How To Use Nipple Clamps: Best Nipple Clamps for Beginners

  • Dec.30.2020
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how to use nipple clamps

Let’s talk about nipples! An often under-rated and under-stimulated region that is capable of intense pleasure and sensations that make some people orgasm without even touching any other part of themselves. It’s true, the nipples are powerful, and if you like nipple play, you might be interested in finding out how to increase the pleasure and sensation as much as you can. If you find yourself in ecstasy from pinching your nipples or from someone biting or twisting them, you’re in the right place. If you find yourself asking questions like “How do nipple clamps feel?” it might mean that you would enjoy taking your nipple play a step further and exploring the wonders of nipple clamps. So what do nipple clamps do? They stimulate the nerve endings in your nipples, promote blood flow, and produce a pleasurable feeling.

The intense stimulation can enhance orgasms, and bring excitement throughout your body in an intensely pleasing way. Nipple clamps may be a staple for those who are into BDSM, but while they can be part of BDSM they don’t have to involve any domination, submission, sadism, bondage, or discipline. There might be a touch of masochism involved, but that depends on what you like. You can put them on yourself and take them off whenever you like.

There is a range of different kinds of nipple clamps you can choose to purchase. Some clamps are beginner nipple clamps which are a bit less intense, some are for people who want a really intense feeling. Do women like nipple clamps more than men? Not necessarily. Nipple clamps work for all genders, so you can try them out no matter what you have between your legs to see if they do it for you. We all have nipples after all, don’t we? You can share nipple clamps with your partner or partners to share the pleasure.

How to Apply Nipple Clamps

I would suggest that you will first want to test out the strength of the clamps before you put them right on your nipple. Put them on your hand or a less sensitive place on your body to see what the pressure feels like and if you can adjust the strength, do so to a place that feels right for you. Spend a little time playing, adjusting, and feeling it out before you get to any intense play.

Open the clamps and put them around the nipple, making sure not to include any extra skin or areola. Then slowly tighten to the desired strength and readjust if need be at any time. Then just enjoy the feeling. Some clamps vibrate or have moving parts that make the experience more active and exciting. Once you get to a place where your body is feeling a lot of pleasure, like potentially when you’re reaching a climax, release the nipple clamps and allow the blood flow to recirculate to your nipples, which can lead to a vivacious full body orgasm. You can always continue to do this throughout an evening of play or see what it’s like to remove them one at a time and then restart.

How Long Can You Wear Nipple Clamps?

This is a very important question! The important thing to remember with nipple clamps is that there is a danger involved in keeping them on for too long. Whatever you do, only keep the nipple clamps clamped to your nipples for a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes. If you leave them on for more than fifteen to twenty minutes you could restrict blood flow to the point of cutting off circulation to your nipples, and if you enjoy having sensation in your nips, you really don’t want to risk damaging or hurting them.

It would also be a pretty awkward visit to the emergency room, so stick to taking them off every 10-15 minutes and putting them back on again once the blood has recirculated and regular blood flow has returned to your nipples. You might still feel some kind of sensations after you are done using the nipple clamps, and that is totally normal. Often your nipples might feel tingly, achy, or sore after using nipple clamps, or might feel like they’re still there even after you’ve taken them off.

Whether or not you’re using the clamps intensely, it is good to check in with yourself or your partner afterward to make sure everyone is comfortable and provide aftercare like snuggling, kissing, words of affirmation, and care. If your nipples turn purple or blue it’s time to remove the clamps and note that you should never see blood from using the nipple clamps. It is quite possible if not normal to see some bruising around the nipples, like a little hicky from the clamps. If this sounds scary, don’t worry, nipple clamps are totally safe, the most important part is putting them on and taking them off as you are supposed to.

What Are Some Good Nipple Clamps to Try Out?

beginner nipple clamps

There are a lot of different kinds of nipple clamps out there so how do you find the perfect pair for you or your partner? For beginners, I would suggest a pair of alligator clips, tweezer clamps, butterfly or adjustable nipple clamps in order for you to control the amount of pressure or tightness for your comfort or desired level of pinching. For those with more experience or who are less interested in having the ability to control the tightness, there are also plenty of clamps that are not adjustable. You can even use clothespins or similar household items in a pinch. Get it? A pinch. Some nipple clamps also vibrate or come with fun features.

Here are a few of the best ones:

Silicone Nipple Suckers

silicone nipple suckers

These nipple clamps by are great for beginners or those who feel like they’re interested in something a little softer than the traditional metal nipple clamp. They also have the added benefit of suction from the silicone. They’re the most similar to the nipple clamp feeling without truly being a clamp.

Sexperiments Tug On My Heart Nipple Clips

sexperiments tug on my heart nipple clips

These are rated very highly especially for beginners for their versatility and how easy they are to adjust. They’re super simple and great for using any time. You can get them from

Nipple & Clit Clamp by Unbound babes

nipple & clit clamp by unbound babes

This elegant set comes with a clitoris clamp too and it is a super cute accessory that happens to stimulate both the nipples and the clitoris at the same time. With adjustable clips and the most fashion-forward design, who could say no to this one?

If you’re thinking of experimenting with nipple clamps, know that you might be about to unlock a whole world of pleasure that you had no idea existed. I will say it again; the nipples are an underrated and amazing erogenous zone that no one should skip out on getting to know. So order some nipple clamps and see what they’re capable of.

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