Sexting Tips: Best Way to Sext during Your Quarantine Time and after the Lockdown

  • Jan.08.2021
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Do you need sexting help? You’ve come to the right place. This article will take you to step by step through sexting techniques whether that be sexting for beginners or sexting advice for those seasoned sexters. Whatever the situation may be, getting a little raunchy with your messages is always a fun way to help bring two people together, help a long-distance relationship, or help kindle a new relationship even during the challenging days of pandemic restrictions. Figure out how to feel confident and sexy with sexting and how to get the most out of the experience with these tips.

Make Sure It’s a Go

Firstly, understand that there are obviously good and bad times to have a sexual conversation over text. A business meeting or dinner with your grandma is not really ideal occasions for carrying out a full-on sext back and forth no matter how interested you may be in doing that when you’re just home on a Sunday or in your hotel room alone.

When initiating a sexy text convo with a friend or partner, you should make sure that this is something you’re both interested in. Ask the recipient if they want to chat in a way that allows them to say yes or no. You could send a sultry selfie (not a nude) and say something like “Thinking of you” and see if they catch on to the idea. If you’re not sure, it’s best to straight up ask. You could say “Wanna talk about what you’re going to do to me later tonight?” or if you’re feeling straight to the point “Sext me.”

Start Slow

Sexting, like sex, requires a bit of warming up and figuring out. Imagine you’re in a situation where you want to have sex with someone and they immediately go for the goods. You want to build the tension, get the arousal going, and then see what happens from there. This is the same when it comes to sexting. Don’t send a dick pic right away and don’t go straight for your dirtiest talk either. Start with some gentle initiation and let things move along at both participants’ leisure.

Build the Fantasy

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Try to make the conversation specific and fantasy-based. If you have a fantasy in mind tell your sexting partner about it. Remember when I mentioned being in a hotel room? Maybe you’re away on business and missing your significant other, so use that in your sexy talk to make it more personal and hot. For example: “These hotel sheets feel so soft on my naked body” and then when the conversation evolves it could get to something like “I want you to push me up against the glass sliding doors and fuck me.” Maybe you’re just at home and feeling frisky.

Ask your partner about what their fantasies are and tell them about yours. If you’re not sure what to say you can always say “tell me more” or “Then what”. Keep the conversation flirty and don’t feel pressured to say or do something that doesn’t feel genuine or comfortable. Maybe you’re not into sending dirty talk so you might prefer to send nude pictures or videos. Maybe you’re not comfortable sending media but you’ve got a wild and sexy imagination when it comes to dirty talk. Whatever you feel confident with will read best with whoever you’re sexting so go with what feels right.

Sending Nudes

If you’re going to send nudes give the recipient a warning beforehand so that they don’t open it with friends or co-workers. You can simply say NSFW or “What are you doing right now?” or “Are you alone” to let them know that there may be an incoming pic. It’s always a smart idea not to include your face in a nude picture or video because you never know whether it could get intentionally or unintentionally leaked/ shown to someone you didn’t send it to.

This could potentially get you in trouble with your employer so check your companies policies if that is something that concerns you. Don’t let that stop you from sexting, simply do it smartly to avoid any unwanted repercussions. Taking photos of your boobs, butt, thighs, new pantie set, you in those grey sweatpants that are pretty see-through, or whatever you want to show off to your partner can really bring your sexting game to a new level.

Always say something in response to any nude you receive. It’s best to be encouraging and overly enthusiastic in order to keep the sext going and elevating the hotness for both of you. If you receive a nude send a reply that goes something like “Holy shit your body is amazing” or “I want you so bad right now” or simply “FUCK” sometimes goes a long way. You want the person who sent you the nude to feel like they turned you on and in doing so they will be very turned on as well.

When taking nudes know your angles. Taking pictures from an above angle increases length for dick pics and makes for a flattering boob picture as well. Mirror selfies are always a good bet and you can get really creative with angles there.

Maybe do an over the shoulder looking back pic of your butt that also includes some side boob or take a picture in a smaller table mirror that frames your chest really nicely. Lighting is really important too. Natural lighting is always preferable and flash is sometimes very unflattering. Remember that you’re not always going to take an amazing picture first try so for sexting purposes, you might want to save a few golden ones in a private folder or app for easy usage.

The most important thing to remember when sexting is to have fun and treat it as a playful exchange. Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea that you have to sound sexier than you are. You already know what you think is sexy so just take it slow and don’t take yourself too seriously. Sexting is a great way to build intimacy and can even help you express some things you might feel nervous about expressing in person such as how you like to be fingered or what kind of toys you might be into trying. No matter where the sexting leads, have fun and don’t put too much pressure on it.

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