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neck kissing

Neck kissing is one of the most underrated and sensual pleasures of intimacy with another person. This means that learning how to kiss someone’s neck is a great idea if you want to make your partner feel tons of pleasure. Some people even prefer neck kisses to kisses on the lips. Of course, not everyone feels the same way about neck kissing or kissing neck meaning you should make sure to ask your partner what they like and whether they want to be kissed on the neck at all.

Why Do Neck Kisses Feel Good?

Neck kisses feel so great because the neck has a lot of sensitivity, particularly on the nape of the neck, the sides of the neck down to the collar bones, and the area right under the chin. These zones are particularly kissable and sensitive. There are several techniques for neck kissing that can up your game and make those sweet neck kisses even more pleasurable for you and your partner.

How to Kiss Necks

kiss on the neck

Before you get to the neck kissing, you could lightly trace a finger up and down your partner’s neck. You could also lightly hold the side of their neck or the back of their neck as you go in for a kiss on the lips. As I mentioned earlier, making out is great, but some people find kisses on the neck even more sensuous and pleasurable than kissing on the lips. Alternatively, kissing on the neck can be a super sweet reprieve from making out. If you’ve been making out for a while and need a breathing break, some neck kisses are a great way to pull away for air while keeping the connection and the kissing going.

Before the neck kissing begins, you can simply get close to your partner’s neck with your face, and breath so that they can feel the warm breath on their neck. Start with light kisses on the neck with a closed mouth. This will tease your partner and get them excited for more to come. It could even send a shiver or jolt of energy down their body. These gentle kisses can trail around covering a large amount of space from the top of the neck to the shoulders and collarbones. This can feel exciting, like your partner just wants to kiss every part of you and is overwhelmed with the pleasure of your body.

You can then start to go in with more open mouth kisses, even thinking about making-out with your partner’s neck. I mentioned before that the nape of the neck is a particularly sensitive and erogenous spot. This means that kissing neck from behind can be an incredibly pleasurable experience for the person receiving the kiss or kisses. This can be great if you’re the big spoon, or if you go up to your partner from behind, wrap your arms around their waist in an embrace and then kiss them on the back of the neck.

Neck Sucking

If your partner is into it, you could also suck on your partner’s neck. Depending on whether both of you are okay with visible hickeys or not, you will want to try different neck sucking techniques. Always ask your partner how they feel about hickeys so that you don’t give them a hickey that could make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. There are many reasons that a person might not want to get hickeys whether that’s because they have a professional meeting to attend soon or because they find the feeling painful. If your partner doesn’t like hickeys, suck on their neck lightly and never stay in the same spot for too long to avoid any bruising. If your partner is okay with hickeys and enjoys the feeling, you could suck harder and for as long of a duration as you both like. Some people enjoy the feeling and the look of having hickeys on their neck. It can be exciting and often a nice reminder of the fun you had with your partner.

Kissing a Guy’s Neck

Do guys like neck kisses? Yes! The neck is a place on the body that deserves love and feels good regardless of gender. Some guys like specific neck kisses related to what might make them feel more masculine in the bedroom, but this is a generalized statement and doesn’t apply to all guys or partner dynamics. Some really like neck kisses or licks and since men generally have a bigger Adam’s apple, some guys find kisses on the Adam’s apple really sexy. Kissing a guy’s neck during penetrative sex can also allow for more freedom in movement than kissing on the lips.

Kissing a Girl’s Neck

how to kiss a girl's neck

Kissing girl neck can be pretty similar to kissing a guy’s neck. The kisses on the back of the neck during spooning is a great one that will really send sparks throughout her body. Otherwise kisses on the neck that is soft and sensitive or that pack a little bit of bite are all great. Just as it can be nice to kiss a guy’s neck during penetrative sex, it can also be nice to kiss a girl’s neck at that time. This way, there is a better chance that you might be able to hear her moan, which can really enhance a sexual experience. Kiss her neck!

So there you have it, an explanation to how to kiss people on the neck and why it feels so good. Go ahead and practice some of these methods the next time you have a chance and it will surely make your special someone feel amazing.

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