How to Do the Spooning Sex Position – Learn about the Spooning Position for Sex

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Spooning Sex Position

If you and your partner are looking for a more intimate and romantic sex position to try, sex in a spooning position. The spooning sex position is essentially what it sounds like. The term spooning refers to a position where both partners lie on their sides facing the same direction. It is called spooning because the partners fit together like a spoon. Spooning simply refers to the cuddling position, however, there are ways to spoon that take things from PG-rated to X-rated, and a few variations in between. If you really like spooning on its own, and you’re looking to add a new position to your rotation or find a position that will make you feel really close to your partner, you might want to check out the spooning position with your boo. In this article, we will give you some tips on spooning techniques and the best way to spoon for spooning-style sex. After reading this guide you should have all the information you need to get the best out of the spooning sex position.

What Is Spooning Sex Position

sex in spooning position

The spooning sex position is when a person with a dildo or strap on penetrates their partner from behind while in the spooning position. People really like this position because it allows for intimacy and variation, not to mention it’s pretty great for small spaces like a sofa or a twin bed. It can take your ordinary (yet still intimate and lovely) snuggling into something a lot sexier. It is also favorable for people with vulvas because it allows a lot of space for clitoral stimulation during penetration. Whether you’re the big spoon or the little spoon, it can play into our emotional desires to be held or to hold the person we love, and during an intimate time some pretty ultimate connection.

How to Do Spooning Sex Position

There are a couple of different variations when it comes to how to have sex in the spooning position. The classic or most basic variation is to simply have both partners lie on their sides facing one side of the bed (or wherever you’re getting down) so that the penetrating partner is facing the back of the receiving partner’s head. From there the penetrating partner can enter the receiving partner from behind and go to town in whatever way feels best. The penetrating partner can use their free arm to cuddle or caress the little spoon or stimulate them by reaching around to their genitals. The little spoon can also look back at their partner and kiss their lips or neck. The little spoon partner can make some variations on this position by lifting a leg and angling differently. By lifting the top leg you can allow more space and access to the pelvis. Once the leg is lifted you then have the option of opening or closing as much as you like and arching the back to help guide you to whatever angles feel best for you.

Spooning Tips

best way to spoon

So now that you know the basic positioning and what all the hype is about when it comes to the spooning sex position, you might be interested in learning a few tips that can make it even better. One tip that I mentioned in the previous paragraph but that I think deserves a second mention is the use of your arms. Both partners can use their arms to caress and stimulate erogenous zones so don’t be shy and don’t just leave them cramped to your side or draped over your partner.

If you are the big spoon, and you don’t know what to do with the arm that is underneath you, you can either lie it straight or put it under that little space between your partner’s shoulders and their head (aka under their neck) and this may allow you to get some touches or caresses in with that hand too. If you’re the little spoon and your big spoon partner is busy holding you or touching other parts of your body, you can totally feel free to take the agency to touch your own genitals and help yourself to a climax.

Being able to do that for yourself is often really sexy to see and shows maturity. You can also introduce toys into the spooning position. This could mean a vibrator for the little spoon either held by the little spoon or the big spoon. You could use a bullet vibe for clitoral stimulation or a hands-free vibe so that you have total freedom to use your hands for other things.

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