Sex and Smoking: Everything about Smoking Cigarettes after Sex Explained

  • Mar.26.2021
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Smoking a cigarette after sex is a common occurrence among those who enjoy smoking. There could be many reasons as to why people enjoy an after sex smoke, whether that be due to the chemicals in our brains, the depiction of smoke and sex in popular media and movies, or because of the associations we make when something becomes a habit.

What Is It about That after Sex Cigarette?

While there are few studies that explore why exactly people like to have a cigarette after sex, we know that it is a truly obvious trend. Among smokers, 81% usually crave or have a cigarette after they have sex and 58% of smokers claim this is their favorite time to smoke.

In addition to smoking after mealtimes, right after sex could be a popular time to get a nicotine fix because it has been programmed in smokers as a habit, or because it will enhance and elongate the positive feelings and response that comes with the fullness and satiety of satisfaction whether that is from sex or from a good meal. After we have sex, the chemicals dopamine and oxytocin are released into our brains, making us feel happy, relaxed and maybe a little bit in love.

In order to elongate that pleasant feeling, some people turn to cigarettes to deepen that relaxation, and additionally even follow it with a little bit of a buzz from the nicotine which has tiny amounts of adrenaline. This buzz can also make the amount of time it takes for your body to be ready to have sex again shorter, making it possible to go for round two in a shorter period of time or without a long break.

The act of smoking a cigarette can also be time to reflect and enjoy physical sensations or a time to savor the enjoyment you just had. With all of this in mind, it makes sense as to why a lot of people gravitate toward a smoke break after they have a sexual experience.

Why Do We Conflate Smoke Sex and Pleasure?

sex and smoking

Another reason why that post sex cigarette craving can be so strong is could be because you’ve made an association in your brain between cigarettes and sex. If you initially start to smoke after sex because of the way it makes you feel or because of the way that sex while smoking or post sex cigarettes have been portrayed in popular TV, movies and pornography, this might go from a treat to a habit.

Similar to the famous psychological experiment by Pavlov, if your brain anticipates satisfying a nicotine craving every time you have sex, sex will become something that triggers a cigarette craving, and the practice of lighting one up after a romp in the sheets can become habitual.

Cigarette Sex: Smoking and Sex in Movies and Pornography

What gets some people started with the habit or routine of smoking cigarettes after sex could be the sexualization or popular association with cool and sexy movie stars smoking in bed post sex scene. This is part of the glamorization of cigarettes that has added to the popularization of cigarettes from the beginning of the cinema to today.

While there are more strict laws today about tobacco advertisements due to the dangers we all now know that come with smoking, a recent report on the content of popular media highlighted that 79 percent of the shows most popular with young people ages 15 to 24 depict smoking prominently. Even if advertising cigarettes to young people is illegal, there are still many ways that young people will see a celebrity or movie character smoking as an influence to potentially try it out themselves.

While a lot of TV shows and movies show sexy stars taking a drag of a cigarette after sex and making that look enticing and appealing, there is also an entire genre of porn dedicated to those who have a cigarette kink or fetish. You can watch porn actors and actresses smoke after sex, have sex after cigarettes or even watch them smoking while sex is going on.

Negative Impacts of Sex and Smoking

after sex cigarette

So smoking after sex might feel great in the moment and it might seem like a pretty cool or sexy thing to do, but it actually could be having a negative impact on your sex life.

There are several studies that show a link between cigarette smoking and the development or worsening of erectile dysfunction. If you have a hard time maintaining an erection, you might want to look into whether your smoking habit has anything to do with it. Additionally, there have been studies that linked cigarette smoking to an increase in likelihood for women to develop conditions like bacterial vaginosis.

While these two studies show negative impacts of smoking on things directly related to the genitals, smoking could also have an impact on your general health, making you less likely to be able to enjoy sex or perform the way you would like to. Smoking can make you have shortness of breath, heart problems and cancer. If you want to have longevity in your ability to have sex with a partner, you might want to think about this too when you consider smoking after sex or just as a general practice.

At this point, i’m sure we all know the health risks involved in smoking cigarettes, so if you’re aware and you still think a cigarette after sex is what makes life worth living, then you’ve made an informed choice.

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