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  • Sep.06.2021
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sex slang terms

There are many reasons why it is important to be in the know about popular sex slang. For starters, it can make for a real awkward moment when a word or phrase that you have been using regularly in the office or around your younger family members happens to be a new addition to the list of common sexual terms. If that’s never happened to you before, then you’re certainly a lucky person.

Even if that isn’t something that concerns you, knowing about sex slangs and meanings is certainly helpful for getting your point across in the bedroom. Sex slang is helpful because it can make it easier to bring up a sexual menu item that you’re a little too shy to say outright. Alternatively, some sex slang can be pretty raunchy, and you might find yourself giggling at the thought of using it in a serious conversation.

Going to an Urban dictionary to find urban sex slang might land you with the names for some interesting sexual activities. If you don’t want to look through all sex terms and definitions in existence, you can take a look at our curated list of the terms people are using right now.  Learn about all the craziest sex terms and some funny sex slang in this riveting guide to popular words in the sexual domain.

So what are some sex terms that young people are saying these days? Let’s take a look at a few important sex terms to know if you want to be with the times!


common sexual terms

Queening is a slang word for a person sitting on another person’s face for oral sex. It’s a simple and sensical slang term, and it might just be the most regal one on this list!


all sex terms and definitions

This is an American sex slang term that refers to a gay man or gender non-conforming person’s butthole. It is meant to sound like pussy, as in “this bussy is popping.” A bussy is typically the anatomy of a person who likes to be anally penetrated.


funny sex slang

Not to be confused with queening, queefing is what happens when air comes out of the vagina. It can often sound like a fart, but don’t worry, it’s not. Queefing is entirely normal and happens to a lot of people with vaginas, especially during sex.

Pearl Necklace

While it might sound like an elegant accessory, giving someone a pearl necklace is actually a slang term for ejaculating on their neck or chest. To ejaculate would make an appearance right around where a pearl necklace would typically sit on a person’s neckline. If you ask your partner for a pearl necklace, be aware that they might not be going to the jewelry store to get it.


This is one of the sex slang terms that is actually quite beneficial for everyone to know. Instead of a raunchy sexual act, aftercare is actually just the act of checking in on your partner after sex and caring for them in any way that you both deem helpful. Aftercare is a term that originated in the BDSM community and often refers to help with any of the after-effects of BDSM or hardcore/rough sex. Regardless of where it originated, aftercare can be extremely beneficial for any kind of sex, no matter how kinky or vanilla. Checking in and making sure that your partner is okay and that their needs are met is a really healthy practice to take up when you are a sexually active person.

Rim Job

sex slangs and meanings

A rim job is a more formal name for the commonly used term “eating ass”, and it can also be called “analingus.” It means to give someone oral sex on their anus, and it is a sex act that has grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade or so. It has recently been in rap songs including Niki Minaj’s “Only” in which the rapper has a line that goes “Let ‘em eat my ass like a cupcake”.

WAP (Wet Ass Pussy)

This is a term coined by rapper extraordinaire Cardi B, and it is the name of her recent hit single. It is a term for a vagina, particularly one that is extremely wet. It is something that most people with vaginas would hope to achieve. In Cardi B’s song, she raps, “Get a bucket and a mop for this wet ass pussy.”


To be a “simp” is to do anything and everything for a person that you’re romantically interested in. It has been popularized by social media and Gen Z. Typically simping refers to when a man does anything to be with a woman, but the genders can be swapped out or switched around with no change to the meaning.


Pegging is a term that refers to a person without a penis using a strap on dildo to anally penetrate a partner. Many heterosexual couples enjoy pegging, and it was recently mentioned in an episode of Broad City when Abbi pegs her hot neighbor. Pegging is enjoyable not only for the fact that it switches the gender roles, but also because it allows people to access the prostate, which is a huge source of pleasure for those with male anatomy.


crazy sex terms

Potentially one of the more weird sexual terms, CBT isn’t a kind of therapy or an active ingredient in weed. It actually stands for “cock and ball torture” and it has become memeafied recently with many people referring to it in a joking manner. People may joke about it, but it is a real kink that many people are actually really into.

Now that you have all of these wonderful and spicy sex slang terms in your vocabulary, you can think about using them (or avoiding them) in conversation. If any of them are new to you, it might be fun to suggest trying them out with a consenting partner!

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