Most Common Kinks and Sexual Fetishes: What Are the Most Popular Kinks?

  • Feb.05.2021
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Being a little bit kinky used to be seen as such a taboo. If you had a kink or fetish that was deemed unusual, you would frankly never mention it to most people for fear of social punishment. These days, for one reason or another, people are claiming their sexuality and becoming more open about discussing what they’re into.

Maybe it’s because of the internet, or maybe it’s because of the social climate of the times. For whatever reason, more and more people are coming to terms with their personal kinks and fetishes in a healthy and adventurous way. Kinks happen to be more common than we might think. Anonymous polls have shown that most people aren’t exclusively into straight-up vanilla sex.

If you’re wanting to know more about examples of kinks or a list of common fetishes, you’ve stumbled upon the right article for doing so. In this article, we will take a thorough look into a common kink list and definitions so you can explore kinks sexually (examples included) in order to identify for yourself what you might be into or wanting to try with your partner(s).

What Are Kinks and Fetishes?

most common kinks

So let’s start out by explaining a bit about the difference between a turn-on and a kink or fetish. Everyone can have turn-ons, that is as long as you are not asexual. Turn-ons can be anything from the obvious such as fit bodies or big bums to the not so obvious like toes and humiliation.

When the turn-on crosses into territory that society would deem uncommon (what does that mean anyway?) Your turn on becomes a kink. Just because something unusual turns you on, however, doesn’t mean that you have a fetish. Having a fetish means that you can only become aroused if this specific element is part of your sexual play or activity. For example, if you’re turned on by red lipstick, you might find it more appealing to have sex with someone who has red lipstick on but you would still be able to get aroused and have sex with a person who was not wearing any lipstick at all.

If you have a red lipstick fetish, you might not be able to get it up or get off without the red lipstick being a component of your sexual experience. People can have kinks and fetishes for all kinds of things from the subtle to the extreme. This being said there are plenty of kinks that are pretty common among people in 2021, including the rise in popularity of internet sex. This kink began before the pandemic but its current prevalence is surely a product of stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Other examples can be found as we dive into our list of kinks and fetishes that are common among adults today.


Bondage is the meaning of the letter B in the acronym BDSM. This acronym actually has multiple meanings per letter, which is helpful in understanding the vastness and versatility of all that can be categorized as BDSM. The first element, which is bondage, can mean any kind of restrictive measures that you put on yourself and or your partner(s) before or during sexual activity. There are so many different ways that bondage can work from fuzzy sex shop handcuffs to rope tying and rigging to leather and ball gags.

There are a good many ties, ropes, and restraints that you can purchase for the purpose of bondage play, but when starting out it’s much better and more cost-effective to use things you can find around your house like a tie or a belt. With any exploration into kinks, fetishes, or BDSM, explicit and enthusiastic consent are non-negotiable.

When trying out bondage, it is super important to first have a very honest discussion about your comfort level and boundaries with your partner(s) and to decide upon a safe word that can be said to end the session whenever anyone wants to stop.

Dominance and Submission

list of sexual kinks

Dominance and submission are meaning for the letters D and S in the acronym BDSM. They describe getting arousal or sexual gratification from either being dominated or being submissive in a sexual relationship. This power dynamic can play out in a number of different ways, but it is one of the most typical kinks or fetishes around.

Sometimes people like to switch up the roles and let their partner take over the dominant role while they are submissive for a while before deciding to dominate and let their partner be the submissive one. Other couples have fixed roles of one partner as dominant and another as submissive for all of their sexual activities.

Sadism and Masochism

Sadism and Masochism which are some of the meanings of the letters S and M in BDSM describe the enjoyment of sexual pleasure derived from either receiving or inflicting pain.

Discipline is a little less easy to define quickly. Sadism and masochism can either refer to physical pain or psychological pain. When it comes to physical pain, there are a lot of different ways a person can be disciplined or discipline a partner.

Heads up, the D in BDSM can stand for discipline. Many people enjoy being spanked, slapped, or bitten or spanking slapping, or biting someone else. Again, there are many things that you can use for S and M play, but it’s better to use your hands and household items first before you go through with making a big purchase. This is another one where communication is of the utmost importance.

If everyone involved is not thoroughly comfortable and giving constant enthusiastic consent, someone could get seriously hurt or traumatized. Make sure everyone is clear about the safe word, their boundaries, and the fact that they can stop participating at any time.

Group Sex

Some people are really into sex with more than one person. This can range from being in a polyamorous relationship to swinging to picking up a third on a dating app so that you and your significant other can have a fun and casual threesome. There are many ways that you can explore group sex and they don’t have to be at orgies or swingers parties.

Though if you’re interested in either of those events, there are more of them happening than you may think. These parties are a great place to explore voyeurism and exhibitionism which means getting off on watching sex and being watched having sex respectively. These two kinks or fetishes must be coupled with explicit consent because clearly, not everyone is interested in being watched or watching people have sex.

Now because of the Coronavirus pandemic, there are limits on gatherings, and depending on where you live group sex may not be possible or safe. This being said, there are definitely ways that you can introduce other players into your sexual adventures whether that be online or with roleplaying. Roleplay is a great way to live out your sexual fantasies without having to commit to a vast undertaking. It’s a great way to experiment and do something different than your normal routine.


The last and maybe most obvious kink or fetish revolved around specific body parts or body types. Foot fetishes are very common as are fetishes for just about every part of the body. There are kinks revolving anal play and anal fetishes, meaning that anal must be part of a sexual experience for the person with an anal fetish to find the experience worth it. It is not uncommon to just have a little bit of a kink for anal play meaning you’re interested in trying inserting a finger or maybe investing in a butt plug.

The extremity or importance of these particular body parts kinks or fetishes ranges greatly from person to person. If you wouldn’t mind experimenting with anal play or feet that doesn’t mean you have a kink for it, but if you do find it really intensely sexy or gratifying then you might! And that’s not shameful or weird, it’s actually pretty cool to know the specifics of what you’re into and explore that with a trusting and accepting partner(s).

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