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orgasm headache

Do you ever find yourself wondering “why does my head hurt after sex?” If you do, it turns out you’re not alone. There is a definite link between sex, orgasm, and headaches. Headaches that are brought on during sex or right before orgasm are typically primary headaches, meaning that they are the malady and not a symptom of some other physical ailment. Primary sex headaches can either be a headache after orgasm, a headache right before or at the time of an orgasm, or a headache that gradually builds. These two headaches can come on in different ways, and they don’t have an exact medical explanation, but they are theorized to happen because of the fluctuations in blood circulation and bodily tension during sexual activity.

What Is an Orgasm Headache?

An orgasm headache or a post orgasm headache is a kind of primary headache that comes on during or right before an orgasm. It is believed that these headaches occur because of the way that blood circulates in the body and to the brain during orgasm. Blood pressure increases during orgasm, which could cause swelling of blood vessels in the brain, leading to a headache. This can make it so that your head hurts during orgasm or right before and many also experience that their head hurts after sex has finished from anywhere to a few minutes to many hours or even days after the initial onset. Alternatively, the cause for headaches that gradually build during sex is thought to be due to muscular tension that can be present during sex and before orgasm. These tension headaches tend to go away more quickly.

Sex Headache Symptoms

orgasm migraine

The symptoms of orgasm headaches and sexual tension headaches are slightly different, but both result in head pain.

Orgasm headache symptoms often include a quick onset of an intense headache right before or during orgasm. They can also produce an intense headache after orgasm which might even feel like an orgasm migraine and last for a long time after the orgasm is over. Orgasm headaches are different from migraines which affect sensory ability and consciousness. They can, however, mimic a similar level of abruptness and intense pain, dizziness, and disorientation. Often these orgasm headaches are reported to be felt most intensely around the eyes or sides of the head.

Primary sexual tension headaches can have different symptoms. They usually occur because of tension in the neck, jaw, and sometimes other areas of the body during sex which can lead to a tension headache. They will gradually build from the beginning to the end of a sexual experience instead of feeling acute like an orgasm headache. Furthermore, they may subside after orgasm or after the body has relaxed, but they could also linger because of how long the tension was held in the body.

How Long Do Sex Headaches Last

Orgasm headaches and sexual tension headaches can last for as little as a few minutes or as long as a few days depending on the severity and other factors surrounding your health. Some people get sexually induced headaches frequently over a period of months or years while others only get them once or twice in their life.

The amount of time that you are getting frequent sexual headaches may depend on other factors like stress, diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle.

If your headache lasts for longer than 24 hours and doesn’t subside at all, you might want to speak to your doctor or another healthcare professional in order to ensure that the headache is not a secondary headache, meaning that it is a symptom of a more serious health issue.

The Cure for Sex Headaches

Do sex headaches go away on their own? The answer to this question can be often yes. If your headache is truly a primary headache caused by sex, it should go away without treatment, and it won’t happen again unless you participate in more sexual activity. Some people who suffer from orgasm headaches or sexual tension headaches will only get them once or twice in their lives, while others will get them frequently. There haven’t been any studies that suggest a reason why some people are more likely to get sex-induced headaches, but it is thought that age, blood pressure, and gender may correlate to how likely you are to get a sex-induced headache.

If you want to know how to get rid of a sex headache, there are a few options that you can choose from. Like any headache, regular painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen will help reduce swelling and pain in your head. If you are experiencing frequent primary sex headaches there are other courses of treatment that have been proven to help those suffering from sex-induced head pain. What research has been done shows the effectiveness of drugs such as beta-blockers on preventing and lessening the symptoms or pain caused by sexual headaches?

Studies have shown that taking beta-blockers before sexual activity can reduce the number of headaches and the severity of the headaches that do occur as a result of sexual tension or orgasm headaches.

What Causes Headaches After Sex?

headache after orgasm

The causes of sex headaches may be slightly different depending on whether they are headaches caused by orgasms or headaches caused by tension during sexual activity. Headaches caused by orgasm or that happen acutely around the time of orgasm are believed to be onset by the swelling of blood vessels in the brain. Because of the fluctuations in blood pressure that happens during sex and orgasm, blood flow and blood vessels can be affected and cause some abnormal sensations in the body. Tension-based sexual headaches however are believed to be caused by holding excess tension in the neck, jaw, or temples during sexual climax or during sexual activity in general. This tension is often a result of either pleasure, intense emotion, or anxiety. It can be beneficial for some who suffer from tension headaches to try to practice physical awareness and relieve themselves of too much pent-up tension while engaging in sexual activity. This doesn’t always happen easily, and it is not always possible to control tension when engaging in sexual activity, but it is possible to mitigate a bit of tension when awareness is achieved at the moment.

Is It Normal to Have a Headache after Sex?

Sexual headaches or orgasm headaches are not uncommon. Many people have them at least once in their life and others will have them frequently or more frequently during a specific period of time. It is more common to see cases of male orgasm headache than it is to see female orgasm headache. It is also more common for people who experience orgasm headaches to be older and many of them may have higher blood pressure. Age and gender both account for differences in blood pressure, and it seems that people with higher blood pressure are more likely to get orgasm headaches.

While it can be common to have a bad headache after sex, it might still be beneficial to see a doctor if it happens more than once or twice. This is not just to see if there may be a treatment that would help lessen the symptoms of orgasm headaches or primary sexual headaches, but it would also rule out the possibility that the headaches may be secondary headaches caused by a more serious condition.

Other conditions that can cause headaches during sex or at other times may include infections, cancer, heart disease, stroke, or anurism. These are very serious and life-threatening conditions, so it is important to go to the doctor if you are concerned that your sexual headaches might be secondary headaches caused by another condition. If you are experiencing additional symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, brain fog, trouble remembering things, or sleep-related problems it is important that you speak to a doctor as soon as possible to address these symptoms and get treatment.

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