What is the Best Shower Sex Position – A Guide to Getting Down in the Shower

  • Sep.24.2021
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tips for shower sex

Having sex in the shower always seems like the hottest and steamy idea, but when you actually attempt to make a go at it, you might find it a bit less ideal than it is in the movies. In a lot of classic films and television series, characters simply slip into the shower with their lover and the hot and heavy pleasure commences. In reality, there are a lot of steps that you need to take to make a shower session actually worth your while.

What Is Shower Sex

shower sex

For starters, when it comes to understanding how to have sex in the shower, your first item of importance is more often than not going to be getting lubed. Contrary to what seems logical, water on your genitals can actually wick away the natural lubrication that your body creates, making this a bit more friction-filled and bothersome than it would be in a dryer atmosphere.

How do you stay wet in the shower? Lubricant, particularly a silicone-based lubricant, is going to be your new best friend. Another of the most helpful tips for shower sex is to start your warm-up or foreplay session before you step under the stream of running water. It can be difficult to change up the positions and get everyone adequately prepared when you’re in such a confined space. Alternatively, you could do the opposite. Using the steamy shower as foreplay for some clean and fresh sex right after could be a really wonderful way to spice things up. You could wash each other’s bodies and give soapy massages, get clean, get dirty, and repeat. Also remember that not everything sexually gratifying has to involve any form of penetration, which takes the lubrication issue and some of the slipping issues out of the equation altogether.

No matter what you plan to do, the best way to have sex in the shower is to do so patiently and in a position that maximizes comfort while minimizing potential slippage. If you’re serious about getting it on in the bathroom, here are some positions to do in the shower.

Bathroom Sex Positions

what is shower sex

Some would say the best shower sex position is simply sitting down on the shower floor and doing lotus, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or any other sitting position that you can think of. These sitting positions on the shower floor work for a few reasons. Firstly, the fact that you’re already sitting ensures that you won’t slip and fall while getting it on. There is more stability and nowhere to fall to if you’re already as low as you can go. The other beneficial thing is that you can easily orient yourself in a way that you aren’t being directly sprayed by the shower on your head, face, or genital region. You can use the walls of the tub and any shelves or handles to your advantage here too. My recommendation if you’re going to get all the way down and dirty in the tub is to invest in a slip-proof mat to stick or lay down on the tub floor.


There are plenty of different sex positions in the shower that involve standing. It’s best to keep your stance wide and not to lock your knees when you do this so that you can avoid slipping to the best of your ability. Try some good sex positions in the shower that require minimal effort to balance, like leaning against the wall of the shower with one partner penetrating from behind, or bending over for some rear entry fun.

If you have a lot of trust in your balance, you could try a one leg up position where both partners face each other and the receiving partner puts one leg up and wraps it around their partner’s waist or hooks on to their partner’s arm.

Take a Seat

Some of the easiest shower sex positions involve getting a shower seat or bench. This way you can access more sturdy sitting positions. You could do the stand and sit position where one partner sits on the bench and the other stands. For this position, the standing partner thrusts, penetrating the sitting partner, who can either sit up straight or wrap their legs around the standing partner’s pelvis.

Both partners could also try sitting on the shower bench (one partner on the other’s lap) for an intimate seated sex position. Another fun position to try with a shower bench is a rear-entry position where one partner bends over and holds on to the bench for support, while the other partner stands and penetrates from behind. This one is a good one for anal sex, which by the way, is an excellent option for dirty things to do in the shower. The great thing about anal in the shower is that if any mess happens to arise, you’re in the perfect place to immediately get clean. Just keep that silicone-based lube on hand!

Different Ways to Have Sex In the Shower

bathroom sex positions

Along with the positions for penetrative sex, you might also be interested in hearing about other sexual things to do in the shower. There are some great potential positions for oral sex, which might be one of the best options for shower stimulation. You could try it with both partners sitting or reclining in the tub. One partner could sit while the other partner kneels and performs oral on the sitting partner.

You could also try it where one partner stands and the other sits. Just remember not to have the water pointed directly at anyone’s head or genital region. Another great thing to do in the shower is masturbation. This could mean mutual masturbation with a partner, masturbation and a sexy show over FaceTime or video for your long-distance boo, or simply a relaxing and amazing time for solo play.

If you’re getting into self-pleasure in the shower, use the water pressure to your advantage. If you have a detachable shower head, you can use this to stimulate your vulva, nipples, and other erogenous zones. Make sure that the water is warm but not hot and go to town with this discrete and powerful sex toy.

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