Nipple Orgasms

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nipple orgasms

Believe it or not, some people can have orgasms through nipple play. Yes, you read it right, a full body orgasm only through the stimulation of the nipples. If that sounds really great to you, or like something your partner(s) would be really into, you’re in the right place.

This concept sounds great, but to understand how to have a nipple orgasm, you need to read more about nipple orgasm techniques and how nipple play can become an integral part in your sexual adventures.

Why Would You Want a Nipple Orgasm?

titty orgasm

So why all the hype about nipple stimulation orgasms? Are they really that great? Why would anyone be interested in having a titty orgasm when they could have the traditional orgasm with whatever they’ve got going on down south? Well, there are plenty of reasons why nipple orgasms are popular and worth a try, including the fact that they can be just as intense as genital orgasms if not more so.

Nipple orgasms are for everyone no matter their gender and they’re an amazing way to spice up your sex life. Not to mention how great they can be if there’s something keeping you from wanting to touch yourself or have your partner touch you down there. For people who menstruate, that time of the month can actually make your nipples far more sensitive, leading to an increase in possibility to have an amazing nipple orgasm.

Rubbing Nipples to Orgasm

So how do you achieve a real nipple orgasm if you’ve never done it before? There are many factors you can play with to give yourself the best chances to have a nipple orgasm. Firstly, you should set the mood. No matter whether you’re trying these techniques out with a partner or by yourself, the mood should be relaxed and you should be relaxed.

If you’re trying this for yourself, you can play with your nipples lightly at first, then see how they respond to more and more stimulation. Start with gentle circles, maybe try out what it feels like to brush a feather over them. As you get more into it, you can start to pull on your nipples gently and then squeeze and release to feel electrifying sensations. You can roll the nipple between your fingers and if you’re working with a female nipple orgasm, take more of the fleshy part of the breast in your hands with the nipple. Intensify the pulling, stroking and playing until you reach a climax. If you’re with a partner, the tongue can be a really important part of the nipple orgasm experience.

Get things going with some soft strokes over the shirt or bra, then continue with your hands in a fashion similar to what is written for solo play. Instead of continuing all with your hands, you could also use your mouth and tongue to lick, suck and nibble the nipples. Before doing any of this make sure that your partner is consenting and interested in what you’re planning on doing. Especially when it comes to nibbles, some people’s nipples are more sensitive than others so ask about what they like in terms of how hard or how softly you should nibble or suck.

This sensation can be truly orgasmic, but if you or your partner don’t reach a climax from nipple play alone, it can still be a really great way to add pleasure to any other sex acts. Don’t sleep on the nipple play, it can be a life changer.

Breast Orgasms

While a person of any sex can enjoy a nipple orgasm, when there is more breast tissue there sometimes the way you go about it can be a bit different. A breast play orgasm can be intensified and bettered by some massaging of the breasts and cupping of their weight.

As I mentioned earlier, sensitivity can change depending on the time of the month, so proceed with this knowledge that sensitivity isn’t always the same even with the same person. If you want to give an awesome tit massage orgasm, get the breasts involved in the nipple play, pulling the weight of your partner’s breasts up and off of them while simultaneously squeezing and slightly twisting their nipples to their liking.

Additional Goodies for Nipple Play

tit massage orgasm

If you want to add some props to your nipple play, there are many things you can bring in to change the game. Feathers are great for a sensation that can send chills down your spine. Sex toys are also a lot of fun, whether that means vibrating sex toys that can be used for many massaging purposes or toys specifically for nipples. You can use vibrating wands and bullets to stimulate nipples or go back and forth between nips and other areas of the body. Nipple clamps are great for people who are really wanting to get into nipple play and know that they have a liking for the feeling of pressure and squeezing on their nipples.

Beyond toys, you can also incorporate ice or other household items into your play to make it more fun. Ice can feel intense and heighten your sensation and the hardness of your nipples. You can trail it all around your body and then make little circles with an ice cube around your own nipples or your partner’s nipples. You can also get your nipples wet and then blow on them. Licking whipped cream or chocolate sauce off of your partner’s nipples might be one of the tastiest treats you could imagine.

So there we have it! Use this guide to help you understand all about nipple orgasms and exciting nipple play. Give your nipples some love, they will love you for it!

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