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  • Nov.05.2021
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Are you interested in trying out a new and unusual sex position? If you’re flexible, strong, and appreciate a little bit of a dominant and submissive sexual relationship, the piledriver sex position might be just the thing you’re looking for. This position is physically challenging for both partners, and it can become quite uncomfortable for both partners as well, depending on their level of flexibility and endurance. It can be one of the hottest and sexually intense positions because of how much control the penetrating partner has over the partner receiving penetration. If this sounds like a good time for you, check out this guide on all things related to the piledriver sex position.

Piledriver Sex Position

Define Piledriver Sex Position

So what is the piledriver sex position? Why is it called the piledriver and what does it entail? The term piledriver comes from the sport of wrestling, and the move is a pretty intense one that is sure to do a number on any wrestler’s opponent. Don’t worry, the piledriver shouldn’t cause pain, unless you’re into that kind of thing, in which case makes sure you don’t skip the safety section of this article so that you don’t cause any severe damage. In the piledriver wrestling move, one wrestler picks up their opponent and throws them upside down so that their headlands on the mat before sitting on top of them.

The sex position is a lot less violent and acrobatic, but as you can imagine given the name, it does require a certain level of skill and inversion. The position gets its name because the partner who is being penetrated is essential upside down with their head on the bed or couch, while the penetrating partner sits and penetrates from above. If this sounds intense, it is! But you were looking for an intense sex position, right?

How to Do a Piledriver Position

To do the piledriver position, the partner who is being penetrated needs to basically go into a shoulder stand. To do this, they can get some help from their partner. First the partner being penetrated would put their legs over their head as far as they can go, and then their partner can help them get all the way into position by pushing gently on their legs until only the underneath partner’s shoulders, neck and head are on the bed. The rest of their body should be up in the air with their legs over their head. Make sure to check in on your partner often to be sensitive to their comfort and needs. The penetrating partner would then sit lightly or squat on their partner’s pelvis and penetrate with a penis or dildo, either vaginally or anally. To do this they would need to point their penis or dildo downward, which can be uncomfortable or cause strain for a lot of people. This position isn’t for those who have weak or injured backs or who don’t want to deal with any discomfort or awkwardness. Ideally, this position allows for full access to the underneath partner’s genitals and a feeling of being either in control or out of it.

Piledriver Position

Is the Piledriver a Good Sex Position

This isn’t a position for everyone, and some people really don’t like it, but other people find it super sexy and amazing. This might be because it plays with the dominant and submissive roles that a lot of people are into within a sexual relationship or situation. There is also a lot that can be done from this obscure position involving the vagina, clitoris, and anus. In the gay piledriver sex position there is plenty of access to the underneath partner’s penis and for extra play.

The Safety Piledriver Sex Position

Piledriver sex position injuries have happened, and in order to prevent an injury from this position, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, don’t do anything that feels really painful. There is a stretching sensation that comes with this position which is normal, but anything that goes past discomfort into full-on pain should be a sign to stop. If you are working towards getting comfortable in this position, you can try out some yoga to help you find your balance and alignment.

If you are doing this position as a giver of penetration, and you are a penis owner, finding the right angle for penetration can be tricky, and going directly down can cause strain on the ligaments of the penis. If the strain feels like too much, switch to a different position. If you want to make this position more safe and comfortable, you can do so with one simple trick.

By doing this position with the support of a coach back or a bed frame, you can help take some of the pressure away from your body. To do this, lie down with the top of your head very close to the back of the couch or the bed frame with pillows propped up on it before you start to bend. As you bend, let your head and shoulders slide a little farther away so that your legs and body can rest on the furniture.

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