Tips on How to Have Safe Sex: All about the Ways You Can Practice Safety in Your Sex Life

  • Apr.19.2021
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Sexual safety and safe sex practices are a big part of navigating the world of dating, sex, and love. There are many factors that go into making sure that you’re having safe sex, and safe sex can come in many different shapes and forms. If you think you’ve got a handle on how to practice safe sex, it may still be beneficial for you to read this article over so that you can be confident that you are versed in sex safety.

How to Practice Safe Sex

Safe sex can mean a lot of things, but usually, when we talk about safe sex, the first thing that comes to mind is preventing the spread of STIs and occurrences of unwanted pregnancy. It is also important when we talk about safe sex to talk about psychologically or emotionally safe sex and emphasis the importance of enthusiastic consent. Having sex is normal and healthy, but it can become unhealthy or unsafe when there is an absence of enthusiastic consent. Verbal consent is the best, and if you’re not sure it’s best to ask.

There are also physical cues that are important to read before during and after sex which can be addressed with a check-in. If you see your partner looking withdrawn, sad, or not interested, check in to make sure that they are still into it and let them know they do not have to continue. You should never feel pressured to engage in any sexual activity unless you want to.

You are always in your right to say no at any point in a sexual situation. Another important factor of sexual safety is STI prevention. When it comes to making sure that you’re not spreading or catching any STIs, there are many safe sex options to look into and utilize. Firstly, it is important to get regularly tested for STIs. Some STIs like certain strains of HPV can go for a long time without presenting symptoms, meaning you could be spreading them to your partners without even knowing. It is advised to get tested for STIs every six months or after each new sexual partner. Sometimes people aren’t able to get tested after every new partner, or they forget or don’t know about their options and resources.

This is why it is really important to know and practice more ways to have protected sex, which can mean using a barrier method with new partners or partners that have not been tested or test positive for STIs. The classic male condoms are the most obvious barrier method, and they are easy to find in drug stores, supermarkets, and superstores.

Health clinics often give them out for free! Check to make sure that your condom does not have any rips in the packaging or the product itself. Some people can find condoms irritating, but they are big enough to fit any phallus, and adding some lube to them can sometimes make them go from “meh” to “wow”! Other forms of barrier protection include dental dams for oral sex and female condoms which can be put inside of the vagina instead of onto the penis. It is important to note that STIs are transferable during any kind of sexual contact, meaning oral, anal, vaginal, and digital activities. So what is the safest way to have sex? The safest way is for you and your partner to get tested and to use a barrier method. Barrier methods of protection also prevent unwanted pregnancy!

Birth Control and Safe Sex Guide

safe sex options

For those with wombs, part of making sure that you are practicing safe sexual activities is knowing that you are not risking having an unplanned pregnancy. This means that if you are having a penis in vagina sex, you will need to be sure of what kind of contraception you are using. There are many forms of contraception and some people use more than one method to ensure that no unplanned pregnancy occurs. There are hormonal birth control options like the pill, the implant, or a hormonal IUD.

There are also non-hormonal contraceptives such as condoms and the copper IUD. The barrier method is the only method of prevention against STIs, so the safest way to have sex is to use a condom which will prevent both STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Tips on How to Have Safe Sex

One of the most important safe sex tips revolves around the pull-out method or the withdrawal method. This is when the penis is removed from the vagina right before the point of ejaculation and the ejaculation occurs outside of the vagina in order to prevent pregnancy.

The pull out method is not an effective form of contraception or STI prevention because it is not a trustworthy method, and even if the penis is completely out of the vagina during the time of ejaculation, it is still possible to get pregnant from pre-cum, which is a fluid that comes from the penis at any time during arousal. It is also possible to get an STI from the precum or from an exchange of fluids between the vagina and the penis.

If you want to be sure that you will not get pregnant, you should use a condom, and or another form of birth control.

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