The Art of Mutual Masturbation – Learn How to Do it With This Mutual Masturbation Guide

  • Jul.19.2021
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Mutual Masturbation Guide

What is mutual masturbation? If you want to know about the mutual masturbation definition, Mutual masturbation is essentially shared masturbation; it entails getting off by your own hand (or a toy) in the presence of a partner who is doing the same. It’s about togetherness while enjoying touching yourself, sharing how you do things solo with another person. This may seem counterintuitive, because usually we masturbate alone as we’ve been told to do for most of our lives, or we have partnered sex when there is someone around us who wants to engage in some sexy time. While partnered sex is fun and intimate, mutual masturbation is actually a really wonderful and underrated sexual act that can bring you closer to your partner, make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and teach you about pleasure. It can either be an appetizer for partnered sex or it can be the main event.

Why Is Mutual Masturbation So Popular?

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Mutual masturbation is popular because it can be a way to learn about your partner and yourself. By watching and listening to your partner as they touch their body in a pleasurable way, you can learn about what they like and how they express pleasure when they’re enjoying something.

When it comes to mutual masturbation ideas, bringing in a sex toy might be a smart one. It is a way to understand more about sex toys if they’re brought into the mix. If you watch your partner use their fingers or a sex toy, you can then translate that to partnered sex and do some similar stuff to them with your fingers or that same-sex toy. You may even learn about how to use that sex toy in a fun way on yourself. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable and show this taboo thing to your partner you may learn about yourself and how you respond to vulnerability, as well as how you feel about your partner. You might feel awkward at first, but hopefully, if you are engaging in mutual masturbation with a partner, you feel comfortable and safe enough around them to do so.

Mutual masturbation is also a super wonderful and useful tool for long-distance relationships because it can be done over the phone or through video calling. If you are halfway across the world from your partner, and you can’t touch each other physically, you can still have the option of getting on a Skype call or FaceTime and having an intimate moment together while you both enjoy pleasure and each other’s company. Mutual masturbation is also really wonderful for people who are unable to have partnered sex, or who have to find alternative or creative ways to get off together due to physical limitation, psychological reasons, or illnesses and sexually transmitted diseases. Mutual masturbation is never going to give you an STI or get you pregnant unless the mutual masturbation ends in fluid exchange.

How to Masturbate Together: Mutual Masturbation Tips

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So we know that this is an underrated act, but now we need some mutual masturbation instruction. The thing about the mutual masturbation technique is that it isn’t really something you have to learn because unless you’ve never masturbated before, you should already know how to do it. The only difference is you’re adding another person to the room, and you’re watching and/or listening to them do the same.

Something to take note of is the mutual masturbation position. There is no wrong way to do this as long as everyone is consenting, so you can get as creative as you wish when figuring out what positions to get into. You could be simply laying down and watching each other, or you could be physically touching, even on top of one another but only touching your own genitals. You can also touch your partner’s genitals if that’s part of the consensus. Furthermore, you can also touch your partner’s erogenous zones like the nipples and the buttocks. The other thing to note is that touching your partner while they touch you is another form of mutual masturbation. Instead of each getting off on your own, you get each other off with your hands.

This is also intimate and lovely and both are valid and enjoyable activities. You could start off with one and get to the other, or you could try both and choose which one you like the best. The best mutual masturbation sessions are the ones where both or all partners feel safe and like they are in a caring environment that allows them to touch their bodies pleasurably in the presence of their partner(s).

Now that you’ve learned all about mutual masturbation you might find you aren’t sure how to ask your partner about it. Usually, if you trust your partner enough you can bring up sexual topics to see how they go over. If your partner doesn’t understand the benefit, you can tell them about all the wonderful results of mutual masturbation that you’ve learned in this very article. Don’t rush it if you or your partner is not ready. When the time comes it will feel comfortable to be so vulnerable in the presence of your partner(s).

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