Sex Positions for Fat People

  • Jan.29.2021
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sex positions for fat people

Sex is one of the most intimate acts two people can do together. For sex to be good it requires trust, attraction, and communication. When you are a heavier person it can sometimes be difficult to figure out the logistics of maximizing your pleasure in bed. This article will share plenty of sex tips and sex positions for large people to ensure that you and your partner have the most mind blowing sex.

We live in a fatphobic society. This is something we all know, but what does it mean for sex? For starters, it means that when it comes to sex tips many of the sex guides and articles about fun positions can be pretty non-inclusive of people who aren’t thin or don’t have thin partners. It also means that there a lot of the sex scenes we see in movies and a lot of the porn we watch does not include fat bodies. This article will not give you sex positions for overweight people because this is a broad and negative term for people who happen to be fat. There is also no one size fits all for “fat girl sex positions” but there are plenty of positions that maximize pleasure for bigger bodies. Before we dive into sexual positions for big girls, men, and humans, let’s talk a little bit about tips for those carrying more weight in the bedroom.

The self love movement is something that was created for fat people. It has since been branded as an all inclusive and popular brand which thin celebrities and influencers often use and misuse. The point of self love is accepting your body and your fat just as it is. It is using the word fat to describe adipose tissue and not as a synonym for bad. Body positivity has made way for body neutrality which teaches us to feel neutral about our bodies and understand that they are the vessels in which we carry out our lives.

We can’t force ourselves to love every part of our bodies every day, but we can practice body neutrality and understand that fat is just a part of us and does not define us. That being said if you’re always seeing thin people in porn or sex scenes, look up some bbw porn to see how excruciatingly hot big girls in saucy sex positions for bbw can be.

Don’t rush getting to penetration, in fact, you don’t have to get there at all. Sex is about intimacy and pleasure so find ways to get aroused and curious about your partner’s body and your own body. If you’ve found some positions uncomfortable in the past, consider modifying them with support pillows or a sex swing.

Pillows that allow you to rest your torso or limbs while in a sex position can be an incredible game changer. Know that you don’t have to stay in one position for the whole time and that you can always change positions or add more pillows and support if you’re ever uncomfortable.

Another thing that is generally helpful when it comes to sex positions for bigger people with penises (or strap ons) is that most find standing up for penetration to be the best way to provide the deepest thrusts and avoid their belly getting in the way. Standing also helps prevent putting excess pressure on the knees or other joints. There is also a benefit to investing in a cockring to help maximize your inches if you struggle with reaching in most positions.

Now that we have some basic tips under our belts, let’s talk about positions. Here is a list of some of the best positions for fat couples or lovers.

plus size sex tips

The Standing Doggy

The standing doggy style position is just like the doggy style except the giving partner is standing at the foot of the bed while the receiving partner is on all fours on the bed with their pelvis backed up against the standing giving partner. This works great for bigger couples because it prevents knee soreness for the giving partner, allows space for pillows underneath and around the receiving partner and the standing position can offer more length and thrust capacity. So much goodness in one position!

The Modified Missionary

In this position, everything is the same as missionary except for the fact that the giving partner bends their knees as much as they need to accommodate their stomach and upper body. The more weight up top the more the legs can bend to support. It’s pretty simple and pretty great.

The Bedside

This classic and amazing position works best with a tall bed but can be done with a short bed and a kneeling partner and can also be done on a counter or table. To get into this position, the receiving partner scoots their pelvis to the edge of a bed and lies on their back while the giving partner stands and faces them for penetration. This can be done with the receiving partner either lying straight on their back with legs up on their partner’s shoulders or to the side with one leg up and one leg dangling off of the bed.

The V

This position is great because it prevents issues with bellies getting in the way. It’s also great for flexible people but with strategically placed pillows it works for even the least flexible among us. In this position, the receiving partner will lie on their back with their legs up in the air making a V shape. They can split their legs however much they desire or however little they desire and use as many pillows as they need to be comfortable. Remember comfort is key here. The giving partner will then kneel in front of their pelvis and penetrate facing the receiving partner.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a classic sex position that can be great for couples where the giving partner has a big belly. The receiving partner can sit on the giving partner’s pelvis with their weight on their knees on either side and facing their feet. Then they can go to town grinding and rocking without having to worry about putting too much pressure on their partner or their partner’s stomach. If the pressure on the receiving partner’s knees is too much, they can add some pillows under each knee for support.

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