Top Sex Toy Hygiene Tips: The Best Way to Keep Your Sex Toys Squeaky Clean

  • Apr.26.2021
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sex toy cleaning guide

Do you want to know all the basics about caring for your sex toys? This sex toy cleaning guide will ensure the best use, safety and longevity for your favorite sex toys. Sex toys are an amazing addition to your self love arsenal, not to mention the fact that they can really amp up the pleasure levels in your partnered sexual activities. If you appreciate the power of sex toys and own one (or a bunch) to increase your pleasure, you should definitely know the best ways to take care of them, and that means knowing the best sex toy cleaning methods. Cleaning your sex toys is important for keeping them in good condition, as well as preventing any lingering bacteria or other germs to cause infection for you or your partner(s).

How to Clean Adult Toys

sex toy hygiene tips

It might seem straightforward to clean your sex toys, as though the most sensical thing would be to wash with soap and water, however this is not always the best way to go about cleaning your toys. If you want to know how to wash sex toys, you should start off by looking at the packaging or online descriptions of the toy that you want to wash. Different toys are made of different materials and therefore come with different care instructions. If you have a metal butt plug, it might require a different kind of cleaning and care than a silicone vibrator toy. Knowing whether your toys are fully waterproof or not is also essential in knowing the best way to clean sex toys that you own. If your toy is made of a porous material such as rubber, elastomer, or PVC, it will be more complicated to wash than a toy made of non-porous material such as glass, silicone or metal. If your toy is made of elastomer or rubber the porousness of the material makes it impossible to completely sterilize your toys after each use.

If you have a favorite toy that happens to be made out of a porous material, it is best to use this toy only for solo play or in other words, not to share it during partnered play. These toys can also be more sensitive to soaps and temperatures, so it is important to clean them with care. To clean a porous sex toy, simply wipe it down with a warm hypoallergenic soapy water on a clean washcloth. For toys made of any material that vibrate or contain any kind of electronic component, a similar method can be used to clean the toy.

Warm soap and water can be used on a toy that vibrates but is clearly labeled as 100% waterproof. If your vibrator is not waterproof, use a damp soapy cloth to wash the parts that are inserted in or placed on your body. Disinfecting sex toys can be a lot easier with that do not vibrate and that are made out of a non-porous material like metal, silicone, or heat resistant glass.

These toys can be boiled for a number of minutes in regular water or a soapy water solution for complete sterilization. Make sure to look at the care instructions for your toy to be sure about what the toy is made of and whether there are any special cleaning instructions for your particular model of toy.

Sex Toy Cleaner

There are some products that are made specifically to clean sex toys. These will work in a pinch but are not as effective as a thorough wash with soap and water. Be sure to only use these products in a pinch or to hold you over until you can give your toys a proper wash.

Sex Toy Hygiene Tips

If you like to share your toys with a partner and you know that your toy is either harder to clean or that you have recently dealt with any kind of sexually transmissible infection, you can use condoms with your toys to prevent the spread of germs. You can also play with vibrators over a layer of fabric or decide to use your own personal toys instead of sharing.

Sex Toy Care

how to wash sex toys

The way that you store your sex toys is also really important to maintaining clean toys that last a long time. In order to protect your toys from dirt and bacteria that may exist in the air or in day to day life, you should store them in a box or a satin bag to save them from the elements. Make sure that you have completely washed and dried your toys before storing them in an airtight container.

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