Sexy Valentines Day: Top 12 Ideas To Diversify Sex On Holiday

  • Jan.28.2022
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sexy valentines day

Sex on Valentine’s Day may not be different from the usual. But if you want to add variety to your intimate life, there are some great ideas. Valentine’s Day is simply obliged to be remembered not only by cute gifts and signs of attention from your soulmate but also by hot, unbridled sex. And if suddenly you do not know what to do during the holiday, then we offer 12 tempting sexy Valentines day ideas for an incendiary erotic adventure.

Holiday Morning Sex

Everyone knows that not every woman is ready to have sex in the morning. We should sleep for half an hour longer, soak up the bed, and not make any sudden movements. These are men in the morning “fully armed”, eager to immediately apply their natural opportunities. However, on Valentine’s Day, this rule can and should be changed.

Sexologists say that such a sexiest Valentine gift helps women increase their vitality and stay in a good mood all day long. So why not follow the lead of science and please yourself and your loved one?

Nude Breakfast

What is Valentine’s Day without Valentine? If you didn’t have time to buy a cute postcard for your beloved, then you can cook something tasty and decorate the dish in the shape of a heart. Biscuits, vegetable salads, scrambled eggs – all these dishes are easy to give the desired shape.

And to give the cooking process a sexual connotation, host the kitchen in a negligee. A short apron and fishnet stockings would be enough to not only impress your man with a culinary delight but also give free rein to his erotic fantasies and sexual ideas for Valentine’s day.


Meet at a bar you’ve never been to before. Imagine that you do not know each other, tell each other about yourself. If everything went well, you can continue to the nearest hotel or home.

This Valentine’s Day idea would ignite the passion within both partners and take your love to a whole new level!

Pearly Orgasm

It’s no secret that most women are only able to experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And for this, nothing is better than cunnilingus. Unfortunately, not all men are responsible for this process, considering it only a fleeting prelude and preparation for the main act.

But that’s what Valentine’s Day is for, to explain to your partner without hesitation what exactly is required of him – do you want to get the highest pleasure in bed? Then, in a passionate whisper, tell your loved one what you would like from him today or some hot Valentine’s day idea.

Magic Knot

Pleased yourself with a clitoral orgasm? Then why not surprise your man and give him unusual oral caresses? It’ll take a little longer than usual, but it’ll remain in his memories as something unimaginably sexual. So, this version of oral sex is called a Magic knot, its essence is simple.

The excited penis is carefully tied with a thin scarf or other light cloth at the very base. Then proceed to oral caresses. As soon as you feel that your partner is close to orgasm, stop and gently pull the knot of the scarf. Count up to 30 and at this time blow on a wet head. After that, loosen the knot and continue caressing.

Affectionate Bee

valentine day sex ideas

You might find this Valentine’s day sex idea pretty funny, but only until you see how much fun a man gets. During oral sex, try buzzing a little. Vibrations from your buzzing would be transmitted to the whole body of the partner, and he’ll experience incomparable sensations.

Even if something doesn’t work out, don’t be discouraged. In any case, both of you’ll be in a good mood and have a great time.

Orgasm from Touch

Many happy women can experience an orgasm from touch alone. To clarify: they do not require stimulation of the genital organs for sexual release, they can experience multiple orgasms from kissing, caressing the chest, or licking the pulsating wreath on the cervical cavity.

If you belong to the category of these amazing women, then on Valentine’s Day you simply have to tighten the foreplay to sex using our sexy Valentines ideas. Don’t let a man get you until you get yours.

Happy Scissors Pose

On Valentine’s Day, it’s worth trying a couple of new, unusual sex positions. brings to your attention a fairly simple and easy-to-perform position that would bring new sensations to your intimate life. So, the Happy Scissors pose.

Lie across the bed on your back, raise your legs high. A man stands next to you and takes your ankles in his hands. During sex, you should move your legs, then spread them apart, then bring them together. It’s kind of like the scissors exercise, right? Thanks to your maneuvers, the entrance to the vagina would either narrow or expand, which would help both of you to get a lot of new, pleasant sensations.

Ejaculatory Orgasm

Do not be afraid of the mysterious name sexy Valentine’s day idea for her, everything is quite simple. Ejaculation is the release of seminal fluid in men, as we remember. But there is a small percentage of women who can ejaculate during orgasm. During discharge, they release about 4–6 teaspoons of a clear liquid that has nothing to do with lubrication.

Such an orgasm can be achieved by stimulating the G-spot, which is located on the ribbed surface of the anterior wall of the vagina, about 3–4 cm from the entrance. If you have never experienced anything like this, then this does not mean that you are “not given”. Perhaps they simply did not try or looked for the notorious point in the wrong place.

Find a New Spot

If you still could not find the desired G-spot, do not despair: sexologists say that its search is the last century! Try to find a point that is directly opposite the G-spot (see above for a description of its supposed location), that is, on the back of the vagina.

Ask your partner to caress you with a finger at a distance of 3–4 cm from the entrance to the vagina on the wall. As soon as you feel pleasant sensations – know that you are on the right track!

Video Sex

sexy valentines ideas

But what if your man is far away and Valentine’s Day has to be spent alone? Don’t be discouraged, we offer you not to waste time in vain and have sex with your favorite video call in any convenient messenger.

So, set a date for a certain time and make sure that the apartment is at your disposal. We offer such Valentine’s day sex tips – how to prepare for a virtual meeting: take a shower, do your hair, put on makeup, and put on beautiful lingerie.

In a Dream

You did not have enough erotic adventures during the day? Do you dream that at night your man thinks only of you? There is nothing easier: as soon as he falls asleep, start gently stroking his penis and stimulating your favorite erogenous zones. Try to make sure that he does not wake up – then a man who loves you’ll see an erotic dream with you incomparable in the title role.

We want you to spend this wonderful holiday, called Valentine’s Day, simply unforgettable! Don’t forget to use at least one of our tips and please your loved one.

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