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genital piercing for men

Male Genital Piercings

Some people are really into body modification and piercing, but not as many go as far as to seek out getting their genitals pierced. Most of us have totally seen nipple piercings, tongue piercings or even dermal piercings, but can you pierce your penis? The answer to this question is yes, and actually many people do. Before you set out to get your penis pierced, you might find yourself wanting to look up a little bit of male genital piercing info so that you can have a little bit of an understanding of what you’re getting into and what to expect during and after the process. There are actually a few different types of penis piercings that you can choose from, so we advise that you take a bit of time to read this article about genital piercing for men so that you can make an informed decision about what you want to do with your body and what the pros and cons of genital piercing might be. Learn about genital piercing options, different male genital piercings, penis piercing styles, and how to take care of piercings on the penis with this helpful guide on anything and everything related to genital piercings for men.

What Is Penis Piercing?

While the term penis piercing seems straightforward enough, there are actually a lot of piercings that could be categorized under the umbrella of pubic piercing male genitalia. There are a lot of places on the penis that people get pierced including the shaft, the base, the glans which is the head of the penis, and the foreskin. In addition to piercing the penis itself, people also pierce the scrotum and the perineum. There are many different variations of penis piercings and each has a specific name and method for piercing.

Why do People Pierce Their Penises/Genitals?

While penis piercing isn’t exactly common, there are plenty of people who do it and that number seems to be growing. A person may pierce their penis for a number of reasons, but usually, the piercing is either gotten for aesthetic reasons or to enhance sexual experiences for both the person getting pierced and their partner. A person might get their penis pierced for either or both reasons, and even if you’re just getting your penis pierced for the look it will also bring along new sensations for you and any person you have sexual contact with. Typically, although the partners of people with penis piercings may show shock initially, many people really enjoy the fact that their partner has a penis piercing because it enhances pleasure.

Genital Piercing Names

In order to understand all the different kinds of male genital piercings, you have to understand the anatomy of the penis and which areas are more or less sensitive. There are some piercings that are rumored to be more pleasurable during sex, more painful to get pierced, and more aesthetic based on the genital piercing chart. Let’s take a look at all the different possible ways to pierce a penis (as well as some scrotum and perineum piercings) from the most common male genital piercing to the best male genital piercing for female pleasure to the seldom-seen piercings. If you’re looking to get a genital piercing, and you’re not sure about any of the different types, hopefully, these descriptions will help you choose the best male genital piercing for you.

Piercing the Head of the Penis: Glans Piercings

Ampallang: This piercing is the horizontal piercing of the glans so a barbell is inserted to stick out on both sides of the glans. It can be done from one side of the glans to the other either so that a barbell ball is on both sides.

Apadravya: This piercing is the vertical piercing of the glans so that a barbell is inserted with the balls on the top and bottom of the glans. This piercing can either be done from the bottom to the top or the top to the bottom of the glans.

Magic cross: This is the name given to describe having both the apadravya and the ampallang piercing at once, forming a cross through the glans.

King’s crown/Dydoe: This piercing is done from the base of the glans to the shaft so that it almost appears to connect the two.

Prince Albert: This is one of the most popular penis piercings, likely because of its impact on sexual pleasure and enhancement of sensation. This piercing entails going through the bottom of the glans to the urethra and out of it. Yes, that’s right this one goes through the urethra, also known as the pee hole. This piercing requires a ring or curved piece of jewelry instead of a straight barbell because of the curvature of the anatomy.

Reversed Prince Albert: This is the same as the prince Albert but instead of going through the urethra and through the bottom, the piercing goes through the top of the penis and then through the urethra. This is said to be more pleasurable for those with female sexual partners than the normal prince Albert, but we think both will do the same trick depending on the positions you prefer.

Shaft Piercings

Lorum: This piercing is done on the underside of the penis at the base of the shaft where the penis intersects with the scrotum.

Frenum: This piercing is done on the frenulum which is that thin bit of skin connecting the head of the penis to the shaft. It can also be done in many rows following this first piercing for a more extreme look and feel.

Deep shaft: This is any piercing of the penis horizontal, vertical, or anywhere through the urethra that is done on the shaft of the penis.

Foreskin: This is a piercing that is done through the foreskin of the penis, which may or may not be possible depending on whether you have been circumcised. For uncircumcised penises, the foreskin covers the head of the penis when it isn’t erect.

Scrotum and Perineum

Hafada: This is a piercing that can be done anywhere on the scrotum, the skin that covers the testicles.

Guiche: This piercing is done on the perineum AKA the space between the scrotum and rectum.

Things to Consider When Getting a Genital Piercing

types of penis piercings

Discuss getting a genital piercing with your partner, because it will affect your sexual activities. For some piercings like the glans piercings and some shaft piercings, getting a penis piercing can make it impossible to use condoms, as the metal will rip through. They can also cause a higher likelihood of infection and therefore a higher chance of spreading the infection to partners. Keep in mind there is still a risk that your piercing could injure your partner if hit at the wrong angle. It could also cause you a lot of pain if it gets caught and pulled.  If you treat your piercing well and clean it properly, you should be able to enhance your sex life instead of hindering it with a pesky infection or an accidental injury.

Clean it daily with a saline solution and be sure to watch out for any signs of infection like pus, foul smell, pain, and swelling. Be gentle with your penis right after the piercing, meaning don’t engage in vigorous exercise and certainly don’t have any kind of sex or masturbate until it has healed. Once it’s all healed up, you’re good to enjoy the aesthetic and the functional purposes of your new penis piercing.

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