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Sex parties are parties with music and a show program where participants can have sex. Moreover, the latter is not necessary: ​​no one has the right to force another, everything is exclusively voluntary. So many come just to watch or enjoy the atmosphere. After you have learned what is a sex party, you can proceed to discuss the topic.

Are Sex Parties Real?

Sex parties are different and do exist. Somewhere, as, for example, at kinky parties, a dress code is important, somewhere they exchange partners, and somewhere people simply interact more freely and openly than in the usual clubs.

The number of participants can also be different: from a few dozen to hundreds. The average age is from 25 to 40 years, but there are people much older.

Why Do People Go to Sex Parties?

Everyone has their reasons for having a sex party, but here is a list of the most common ones.

  • Have sex without building relationships or making commitments.
  • Realize intimate fantasies. Here, everyone can easily and safely embody what they have long dreamed of: having sex in front of everyone, making a connection with a stranger, trying BDSM, and other unusual practices.
  • Diversify sex in a couple. One is pleased to see that the partner likes other people. Someone is turned on by having sex with strangers in front of a regular partner. Some couples at the party avoid sexual contact, leaving all the fun until the moment when excited by the new experience, they return home together.
  • Become acquainted. At a sex party, it is quite possible to start a relationship, fall in love and even find a life partner.
  • Know yourself. A new experience, especially such a non-standard one, allows you to better understand your needs.
  • Just watch the first time sex party. Curiosity is a good reason to attend such an event.

Who Doesn’t Like Sex Parties?

What happens at sex parties won’t appeal to those who do not know how to say “no”. Of course, voluntariness is the main principle of any sex party, and the organizers like to emphasize this. But if you can’t refuse, there is a chance to make contact that you didn’t want, and instead of pleasure, get unpleasant sensations.

Those who go there against their will to please their partner. Most likely, you won’t be able to relax and would blame your partner for being in an uncomfortable situation.

Those who have problematic relationships and who hope to strengthen them in this way. If there is innuendo, jealousy, and boredom in a couple, then sex with other people would most likely only worsen everything.

How to Find a Sex Party?

first time sex party

At a sex party, it is important to have fun, not problems. Therefore, approach the choice responsibly. Decide on the type of party. As we have already said, intimate parties are different, but they can be conditionally divided into three groups.

  • Mixed sex-positive parties. They are for everyone who wants fun with an erotic twist. A popular format for beginners because it does not require special training. Here you can just dance and watch shows, kiss and have sex with people you like or your companion.
  • Swing parties. Most often, two people come here to try sex with other partners, but sometimes singles are also allowed. There are few random people, observers, and couples who have sex only with each other.
  • Kinky parties – themed costume parties, sometimes reminiscent of an erotic carnival. The English word kinky translates as “weird” and often means unconventional sexual interests. However, the theme of kinky parties can be anything.

Think about whether you are interested in themed parties or neutral ones, whether you are ready to strip or wear a latex suit, whether you plan to have sex in public areas or only in private ones. Depending on this, select the appropriate format.

For the first time to find sex parties, the easiest way to find it on the Internet is to search for “sex parties + city”, “swinger party + city”, or “kinky party + city” – depending on where you want to go. But be careful: not always public hangouts are safe and well organized. If at least something worries you, look at another option.

Find Out as Much as You Can About the Organizers

While you have little experience, it is better to have a sex party with well-established organizers. They know how to create an atmosphere and how to maintain safety. You can contact them through the party website. There is usually an email, a feedback form, or some other coordinates.

Try to get as much information about the event as possible. After all, your safety is at stake.

As a rule, the organizers are set to communicate, so feel free to ask them questions. Be sure to find out if there would be volunteers in the club to keep order, and how the access system works. Usually, the participant is told everything that interests him so that he gets the most out of the party and wants to come again.

Think about Who Would Be at the Sex Party

When you wonder “where can I find a sex party?” you need to understand that the more expensive the ticket, the more decent the audience would be. So, while you have little experience, give preference to those parties where you need to apply in advance.

Check with the organizers if the ratio of men and women is regulated: when everyone has the chance to choose their partner, this maintains a healthy atmosphere. Find out by what criteria guests are selected: the stricter the requirements, the safer you’ll be at your first sex party.

Read Reviews

It’s good if you can find information about past events of these organizers and other events in the club where you are going, as well as about sex party etiquette. Some sex party participants share their impressions on social networks. Sometimes reviews of past parties and invitations to future parties come across on specialized sex forums on the Internet.

Learn the Program

The next sex party advice is to specify what kind of music would be and how much you are interested in the proposed show. Even if you go to a party just for sex, you are unlikely to find it right on the doorstep, it’ll take time. A high-quality program and a good background would come in handy to relax and not get bored.

See if They Make Photo Reports

Many parties have a photographer. Find out from the organizers whether it’ll be on the one you have chosen: you are unlikely to want to be included in such a photo report. You can always ask the photographer with words or a gesture not to take pictures of you. But if you pose frankly, then with a high probability you’ll be able to admire your portrait on the site later.

How to Prepare for Your First Sex Party?

how to find a sex party

Here’s what you need to do in advance so that everything goes well on the appointed day:

Think about Who You’re Going With

It is normal to go to a sex party alone, with friends, and with your sexual partner. Too big companies may not let you through: as a rule, they have their atmosphere, and they can destroy the general one. But two pairs of acquaintances is a completely acceptable option. The main thing is that you feel completely comfortable with these people.

Set Boundaries for Yourself

There is a possibility that at the event, due to the abundance of impressions, loud music, and alcohol, you won’t be able to reason completely sensibly. Therefore, think in advance about what you would ideally like from party and sex and what you are not ready for.

Discuss the Boundaries with Your Partner

If you decide to go alone, be sure to say what each of you expects from a sex party, what you can and cannot do. Don’t expect things to work out on their own: such an experience can be too difficult a test for a relationship, so every effort should be made to avoid resentment and misunderstanding. This is important even for couples who already have experience in intimate parties and group sex.

Apply or Buy a Ticket

A sex party for beginners can be open to the public and vice versa. For some, it is enough to buy a ticket on the day of the event, while for others you need to apply in advance so that your candidacy has time to be considered. This is stipulated on the website or in correspondence with the organizers.

Prepare an Outfit

Wear what you like and don’t go against the rules. Most importantly, do not forget about convenience: if you are uncomfortable in heels, go in ballet flats. If a bright suit scares you, choose a more neutral one. When you feel good, you look attractive to other participants, regardless of the depth of the neckline and the color of the tie.

Check if you have an STI

Let’s end our sex party guide by thinking not only about our safety but also about our responsibility to other participants. In no case do not attend a party if you have even the slightest suspicion of a sexually transmitted infection. Even if you feel well, still go to the gynecologist or urologist and get tested. A condom is a useful thing, but caution never hurts. The authors of the blog recommend that you do not worry and tune in a pleasant way. When you have learned all the tips for a sex party and are ready, then exhale and smile: an interesting and exciting experience awaits you! You’ll get an unforgettable experience from visiting a sex party.

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