What Does Thrusting Mean? Taoist Thrusting Techniques For Pleasure

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thrusting techniques

Many would agree with the statement that in some areas the East has gone far ahead in comparison with the West. This is also true for sexual practices. Tao does not recognize long-term monotonous frictions. This raises the question ”What does thrusting mean”? These shallow thrusts alternate with strong penetrations: this technique allows you to quickly bring a woman to a climax. As a rule, the ratio of light to strong frictions is 9 to 1, although it is not necessary to adhere to this count.

A Thousand Love Thrusts

what does thrusting mean

When it comes to clarifying the variations in style and depth of thrusting, there is no better teacher of the Tao of Love than 7th-century physician Li Tong Xian. His book Tong Hsien Tzu is partly about thrusting technique and how to thrust better. Of the 16 chapters, 7 are devoted to the description of the thrusts of the penis. He distinguishes 6 stages (styles):

  • Squeeze the jade rod with the shuttle and back and forth movements, spraying the jade substance, as if we were opening an oyster to reach the sparkling pearl.
  • Push languidly in the jade substance and pull out the golden knife, as if splitting stones in search of beautiful jade.
  • Strongly push the jade rod towards the clitoris, as if pushing with an iron pestle in a medical mortar.
  • Move the jade rod back and forth, hitting the left and right sides of the “viewing room” (the sides of the external organs) like a blacksmith shaping the iron with hammers.
  • Hit the jade rod with short and slow blows inside the external organs, like a farmer preparing the soil for late planting.
  • The jade rod and jade gate rub hard and tightly, like two colliding avalanches.

Taoists devoted a lot of time and study to find the best thrusting techniques for her, not only because they enjoyed it. The reason is that without a perfect understanding of pushing, there would be little benefit from communicating yin and yang. For Taoists, intercourse is like generating electricity: without appropriate friction, sparks cannot be obtained. Western scholars have overlooked the Taoist concept of correct pushing. In The Ideal Marriage, van de Wal-de concluded that the tao of love was a passive ancient sex thrusting technique, and compared it to the kareppa style described by Maria Stone. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Tao not only recommends the development of a variety of pushing styles but also recommends the correct number of strokes in perfect contact. Ancient literature often speaks of thrusting techniques that are necessary to truly satisfy a woman. Of course, such attention to numbers can be taken too literally, and a thousand love impulses may seem to a man who does not know the Tao of love, more hard work than sexual pleasure, but for someone who is experienced in the Tao of love, it is not hard work at all, but on the contrary. You can easily complete it in half an hour or 1800 seconds, and in a very slow rhythm.

Types of Thrusts

how to thrust better

Tong Hsien-Tzu contains a poetic description of different thrusting techniques that are convenient in prolonged lovemaking sessions: deep and shallow, shallow and fast, straight and oblique thrusts are thus not homogeneous, and each has its distinctive effect and characteristics. The slow thrust should be like the movement of a carp playing with a hook; a quick push – on the flight of a flock of birds flying against the wind. Insert and pull, move up and down, left to right, spaced or in quick succession, and all movements must be coordinated. We must use each at the most convenient time and never cling stubbornly to one style because of our laziness or profit. The book then details the 9 types of thrusts:

  • Aim to the right and left, as if a brave warrior is trying to break through the ranks of enemies.
  • Moving up and down like a wild horse kicking in a river.
  • Pull out and bring closer, like a flock of seagulls playing on the waves.
  • Use deep and shallow thrusting techniques to last longer, alternating quickly, like a sparrow pecking at the remains of rice in a mortar.
  • To make deep and shallow blows in the same sequence as a large stone sinks into the sea.
  • Approach slowly, like a snake crawling into a burrow for wintering.
  • Push quickly, as a frightened rat throws itself into a hole.
  • Balance, then hit like an eagle grabs an elusive hare.
  • Raise, then sink, just as a large sailing boat bravely meets a storm.

All sex thrusting techniques, produced with varying speeds, strengths, and depths, add nuances and nuances of pleasure that would enhance the love of a man and a woman. Variations also give the man a method to control his ejaculation and keep his phallus firm for an appropriate length of time.

Depth of Thrusting

sex thrusting techniques

Just like the types and styles of thrusts, their depth is also considered by the Tao of love. A man should observe the desires of a woman and at the same time cherish his jin (seed or essence), which he should never give off thoughtlessly. He must first rub his palms to warm them up and hold his jade trunk firmly, and then he must use the “shallow bait” and “deep thrust” methods. The more he can push, the more the partner would enjoy. The best thrusting technique should not be too fast or too slow. Also, he should not push too deep without some restriction, because he can hurt something to his partner.

Try several types of advanced thrusting techniques. Thrusts on the Lute String and then vigorously others on the Water Chestnut Barbs. When a woman reaches the pinnacle of pleasure, she’ll unconsciously grit her teeth. She sweats and her breathing is accelerated. Then her eyes would close and her face would become hot. Her organ opens wide and secretions flow. From this, a man can conclude that she is enjoying herself greatly. It is also necessary to know that the depths of the vagina have eight names. They are called the eight valleys:

  • String Lute, which is one inch deep.
  • Water chestnut barbs, two inches deep.
  • Little Creek, three inches deep.
  • Black Pearl, four inches deep.
  • The Valley itself, five inches deep.
  • Deep Chamber, six inches deep.
  • Inner Door, seven inches deep.
  • North Pole, eight inches deep.

Sequence of Thrusts

best thrusting technique

Method 9 shallow and 1 deep, preferred by teachers of the Tao of love and equally popular with women of all ages. From the point of view of the Tao, this is the best combination and the pair gets the most benefit. Women usually find it very enjoyable. At first, they feel teased with false hopes, then they are satisfied.

There are many other sequences of good sex thrusting techniques:

  • 8 shallow and 1 deep;
  • 3 shallow and 1 deep;
  • 6 shallow and 1 deep.

The blog authors advise our readers to choose which Taoist thrusting techniques and variations work best for partners. It is important to remember that both partners should get the most pleasure, but at the same time, the man should remain in control so that he does not ejaculate too quickly or too often.

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