Tease Techniques: How to Sexually Tease a Guy for Him to Get Going in Bed

  • Jan.22.2021
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how to tease a man

Teasing before sex can be one of the hottest ways to increase sexual libido, prowess, and arousal for the ultimate sexual experience. If you’re looking to find out how to tease your boyfriend in a cute way, there are so many tips to be shared on finding the perfect balance of personality and sexuality to really get him going. Teasing isn’t only for him, it’s also a way to turn you on. When you see how turned on your guy is it’s going to make you feel hot and heavy too.

The purpose of teasing is to eventually give your lover what they want with an understanding of the fact that it’s what you want too. Sexual teasing is a kind of delayed gratification. You’re hyping your lover up and playing a little game of push and pull to intensify desire and make the eventual sex way more pleasurable. There are many things that you can do to tease a partner. In this article, we will be specifically discussing teasing a man but the rules typically apply to all genders and sexual orientations.

What to Wear (or What Not to Wear)

One form of teasing can be wearing something you know your lover will find super sexy. Whether it’s that one pink sweater that they go crazy about or your new lingerie set underneath your clothes. You can tell your lover that you’re wearing their favorite lingerie to get them thinking about taking it off of you. Once more, you could get the same result by telling your lover you’re not wearing any underwear at all. The power of suggestion plays an important role in teasing and fantasy talk. Give your lover an image that they can’t stop thinking about whether that’s because they see you in those jeans that emphasize your butt or because you tell them over the phone that you’re wearing nothing but a silk robe.

Phone Teasing

sexual teasing examples

While I’m on the topic of teasing over the phone, let me tell you there is a lot that can be done in terms of sexual teasing through calling and texting. Sending a suggestive picture or a sext is a great way to tease any lover. Make sure that there is no one around and that it’s a good time to send a raunchy pic or message before you press send.

If you want to really tease and get your lover going, you could tell them what you want to do to them once they get home tonight or let them know that you’re wearing that remote control vibrator and ask them to turn it on remotely with an app. This is a double tease, they tease you with the toy and you tease them by telling them about it.

If you don’t have a fancy toy, not to worry, this trick can also work by simply telling your lover that you’re home thinking of them and touching yourself. If you’re feeling a bit too shy or less confident with the texting part, you can always send a photo that you know you know will get your lover going. This is a great way to put that sexy lingerie to good use. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.

Casual Teasing

If you’re in the same house there might be no reason to call or text, but you can get the same effect of subtly hinting at your smoking body by simply passing by your boo in a sexy outfit or that lingerie I keep talking about. You could also brush by them in a sensual way. Passing by the couch they’re sitting on your way to your room?

Purposefully drop something so they get a good view of your ass. Walking through the kitchen while they’re sitting at the table? Reach over to grab the salt and get it all up in their neck. These suggestive hints are subtle but playful. They might not get the hint right away, so you can always double back with your words or actions.

Say you’re still at the table. Grab a popsicle from the freezer, a banana, anything suggestive you have on hand, and make eye contact while you eat it. Don’t take yourself too seriously or try too hard to over-sexualize yourself. Just be your sexy self and wait for them to take the bait.

No Hands

teasing before sex

Once you’re with your lover, you can tease them by either tying their hands or simply telling them that no hands are allowed. You can then do as you please whether that means doing a striptease, or a slow and sensual stripping, touching yourself, or touching them in ways that arouse and tease their senses.

This is a friendly reminder that especially when it comes to being tied up and touching, you must have explicit consent and a safe word is a good thing to have. Once you’ve teased your partner enough with the no-hands concept, slowly untie or grant them permission to use their hands in a way that keeps building tension.

Maybe let them use one hand first and then gradually get to both. Maybe say you can now touch my upper body but nothing below the belly button. Gradually get further and further until you both indulge in your desires and the experience is electrifying.

The art of teasing should be a playful exchange or a fun tug of war. You give a little and then take a little away. Eventually, it should end up in fireworks once you and your lover both release all of that sexual tension and give in to your longing. A little bit of suggestion really goes a long way.

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