What is Orgasmic Meditation – Learning How to Practice Sensual Orgasmic Meditation

  • Aug.09.2021
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oming technique

Orgasmic Meditation

orgasmic meditation steps

Most people have heard of meditation if they don’t already practice it in their daily life. There are many ways to meditate whether they be as a part of physical exercise and stretching like yoga, part of a month-long vow of silence, or part of a short daily mindfulness routine. Meditation has proven benefits for your health both mental and physical, and people who practice meditation often have an easier time with time management, stress reduction, and overall life satisfaction. Some people have trouble with meditation because they’re not sure what to do during a meditation session. The difficulty can often be centered around simply learning how to be alone and still with your thoughts and emotions as a practice for better mental clarity.

What if I told you there was a way to meditate that involved sexual pleasure and potentially orgasm. The oming technique, as it has been referred to after being branded and popularized by Nicole Daedone, is a technique that involves arousal during meditation leading your meditation session to potentially finish with an orgasm. For some, it can be helpful in a restorative and healing way. Many people consider this kind of meditation when attempting to overcome past sexual and emotional traumas. For others, this technique is simply the best way to meditate for a clear mind and heart. It has similarities to tantric sex and tantric healing, and it focuses on the pleasure and sensuality of sexual stimulation while interweaving mindfulness practices and breath to what might otherwise be If you are interested in perfecting your own orgasmic meditation practice, learn to om with this informative guide.

What Is Orgasmic Meditation?

Guided orgasm meditation is a meditative practice that involves a specific kind of clitoral stimulation for fifteen minutes in order to clear the mind and focus on pleasurable sensations in a mindful way. The branded term that has accumulated a cult following is oming meaning clitoral stimulation as a form of meditation. It is marketed as a key instrument for sexual health and wellbeing and has been endorsed by many celebrities including Gwenyth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian. The reason that this form of meditation is so well received and acclaimed is that it allows the meditation of the mind and the physical euphoria of orgasmic pleasure to hold space at the same time. This allows for you to center yourself and focus heavily on the mind-body connection as well as the positive sensations that accompany sexual pleasure and orgasm. This meditation and orgasm combination is sure to have you feeling stress-free and ready to focus on the things that matter most in your life.

How to Do Orgasmic Meditation

orgasmic meditation practice

Orgasmic meditation seems great, but how do you achieve this heavenly feat? Let’s take a look at some orgasmic meditation instructions to get a good idea of how to get started. The first of the orgasmic meditation steps is to get to a space that is comfortable, where you won’t be distracted and most importantly somewhere with ample privacy. This practice is often done with partnered stimulation, meaning that someone else is responsible for stimulating your clitoris for approximately fifteen minutes while you relax and lose yourself in pleasurable sensations. It is possible to achieve this without the help of a partner, but the way that the OM method was coined involves someone else doing the heavy lifting. If you don’t want to involve a partner or you want to make this a personal solo journey you can either use your hands or a toy that doesn’t bring you much distraction.

The purpose of having a partner to stimulate you is to make sure that you don’t have a wandering mind or the ability to get distracted by changing rhythm or tempo, movement or your hands getting tired. Most meditation involves breath work and stillness, and orgasmic meditation is no different in that you should focus on your breath, bring awareness to your physical sensations and enjoy the freedom of a clear mind. Once you’ve entered the area that feels safe and appropriate for this journey, lie on your back and relax while your partner rubs the top left quadrant of your clitoris in steady tight circular motions. This uber-specific instruction about the area of the clitoris is due to the fact that this part is typically the most sensitive. If you find that another area is more sensitive to your body you could try that as well. This stimulation should go on for fifteen minutes.

Allow yourself to experience each moment of building arousal and stimulation. Focus on breathing and mindfulness regarding all parts of the pleasure you are experiencing. Pay attention to the building of pressure and excitement, especially in the moments of climax and the final release. The OM technique does not always result in an orgasm, but oftentimes it does.

Male On Meditation

arousal during meditation

While the popular branded version of the OM technique is centered around female orgasm meditation, this doesn’t mean that this kind of meditative practice isn’t possible or healthful for men. Orgasmic meditation is accessible to people of all genders. To practice orgasm meditation you simply need to have a slow and steady approach to stimulation, which might be most beneficial if done by a partner you feel safe and comfortable around. Male OM meditation can be done with a slow and steady handjob, a toy or a particularly sensual solo session.

The most important thing to remember is to make the practice about allowing yourself to be mindful and present in the moment, losing your earthly worries and difficulties and tapping into your pleasure.

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