The Most Sexually Sensitive Part of a Man’s Body: The Male Erogenous Zones

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Erotic Zones for Men

Often times when we think about erogenous zones to help enhance pleasure during sex we aren’t as quick to think about those that are male-specific. The female system is a little more complicated to figure out for some people, so there is often more emphasis on touching beyond the obvious erogenous zone: the genitals. When it comes to pleasuring a guy, however, there are actually a lot of spots that don’t get enough attention and there are techniques for touching certain areas down there that might just lead to the most powerful orgasm of your guy’s life. Sometimes there can be way too much focus only on the penis and not on any of the other Male erogenous zones, and that might just be because we aren’t often taught what the other important male arousal areas are. That is why this guide is going to take you through the most erogenous parts of a man and then once you know what you’re looking for how to touch a man in bed using guys hot spots.

The Neck

different ways to arouse a man

One of the best ways to sexually arouse a man, and quite frankly anyone, is to kiss them on the neck. The nape of the neck, the sides of the neck, and Adam’s apple are some of guys most sensitive areas. There are a lot of nerves on the back of the neck where the spinal cord leads to the brain. You can kiss this area, rub it or trail your fingers around it, lick it, or breathe warm air onto it. You can also go to the ears and the space behind the ears for some kissing and light nibbling.


If you want to know how to find a guy’s turn on spot, you might be surprised to find out that a really important place that is often overlooked is the souls of the feet. You don’t have to have a foot fetish to enjoy a nice foot rub, especially after a long day of walking, exercising or standing around. Not only is a foot massage super relaxing and lovely, but it can also trigger some sexual arousal for men because it connects to a guys pleasure points and stimulates the chemicals in the brain that make you want to connect with someone. If you’re into that kind of thing, you can totally suck on his toes, but even if you’re not interested in going that far, massaging the feet will do enough of the trick. You can start with a sensual foot massage, using massage oils if you prefer, and rubbing the soles and heels of the feet. Then you could make your way up to the higher areas of the body for whatever you please.

The Frenulum

how to sexually arouse man

So we know that typically the most sexually sensitive part of a man’s body is the penis, however, what if I told you that there is a specific part of the penis that is the most sensitive. The frenulum is the small bit of skin that connects the glans (the head of the penis) to the shaft of the penis. You can find it by either gently pulling back the foreskin or just looking at the head of the penis to find the little skin that connects the head to the shaft on the underside of the penis. This part of the male anatomy is extremely sensitive, and more so if the penis is uncircumcised. The frenulum has been compared to the clitoris because it is the area of the genitals that has the densest distribution of nerve endings. When stimulating the frenulum, you will want to start out slowly and gently and see how your partner enjoys it before going further because as guys sensitive spots go this one is a doozy. Because this spot is extremely sensitive, some penis owners might feel shocked or overstimulated with too much direct pressure and movement on the frenulum, which is why it is important to start slow and check with your partner about what they like. You can use some lubricant and gentle stroke the frenulum and then the whole shaft for some manual stimulation, or you can lick and kiss it during oral sex.

The Prostate

If you really want to get into the most intense male sexual stimulation areas you’re going to want to turn your attention to the prostate. When it comes to the erogenous zones chart male anatomy called the prostate is what most sexologists call the male G-spot. It can deliver really powerful and intense orgasms when stimulated at the same time as the penis, and some people can even achieve anal orgasms from prostate massaging alone. The prostate is an internal organ that is situated between the scrotum and the rectum. It is accessible through the rectum by inserting a finger about three-quarters of the way into the anus. You can access it with your fingers or a penis, but you are going to need consent. Do not surprise your significant other with a finger in the butt during a blowjob. You might have heard about this happening before but if you make the wrong call you could really ruin the situation and make your partner very uncomfortable so be sure to ask before you dive in. The prostate can also be stimulated by toys like butt plugs, anal beads, and dildos big and small. If you’re not quite ready to go there or if your partner is not interested in you going there you can also massage the prostate by using your hands or a toy to get to it from the outside. By pushing on the small divot in the perineum you can access the prostate from the outside of the body. Use your knuckle or a toy to massage in short pressurized strokes.

The Back

The back is one of the great places to touch a man because it feels comforting, and there are a lot of nerves that run from the sacrum to the top of the spine. If you want to give him a sexy back massage, you can access a lot of those feel-good spots and make him feel relaxed and turned on. The sacrum or the lower back in particular houses a lot of nerves that go on to connect to the genitals. Really getting into that lower back massage might make him super aroused and blissful. Get in there with the palms of your hands and apply some pressure with your thumbs, making sure to ask your partner what feels good and how much pressure they like.

The Scrotum

guys hot spots

Another one of his erogenous zones is the scrotum, which is the sack of skin that carries and protects the testicles. This skin is also sensitive and allows you to play gently with the balls inside. You can rub or lick the part that looks like a seam called the scrotal raphe, or you can play with the testicles inside the scrotum by gently rubbing them, cupping them, or taking them in your mouth. Be aware that the balls are extremely sensitive, and you don’t want to press too hard on them or you might inflict pain instead of inviting pleasure.

The Fingers

Another good tip on how to sexually arouse man is to pay attention to the hands and fingers. It can be totally hot to hold his hands, kiss his fingertips and of course, suck on his fingers. The fingers have a ton of nerve endings at the tips and around the palms. We do a lot of our sensing through the fingers and hands, so it makes sense that they would be very important to pay attention to during the arousal process. You can also give him a hand massage and release any tension in those fingers, especially if they have been going to work for you, and you want to show some gratitude.

The Inner Thighs

Another great one when it comes to men turn on spots is the inner thigh area. To kiss and caress, lick, bite or massage this area before or during any kind of sexual activity is a sure-fire way to get him aroused and feeling very good. This area is not as sensitive, so you can feel free to use more pressure here and even get around to the back of the thighs where the buttocks meet the upper thigh for a little of love there.


male erogenous zones

You might think of this one as more of an erogenous zone for the female body, but truly nipple stimulation is a gender all-inclusive arousal method. It can feel really great for your guy so see what he thinks about it before lightly tweaking, rubbing, licking, or biting his nipples during foreplay or during sex. It is possible for anyone to have a nipple orgasm, so nipple touching could even be the main event. There are a lot of nerves that connect to your nipples, and we should make sure that the men in our lives get to experience that pleasure!

Lower Tummy

The lower belly, right around the pubic bone, is a great place to touch and stroke to elicit arousal and enjoyment from your guy. Right around where the pubic hair starts is a place that is sensitive and nice to touch and caress, kiss or lick. You can touch this area before going for a handjob or kiss it before oral sex for a lovely arousing build-up.

Now that you know that there are so many ways to arouse a man, try some out with your partner and see what they like the best. You might find that your partner goes crazy for some of these and feels lukewarm or even not interested in others. Always talk to your partner about trying new things in the bedroom. If you feel shy to ask about this kind of thing, bring it up in a way that centers their pleasure by saying something like “I really want to make you feel good, would you like it if I did this?” If your partner doesn’t really like something doesn’t get discouraged and try another of these many spots. Enjoy exploring your partner’s body, and hopefully, you will get some neck kisses and thigh touches along the way!

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