Morning Sex Tips and Tricks – What Makes Morning Sex Great for You

  • Jul.28.2021
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wake up sex

Imagine waking up in fluffy white sheets to your partner holding you tightly and stroking your arm. The sun streams beautifully through the curtains in your bedroom, and you feel peaceful in the arms of your lover. You turn your body to face them and that is when the friskiness begins. Yes, we’re talking about morning sex.

Whether you’re someone who has morning sex frequently or it’s something you don’t often do but want to try to get into more, this article has a lot of information as to why you should do it in the morning and how to have the best morning sex. Whether that means early morning sex before a full day of work or a slow build to late morning sex on a weekend or a holiday, any time you are having sex in the morning you are reaping the benefits.

How could morning sex give you such a different experience and different benefits than sex at night? Let’s take a look at some benefits of having sex in the morning.

You’re Well Rested

Okay, so some mornings you might feel a bit groggy upon opening your eyes for the first time. But have you ever considered wake up sex? While you might take a moment to shake off the sleep you’ve just awoken from, once you get to the point where you’re moving and grooving with your partner you will realize you’re actually quite energized, way more so than some nights after you’ve eaten a huge meal, and you’re tired from working all day. In the morning your muscles are rested, you’ve had all night to digest and repair your body, and you’re ready for the day.

Your Hormones Are At Peak Level

One of the scientific explanations behind the phenomenon of amazing morning sex is the fact that the morning time is when your testosterone and estrogen levels reach their peak which means it’s actually the body’s perfect time to get down to it. These higher levels of sex hormones will make you more sensitive to the touch, more easily aroused and for those with penises, the morning is the time that you may be most able to have a strong and long-lasting erection.

It Will Help You Focus All Day

amazing morning sex

Another one of our more alluring and compelling morning sex facts is the impact of having sex on the brain. Sex can make our heads more level because of reduced anxiety and clearer cognitive abilities after orgasm, so if you have sex in the morning you will be ready to take on that day of work, and you will have done something to positively impact productivity and sharpness for your whole day.

It Will Relieve Stress, and the Monday Morning Scaries

Another one of the great benefits of morning sex is the long-lasting stress relief for your day. Having sex releases endorphins and feel-good hormones which can help you get ready for your day and stop sweating the little things. Again if you have sex in the morning it will help you have better stress management all day because of the release of feel-good chemicals that sex brings.

It’s Convenient

You’re already in your bed and if you’re the kind of person who sleeps in the buff or with very little clothing you’re essentially ready as soon as you wake up. Think about the fantasy in the first paragraph. You’re already in bed and in your partner’s arms, all you need is a little touching and caressing, and you’re there.

It Will Bring You Closer to Your Partner

Having intercourse in the morning will bring you closer to your partner for a few reasons. The first is that you will be glowing in the flattering morning light and your body will be beautiful and well-rested from the night before. I always feel that I look best in the morning before I’ve had a chance to get worn out by my physically demanding day. You might be a bit puffy or your hair might be in that bedhead style, but your partner will appreciate all of you just the same.

The intimacy of seeing each other in the light and in the very first moments of waking thought brings about a kind of intimacy and togetherness that is unmatched. It is private and all-giving. You will also have a lot of time in your day to reflect on this intimacy and allow the memories and thoughts of your partner in the morning to seep into your day. It can put you in the mood for sex and togetherness more often, maybe even later that evening.

How to Have Morning Sex

early morning sex

Some important morning sex tips to keep in mind are that you can quickly run to the bathroom and brush your teeth without waking your partner or ruining the moment, and it won’t be an issue, or you can keep mints or breath freshener nearby. You can also just go natural with your morning breath and implement morning sex positions that have limited or no face-to-face situations.

Some really lovely morning sex positions include the spooning position, rear-entry positions like doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and the flat iron position. You can also opt for oral sex or 69 positions which certainly don’t require kissing or face-to-face breathing. If you’re worried about the time you can set an alarm extra early, so you can schedule some lovely morning sex into your routine or get steamy in the shower to save time and conserve water. If you’re having morning sex on a slow morning on the weekend you can really indulge in taking your time to wake each other up with sensual touching, cuddling and sleepy kisses.

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