex life with your partner is simply not spending quality time with one another. Carve out some time to just hangout, go on a long walk, for a swim, to the movies or on a date.

Make the Time

spicing it up in the bedroom

One of the most important tips to spice up sex and how to liven up your sex life is to simply make the time. If you can’t make the time for this aspect of your relationship you’re going to have a hard time keeping things going in the future. If you find that you and your partner are both extremely busy, put sex in the schedule. Literally write it out at a certain time and date for your calendar so that you remember that it is an important thing to do. This doesn’t sound spicy, in fact it sounds quite nerdy, but if you know that the time you’re spending together has been specifically allotted for the sole purpose of sex, that can make you stay present and enjoy the time you spend together so much more.

Switch Up the Place

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up sex, one of the best ways to spice up sex is to do something a little differently. If you change the scenery you might find yourself caught off guard by how much more sexy and fun your adventures can be. Don’t delegate one room as the only possible place to have sex because that could get boring. Try having sex in the kitchen, on the living room floor, in a tent on a camping trip or even in a single person public bathroom if you’re feeling risky and spontaneous.

Switch Up the Positions

ways to spice things up in the bedroom

Sometimes figuring out what to do to spice up your sex life is as easy as finding some new and interesting positions to get down and dirty in. If you usually stick to missionary, get out of that habit and you will unlock a whole world of potential. Read up on different ways to configure your body with your partner so that you can access new sensations, angles and points of view. It can truly be a sensuous and sexy thing to get into a new position that becomes your new favorite.


One of the most important things to do to spice up sex is to make sure that you’re in the right head space. Sometimes when things get busy with work or life events bring on some stressful days sex can be the last thing on our minds. If you want to be able to have a healthy and spicy sex life you need to make sure you have a healthy mind. Do some meditation, physical exercise and maybe a face mask to relax. It’s important to note that sex is also a destressing activity, so if you can make the time for it you might actually find it benefits your mental well being and physical health quite a bit.

Get Some Inspiration from Porn or Erotic Books

best ways to spice up sex

If you’re having a hard time coming up with your own ideas to spice up your love life, check out what the professionals are doing to find new ways to spice up your sexlife. While porn doesn’t always paint a super realistic picture of what sex is like for most people, it can give you some steamy inspiration for what you might find hot and alluring to try with your partner. You could watch porn with your partner to get in the mood or watch by yourself to find inspiration and have a fun session with your partner right after. Investing in an erotic book might also get the creative juices flowing and give you a good idea or fantasy to write down on your list. Additionally, books that are made to help people get the most out of their sex lives can also be great investments. Whether this means a guide kink, the Kama Sutra or a book on getting in touch with your sexuality, doing the research can really get you to an elevated level in the bedroom.

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