The Art of Kama Sutra

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Kamasutra Meaning

What Is the Definition of Kama Sutra?

Many people may think they are familiar with the Kama Sutra. A lot of us have heard speak of it on talk shows or in films, or maybe seen it in the adult section of a local book store and paged through quickly, but most westerners don’t know that this book is not a pornographic how-to guide to contortionist tantric sex. In fact, the Kama Sutra is really a book of philosophy about life and love, only around 20% of which is dedicated to how to do Kama Sutra sexual positions. The author intended to share information on the art of love and virtue, and while there is information on sex as a form of meditation, most of the book is composed of information on the art of desire, the philosophy of love, self-care, and even how to mix perfumes, write poetry and cook! The Kama Sutra is a beautiful philosophical guide to the enjoyment of life through sensation and mindfulness.

Kama Sutra Meaning

So we know that the Kama Sutra is an ancient text about love and desire, but what does Kama Sutra mean? The word is made up of two different Sanskrit words, the word Kama and the word Sutra.

The Kama is one of the four goals of Hindu life and broadly means love, desire and pleasure. The term Kama does not only refer to elements of sexuality, but rather encompasses pleasure, desire, and love for all things human, such as the pleasure one feels eating a home-cooked meal, or the desired one has to smell flowers in a garden.

Sutra is a word that means line or thread. In English, we are familiar with the term suture, used in the medical world to describe a stitch. In this context, sutra means the line or thread that connects concepts of Kama into a text or manual.

What Is the Kama Sutra Book?

Written in approximately 200 BCE by Vātsyāyana Mallanaga, a monk who compiled information on sexuality as a form of meditation from previously written texts like the Kamashastra, a title which means “The rules of love.” The Kamashastra was written hundreds of years before the Kama Sutra and Vātsyāyana Mallanaga translated its teachings from an older and more elusive form of Sanskrit. So how old is the Kama Sutra we know today? It is more than 2,000 years old and derived from texts and guides from far earlier.

What Is Kama Sutra Sex?

what is kamasutra sex

Kama Sutra’s teachings involve learning about several sex positions that will increase the pleasure, intimacy, enjoyment, and fulfillment that you and your lover experience during sex. While some may require a bit more balance and practice than others, all of the positions are meant to be attempted with playfulness and an open mind. You don’t have to be exceptionally flexible to try them. The point of introducing these different positions is not to show off nor reach orgasm more quickly, but to slow down and experience the sensation and passion involved in having sex. Sex is about communication and mutual exploration. The most important part is the mutual enjoyment of the process. There are many pages in the Kama Sutra dedicated to methods of kissing and caressing that will make you more mindful and sensation focused. What is Kama Sutra position-based learning supposed to teach you about how to be a better partner? Positions may help couples get closer, understand each other’s desires, and discover new sensations and emotions. These positions will help couples learn more about each other’s bodies, their own bodies, and their connection to the mind.

What Is the Best Kama Sutra Book?

There are many versions of the Kama Sutra book ranging from beginners’ guides to Kama Sutra’s workout books. I think that the best guide book to the Kama Sutra book is one that includes all of its teachings and doesn’t whittle the book down to the sexual positions. This takes all of the important parts from the text that Vātsyāyana Mallanaga spent so many hours researching, compiling, and translating in order for people to live by the Kama and find meditation through love and sexual practices.

To me in order to choose a guide for learning about Kama Sutra, you must pose the questions “What is the Kama Sutra Book about?” and “What is a Kama Sutra book without the intended guidance?” A few of the most popular versions which include more of the originally intended information include The Complete Illustrated Guide Kama Sutra and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Love. The Complete Illustrated Guide Kama Sutra which was edited by Lance Dane is a sensual reading experience with beautiful pictures and depictions. Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Love is a more modern interpretation with visual guides and tasteful artwork.

Overall I think it is fair to say that the Kama Sutra teaches a lot more than merely sexual positions and that it is something worth researching and reading in order to improve not only your sex life and sexual health but your mental health and enjoyment of life as well. I hope this article inspires you to put a little bit more mindfulness into your day to day life and more importantly your intimate adventures.

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