Sex During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know About Having Sex While Pregnant

  • Jul.26.2021
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having sex during pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

Having sex during pregnancy might be the furthest thing from your mind, or alternatively, the hormones coursing through your body at a high level may make it difficult to concentrate on anything but sex! Some of those who are pregnant might crave pickles and ice cream and some might find that combination nausea-inducing.

The same is true for sex during pregnancy. Some people really want it and some aren’t interested at all. If your partner is pregnant, no matter which way this pendulum swings you should know that a lot of these intense feelings are due to hormones and not always entirely personal.

You are free to turn down sex or accept sex as often as you please. Depending on the person and the time over the course of your nine months, sex is potentially something that you will want to know more about so that you can either doit or not with all the information you need about safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy

One of the most frequently asked questions are – “Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?” and “will sex during pregnancy hurt the baby?”. The answer to this question is that most often having sex while pregnant will not harm your baby, and it is safe and even beneficial. If you’re having a normal pregnancy the baby be protected by the uterus and the amniotic fluid which would absolutely prevent any kind of harm even from intense penetration.

The vagina is the opening, which is about 6 inches long during arousal, and is closed off by the cervix, which is much smaller than the vaginal canal (about the size of a pencil in circumference and a few inches long). Anything being inserted into the vagina would not be able to get past the cervix and into the uterus, where there is yet another layer of protection with the uterine muscles and then the amniotic sac with amniotic fluid.

So there is no way inserting something into your vagina for pleasure would get all the way past all of those barriers, but on top of that, the motions and rocking in the general vicinity are also fine for the baby. If they weren’t, pregnant women wouldn’t be able to walk, jump, or sit in a car.

Are Orgasms Bad During Pregnancy

benefits of sex during pregnancy

Some people fear that the contractions of the vagina caused by orgasm are not good for the baby and can cause labor. During a normal pregnancy, this should not happen. Vaginal contractions that happen as a result of orgasm are different from pregnancy contractions. Vaginal orgasmic contractions are meant to help the sperm reach the egg, not help the baby leave the womb.

Can Having Sex During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

The only instances which may cause some potential dangers of sex during pregnancy are preexisting conditions or certain lesser researched hypotheses which would only affect people who are very close to their baby’s due date. If you are at risk for miscarriage, leaking amniotic fluid, or experiencing bleeding or labor contractions, you should not engage in sexual activity. It is best to ask your doctor if you have any conditions that would make you more at risk for miscarriage or if sex is safe for you at this time. Some people also think that there is a chemical in semen that is similar to a chemical in the gel used to induce labor, so sometimes when a baby is well overdue an OB-GYN might prescribe sex to try to help the baby along.

This is why if you’re quite far along but not quite at your due date you might want to hold off until it is the right time to have your baby. However, this theory isn’t highly studied and requires more research. If you have any pain, bleeding, or unusual discharge after sex, talk to your doctor about it right away. Always ask your doctor if you’re not sure about whether this point in your pregnancy is an okay time for you to have sex. If your doctor tells you you’re good to go, you want to make sure you are having safe sex because STIs can be potentially life-threatening to your baby.

How to Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy

STIs are a more serious condition during pregnancy as they can greatly affect fetal health, so you should not have sex at all if you know that your partner currently has an STI. If you’re not sure, or you’ve changed partners during pregnancy, you should make sure that you and your partner get tested.

You should also be using condoms while pregnant if you become sexually active with a new partner or if you and your partner are not in a sexually exclusive relationship.

Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

best way to have sex while pregnant

Some doctors highly recommend sex during pregnancy, even claiming it is healthy for your baby. Why is sex good during pregnancy? The main reason is that urges and orgasms can be more intense, orgasms can be more intense, and having sex when both of these things are going on can make for a happy pregnant person. The rush of endorphins and feel-good hormones that come after such an orgasm could be extremely beneficial for stress relief, relaxation, mental fortitude, and even immunity.

Orgasms are proven to be good for your health even when you’re not pregnant, so when your body is telling you to have them and you do so it will be extra beneficial. Whenever you do something healthy for yourself during pregnancy you’re also doing something healthy for your baby.

Best Way to Have Sex While Pregnant

The best way to have sex while pregnant is whichever way makes you feel comfortable and satisfied. Some positions may be a little more difficult to maneuver when there is a big belly between you and your partner, but with a little creativity, you can certainly make it work. Some better positions for pregnancy might be rear entry, the spooning position, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, and standing missionary. It is also totally wonderful and safe to have oral sex during pregnancy.

Manual and anal sex might also be worth a try. The best tips for sex during pregnancy would have to be to get comfortable and feel yourself. You’re growing a tiny human inside your belly. That is incredibly amazing and sexy, so you should feel sexy while pregnant and if you want to have sex and enjoy those pregnancy boobs and sexual cravings, you truly should do it!

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