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nipple piercing pain

If you have been thinking about or considering getting your nipples pierced, there are some nipple piercing facts you should consider before taking the plunge. Aside from the main question many people ask surrounding how many nipples piercing pain will hurt, there are also things to note about sensitivity, the healing process, the prices, and what you can and can’t do when you’ve just gotten your nipple pierced. Read this article to find out about nipple piercing sensitivity and the pros of nipple piercings as well as the cons.

All about Nipple Piercings

Getting nipple piercing done can be a bit nerve-wracking for some. Before the piercing even takes place, there is still the idea of exposing your breasts or nipples to a virtual stranger in order for them to pierce them. For some people, this idea can be scary, but just know that the person piercing your nipples should be a professional. Never get your nipples pierced by an amateur because you don’t want to have any problems or infections during the healing process that could have been avoided by proper placement and care.

Nipple Piercing Effects

getting nipple piercing

Nipple piercings can be tender for quite a while after you get them pierced, but you should not lose any sensation in your nipples or have any changes in your sensations due to the nipple piercing. Usually, the biggest problem with the healing process is accidental movement, hitting, squishing or chaffing of the nipple due to the normal incidents of life. If you have just gotten your nipple(s) pierced, there will be quite a few things that you will need to modify in your daily life to ensure that they can heal as best as possible. This can mean changing your sleeping position from on your stomach to on your side or your back, wearing clothing that doesn’t get caught on your nipple piercing or rub uncomfortably, and switching up some of your routines in the bedroom. We will get to more on that last point a little later on in the article.

The thing to note about nipple piercing v.s. getting a piercing on your earlobe is that your nipples are going to move around and change a lot more. Nipples can change in size, shape, and hardness frequently throughout the day due to changing temperature. They can also change throughout the month for those who have menstrual cycles. Some people can feel more of tenderness in their nipples and even sometimes pain when they’re on their period with a nipple piercing. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s something to consider if you know your nipples change in sensitivity depending on the time of the month. For all of these reasons, and for the fact that your nipples are more likely than your ears to be hit if you fall or bump into someone, nipple piercings can often take a very long time to fully and completely heal.

Something not everyone would think about but that may be the most important bit of info you need to know is that if you know you’re going to get the surgery done or have to go in for an MRI, you should not get your nipples pierced. This is because the MRI machine is a magnet that could pull out your piercings, and if you’re going into surgery and need to be resuscitated, the nipple piercings could cause intense burns.

Nipple Piercing Info

Nipple piercings should be done with surgical-grade metal and by a professional who has experience with piercing nipples. Prices can vary greatly depending on the salon you’re going to, the person piercing your nipples, how many nipples get pierced, and what kind of jewelry you get pierced with. Typically the prices range between 45-80 dollars per nipple, and sometimes there are deals on getting both at once. The nipple piercing itself should not take very long, so the pain of the needle going through should only last mere seconds. Most people like to stick with the classic metal barbell as their nipple jewelry of choice, however, there are a ton of different nipple jewelry options to choose from including rings, diamonds, and personalized pieces.

Is Nipple Piercing Sexual?

nipple piercing sexual

No, nipple piercing is not inherently sexual. However, the reasons why people get their nipples pierced or the answer to why do women pierce their nipples, in particular, can often be centered around erogenous feelings or sexual satisfaction. Some people really like the sensation of the initial pain involved in nipple piercing. Nipple piercing pleasure is one of the less talked about FAQs when you go to piercing salons, so let’s discuss it now to understand more.

Nipple Piercing and Sex

Some people want their nipples pierced in order to look sexier and have more fun during sex. Nipple piercings can be a really hot and badass look for some, and they can also be fun to play with, whether that be with your fingers or your tongue. Sometimes nipple piercings can change the way a person’s nipples look, meaning that the nipples can look more like they’re hard or aroused most of the time, which is another reason why a lot of women like the aesthetic look of having nipples pierced.

Nipple Piercing and Breastfeeding

If you’re worried about not being able to breastfeed because of a nipple piercing, think again. In fact, it is possible that nipple piercing benefits breastfeeding because the addition of more holes in the nipple makes the milk more accessible to the baby. Unless your nipple is infected at the time of breastfeeding, there should be no problem at all with feeding your child with a nipple piercing.

It isn’t advised that you get the piercing while you’re breastfeeding or too soon before you’re about to start simply for the reason that infections are more likely to happen during the initial healing process. If you’ve had the piercing for sometime before you begin breastfeeding, there should be no problem at all.

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