What is Temperature Play – Understanding the Ways to Explore a Temperature Play Kink

  • Aug.25.2021
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temperature play

Temperature Play Kink

Temperature play is an underrated and fun way to explore sensation in the bedroom. It can vary from something quite mild albeit exciting to something quite intense and riveting. That is why most people consider all types of temperature play BDSM. This makes it extra important to have a good understanding of your partner’s boundaries, what they are enthusiastically consenting to and what they’re not comfortable with. When engaging in any kind of BDSM-related activity, you should implement a safe word. A safeword is a word or phrase that wouldn’t normally make sense in the context of your BDSM play that signals to all people included that the play needs to stop. You can use a word like “cantaloupe” or “sailboat” as your safeword. Any person involved can utter the safe word to pause or completely stop the activities taking place with no questioning or confusion. Safe words are important when BDSM is involved because sometimes in the throws of an activity that includes bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism folks might reflexively or intentionally use words like “that hurts” or “no” which under other circumstances would signal a sexual activity to stop. Consent, communication and understanding of boundaries are integral to a safe BDSM practice. Now that we have this important information in our brains, let’s get back to discussing temperature play techniques!

Temperature Play Meaning

temperature play ideas

What is temperature play? It can be anything that involves the sensation of changing temperature in order to arouse or stimulate yourself or a partner. This could be an easy way to spice things up or a way to get into something more BDSM-related. There are plenty of really simple and easy ways to incorporate temperature play into your normal bedroom explorations. Some easy and fun ideas to get started with include drinking a glass of ice water or sucking on some ice cubes before kissing, licking, or sucking your partner’s erogenous zones. This could mean making out, nipple play, or oral sex. You could also drink a warm beverage, making sure that there is nothing spiced or artificial in it so that there aren’t any accidental reactions, and then do the same actions. You could take a popsicle or ice and trail it around your own body or your partner’s body, paying close attention to the most sensitive spots. Furthermore, you could also put ice cream or hot syrup on your partner and lick it off. Another easy way to go about getting that temperature play thrill is to use cooling or warming lubricant. You could also simply run your hands under hot or cold water and then trace the curvature of your partner’s body.

More Temperature Play Ideas and Safety Tips

what is temperature play

If you want to take things a step further and traverse into how to temperature play in BDSM, you could invest in somebody’s safe candles for wax dripping or chill a temperature-safe sex toy to insert into yourself or your partner. Make sure that you check that the accessories you use are truly safe for this kind of play to avoid any injuries or mishaps. When it comes to temperature play tips in the bedroom, you may want to read up on some safety advice for the activities you are wanting to engage in before going forward.

There is a certain temperature play risk once you get deep into the possibilities. When it comes to hot wax, it is important to buy body-safe candles that are made specifically for this kind of play. The wax in these candles is free of artificial additives and chemicals that could burn or irritate the skin. Typically, the candles are made of soy wax which has a lower temperature when it melts than other kinds of candle wax, and it is also easier to remove from your skin. When it comes to ice temperature play sex safety, you also want to ensure that you are not inserting ice cubes directly into the vagina or anus because it is possible that the ice could stick to the interior walls of the vagina or anus and become injurious.

You should also pay attention to your body and stop if something is burning or very painful. The goal of these temperature play ideas lies in getting you and/or your partner excited and stimulated, so do whatever makes you feel aroused and stop or change things up if it gets too intense or starts to become uncomfortable.

When it comes to playing with temperature, you now know that there are many degrees of play to explore (pun intended). Something as simple as drinking cold water before kissing your partner can count as temperature play and feel really thrilling and nice. Exploring the more intense ways to play with temperature can also bring a lot to your sex life and enjoyment, as long as you go about it safely!

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