Tantric Massage: What Is a Tantra Massage?

  • Nov.17.2020
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tantric massage

What is Tantra massage? How can you practice tantric massage with a partner, or reap the benefits of Tantra massage? This article will explain the health benefits and pleasure from tantric massaging and give you a guide for Tantra massage technique.

Tantric massage or Tantra massage is rooted in an ancient Indian practice of holistic sensual bodywork. It is a combination of new Tantra and old Tantra that together formulate an erotic massage experience that is often much more similar to a full-body energy transfer than simply an erotic service. The idea behind tantric massaging is that a masseuse can transfer energy in order to help eliminate ailments or sexual problems from a person’s body through touch and energy healing. Tantra massage technique has been studied and mastered by a number of massages but you can also learn how to do tantric massage at home.

Certain elements of Tantric massage define the experience as more holistic and spiritual healing through the erotic zones in the body. Some who study and practice Tantric massage claim to be able to give their clients a full body orgasm without even touching them, or their erogenous parts. In order to find a Tantric masseuse in your area, you can simply search tantric massage + the name of your city or region. To choose a good masseuse you should be sure to look at their credentials and ratings. You can also look into the “Sacred Eros Directory” to help you find qualified people. There are a lot more female masseuses who advertise Tantric massage for men than there are masseuses who advertise Tantric massage for women, and this is mostly due to differences in demand based on gender. If you want a couples massage, there are professionals who will give Tantric massage for couples too.

tantric massage for men

If you want to learn a bit about how to give a Tantric massage or to experiment in an erotic massage with a partner, you can find informative books like “Urban Tantra” and “Tantric Massage for Couples” that will help you deepen your understanding. The most important thing about giving and receiving Tantric massage in a romantic couple is the component of intimacy and exploration. Tantra roughly translates to “weave energy” from ancient Sanskrit. The energy you give off and receive can be incredibly sensuous and healing when done properly. In many Tantric practices, the element of breath is incredibly important and the synchrony of mindful deep breathing can transform the experience.

The philosophy behind Tantric massage prioritizes getting to know your massage partner’s body if you are giving the massage and getting to know your own body if you are being massaged. While the act of massaging erotic regions such as the mouth, nipples, genitals, and anus are quite obviously sexually stimulating, that does not mean that focus on other regions of the body is less important. Really get to know the entirety of your massage partner’s physical map, taking notes on the feeling of their skin, their smell, taste, and the sounds they make. If you are getting massaged, pay attention to the sensations of being touched, and get lost in the sensation of your own body against your masseuse’s body and intention.

Tantra massage can heal all kinds of mental and physical ailments. Issues of erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, stagnancy in a sexual relationship, difficulty achieving orgasm, and much more. It can also add a layer of intimacy and understanding of your relationship that you didn’t know was possible and make you fall deeper in love or feel your body surge with desire.

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