The True Makeup Sex Meaning – Understanding How Makeup Sex Affects Your Brain

  • Aug.23.2021
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angry make up sex

Sometimes after a really passionate or emotional fight, couples would have what we call makeup sex. Essentially fighting and having sex afterward seems to be a phenomenon that crosses cultures and happens instinctively in many different ways in romantic relationships. Some people can get into negative patterns if this is a constant trend, but for many couples, this is a way of getting thoughts and emotions out and rekindling the passion. To answer questions like “Why do I get turned on after a fight?” and “Why is makeup sex good?” read this article on all things makeup sex-related.

What is make-up sex? The make-up sex definition is having sex after a big or small argument with a romantic partner in order to make up. This sex can be more emotionally charged or cause higher levels of bonding than other instances of sex because of the level of emotion and passion that can remain after a heated argument. Couples can have makeup sex after any turmoil in their relationship, from breaking up to an insignificant argument. Typically, the more intense the argument the more intense the makeup sex would be. There are a few reasons why this happens. Firstly, the levels of endorphins and cortisone in your brain may be high during an argument with a romantic partner.

Once the argument has been settled, these levels may not be back down to your baseline, so having sex at this time would feel more intense and emotional than at other times when your hormones and neurochemicals aren’t at these higher levels. Having sex after an argument can also cement closure and security in a relationship for many people, especially if the argument has come to a conclusion and there is no longer a conflict to work out.

For some, angry makeup sex is something that occurs when the argument hasn’t been fully worked out, or some feelings of resentment remain but the need to get aggression out in a way that feels healing and cathartic is satisfied by sexual activity. When you have makeup sex after an unresolved argument, in replace of an apology, or as a tactic to try to smooth things over, there might be a problem lingering in your relationship. It is crucially important that both parties are giving enthusiastic consent in order for makeup sex to occur. Do not ever try to coerce someone into having sex because you want to resolve an argument or because you feel guilty. It is best to talk things out and come to a resolution verbally before any sexual activity. Some people use sex as a bandaid solution to real and intense problems in a relationship. If you’re worried this might be happening in your relationship it may be time to sit down and have an open and honest conversation about this with your partner. Some people crave that rush of endorphins that occurs when you go from screaming to passionate lovemaking. Try not to chase that rush for the sake of the rush itself, and really evaluate the healthiness of your relationship during the times you’re not sexually entangled. If you find that your relationship is otherwise happy and healthy and that you argue to get your emotions out in the open instead of keeping them hidden or suppressed, then makeup sex might just be a totally healthy and normal part of your relationship.

How to Have Makeup Sex

makeup sex meaning

If you need some make-up sex ideas look no further. The best make-up sex often happens naturally after an argument is resolved between two lovers. Even with this natural origin, there are things to keep in mind that might make your makeup sex next level. If you want to apologize for something you said during the argument or make sure that your partner knows that you love them, whispering affirmations into your partner’s ear can send real shivers down their spine. Some positions that work well for intimate, forgiving, and loving makeup sex might be the lotus position or the spoons position.

The lotus position can be achieved by the penetrating partner sitting cross-legged and the receiving partner sitting on their lap facing them. Both partners embrace in a hug and rock in this intimate and close position. For the spooning position, both partners lie on their side facing the same direction with the penetrating partner lying behind and taking the role of the big spoon while the receiving partner is the little spoon. If you’re both still riled up and passionate, you might want to opt for dirty talk and sex positions that help you maintain that passion and work out your aggression in a healthy way. Positions that may work well for this might be cowgirl or missionary. These positions can give one partner more control over the situation so you can also switch between them as you see fit.

In Conclusion

how to have makeup sex

At the end of the day, the aim of makeup sex is to find a resolution, form stronger attachment and maintain a healthy relationship. If you find that it constantly happens in your relationship you might want to sit down with your partner and address it. If it happens every once in a while then it might just be what happens after you work things out with your partner. Make sure that you always check in with your partner after you have makeup sex to be sure that you caring for their emotional and physical wellbeing. If the sex doesn’t resolve the argument it is important not to bury the conflict but to face it and talk it out as soon as possible.

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