Why Is June Pride Month Worldwide? Find Out History And Meaning Of June Pride Month

  • May.31.2021
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international pride month

Fun fact: June is not only the arrival of summer and the beginning of summer holidays, but also June Pride Month, when LGBT people from all over the globe come together and celebrate the freedom and pride of being who they are.

The history of International Pride Month goes back to a time when LGBT people tried with all their might to cope with prejudices and tried to convey to society that who they are is normal.

Why Is June Pride Month?

Initially, the people chose June to honor and show respect for the Stonewall Rebellion. It was this uprising that initiated the movement of LGBT communities and became the starting point of this culture. Every year in our world, in the month of June, LGBT pride parades are held in all major cities of the world, some countries celebrate this celebration at a slightly different time of the year.

What Is Pride Day?

A significant event took place on June 28, back in 1969. On that day, in the morning, the police broke into the space of an LGBT bar called “Stonewall Inn”, which was located in the Greenwich Village area. The police began to drag everyone present into the street for illegal arrest. The tension and the situation escalated due to the fact that LGBT people were naturally against the arrest and resisted, and everyone, including ordinary passers-by, began to throw bottles and coins at the officers. The LGBT community in New York, which said “enough is enough” for years of government attacks, erupted in riots that lasted for several days.

People held protests, met with political leaders, and interrupted public homophobic speeches to hold leaders and those in power to account. The first LGBT parades took place and marked the National LGBT Pride Month years after the Stonewall Rebellion.

Why Is the Name “Pride Month”?

pride month dates

The name for this month was invented by Brenda Howard – this woman became known as a bisexual activist from New York. She was given the nickname “Mother of Pride”. This woman earned this nickname for organizing the first ever LGBT Pride in honor of the first anniversary of the famous Stonewall Uprising.

Pride – says that we, the LGBT community, are proud of who we are. Regardless of what religion, government, etc. says about it. – we are, we deserve happiness and love. We are love, we are pride.

Pride Parades in 2021

The Stonewall Rebellion happened half a century ago, and on the occasion of the anniversary throughout June in New York, people will hold more than 50 LGBT events. Celebrate Pride will host events of different formats, from street festivals to intimate exhibitions. They are expected to attract over 3 million visitors and the Pride Parade will take place in New York. The world is going to celebrate Pride Month dates no less grandly – Pride parades will be held in almost all major cities in the world.

Why the Rainbow Flag Symbolize LGBT People?

national lgbt pride month

It all started with the fact that in 1978 a well-known artist, designer and very creative person named Gilbert Baker created a well-known flag. He made it on order from San Francisco’s city executive, Harvey Milk. Further, this flag began to be used in the Happy LGBT Pride Month celebrations. Gilbert created a symbol for LGBT communities that they are proud of. He looked for inspiration in the rainbow in order to show how different LGBT people are.

Pride Month Participation

Companies that decide to bring up the topic of the LGBT + community in this market automatically take a hit from consumers with traditional views on gender relations.

For example, in 2015 when is Pride Month took place, Uber launched a new ad campaign that supported the LGBT + community – Whatever Your Road, Ride with Pride. In the video, family and friends get together to take part in the Equality March, and they get there in Uber cars with rainbow symbols.

Skittles also makes a great contribution to the coverage of this topic. Since 2017, the famous brand of bright multicolored dragees has released packs of black and white candies – they donated all their iridescence to the LGBT + community. He accompanied this step with the phrase: “During Pride Month, only one rainbow matters. We give ours as a sign of support.”

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