Information About Penile Fracture: What to Do If You Suspect You Broke Your Penis

  • Jul.21.2021
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Can a penis be broken?

Penile Fracture

Can a penis be broken? The answer to this question is actually yes, however penile fracture is a little different from what some might think. The penis does not have a bone in it, instead, it has two main parts that allow it to go from soft while flaccid to harder and larger while erect. These two parts are called the corpus cavernosa and the tunica albuginea. These two parts are not bone, but are made mostly of flexible collagen that allows them to house the blood sent to the penis during arousal and create an erection. So what is a penile fracture? Penile fracture can occur when the corpus cavernosa and/or the tunica albuginea is fractured or ruptured by some kind of blunt force. It is a very rare but very serious injury, however if caught and treated quickly it can be resolved without permanent damage. If you’re worried that you’ve fractured your penis, you should go to the emergency room immediately to get a diagnosis and if need be treated.

Signs of Penile Fracture

So how do you know if you’ve actually fractured your penis? What does a broken penis look like, and how is it different from another kind of penile injury? There are some penile fracture symptoms that you should look out for if you’re concerned that you or your partner may be dealing with a penile fracture. The penis may simply be bruised or injured without a full-on fracture, but if the penis is fractured it may cause symptoms such as:

  • Immediate and sudden loss of erection;
  • Popping or cracking sound from the penis;
  • Intense bruising on the penis;
  • Curving or bending of the penis;
  • In some cases, blood coming from the penis;
  • Penis pain;
  • Difficulty or inability to urinate.

If you have any of these symptoms but most importantly a bent penis, sudden loss of erection following a popping or cracking sound, you should certainly get checked out sooner rather than later to increase your chances of making a full recovery. It is also important to note that penile fracture only occurs when the penis sustains an injury while erect, as the parts of the penis that may fracture are large and breakable only when the penis is erect and engorged with blood. Penis fractures typically occur about half or more of the way to the base of the shaft of the penis.

How Can You Break a Penis?

What Happens When You Break Your Penis

This injury can come from any kind of trauma that happens while the penis is erect which could include a fall or having something heavy fall onto your penis. The most common way that penile fracture occurs is through intense sexual intercourse, which results in a sudden trauma to the penis. Penile injury during intercourse is more likely to happen when the person getting penetrated is in the on top position, as this can make it easier for this partner to put their whole body weight on the penis, causing a bent penis during sex and even a broken penis as a result. Penis injuries happen most often during rough intercourse, so be sure to understand that risk if you engage in this kind of sex. You could also fracture your penis from masturbation that results in penile trauma. Another possible penile fracture causes are simply rolling over an erection while sleeping. This sounds scary, but it is an extremely rare occurrence.

What Happens When You Break Your Penis

If you suspect you’ve broken your penis, you should seek emergency medical treatment right away. Those who receive penile fracture treatment within twenty-four hours are more likely to make a speedy and full recovery. If you wait you could cause permanent damage to your penis which potentially means permanent damage to your ability to get an erection and to urinate. Once you’ve arrived at the hospital, the doctor will run diagnostics and give you a special screening to diagnose a penile fracture. This could come in a few forms. Because the penis does not contain any bones, a normal X-ray won’t do the trick. The doctor or medical technician will give you another kind of scan which could be an ultrasound, a CAT scan, or an MRI. You could also receive a special injection into the penis to dye certain parts of it, allowing the doctor to see where the break may have occurred. The doctor will figure out if there has also been any damage to the urethra, which will be important for understanding how to go about treating the injury.

How to Treat a Penile Fracture

what does a broken penis look like

If you simply have a bruised penis, there is not much that can be done for it, however, if you do happen to have fractured your penis, surgery is almost always going to be the treatment. This is another reason why quick medical intervention is important. The sooner you can get on the operating table and avoid the injury from starting to heal in an incorrect and painful way, the better. Getting the surgery sooner will also most likely decrease penile fracture healing time. Regardless, adequate steps should be taken post penis surgery to ensure a full recovery.

You should not have sex or masturbate for about one month after having the surgery, and you should avoid situations that might put your penis in harm’s way. Once you’ve gotten the surgery and given yourself that important time to heal, life will be looking up. Most people who were quick to get treatment and have gotten surgery for penile fracture report satisfaction with their current sex lives despite the traumatic injury.

The Bottom Line

The most important takeaway from this article should be that if you do end up injuring your penis while it is erect, and you’re worried about a penile fracture, you should seek emergency treatment as soon as you possibly can. This way you can avoid lasting problems with urination or getting erections. If you do seek treatment quickly after the injury, it is very likely that you will make a full recovery after getting surgery to mend the damage.

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