Ways to Make a Woman Squirt: Learn How to Make a Girl Squirt With This Easy Guide

  • Aug.04.2021
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Make Girl Squirt

Squirting! It is a highly contested sexual experience that not all people can say they have any familiarity with. Some people see it as a magical myth or a fake concept made by the pornography industry. In porn videos and through the grapevine you might have seen or heard about people giving a squirting orgasm to their partner during sex.

You might have some questions about this like: Is this something that is possible for all people with vaginas? How do you do it? Is it common? What are the female squirting techniques that really do the trick? Whatever your questions about squirting may be, this article has you covered with the answers.

What Is Squirting?

tips to make her squirt

So what actually is squirting? Squirting is the release of fluid either during sexual stimulation of the vagina or clitoris or during a female orgasm. It is a version of female ejaculation and only some women experience it. It is called squirting because in some cases it squirts or projects out, but not all people experience it in the same way.

Sometimes it is more like a spill than an explosive event. Some people have theories that the liquid that comes out when a person squirt is actually pee, but these theories have been (half) debunked. The liquid bears quite a similar resemblance to pee, however, it is not the same makeup as pure urine. The liquid is mostly water with some urea and possibly some female ejaculate which comes from a gland inside of the vagina responsible for lubrication. This is why calling it pee is not accurate, but if it seems similar that is because there are some similarities. Don’t worry, it isn’t dangerous or unclean!

How Squirting Works

Now we know what squirting is but how does it work? Squirting happens as a result of either clitoral or G-spot stimulation (or a combination of the two) and it typically happens at the moment of orgasm but it is possible for it to happen without the orgasm part. The G-spot is quite possibly the fastest way to make a girl squirt.

If you don’t know where the G-spot is, it is the ridge fleshy part of the vaginal wall about two to three inches inside of the vaginal canal towards the clitoris. It is the sweet spot for a lot of vagina owners and stimulating it can unlock a whole world of pleasure. To stimulate the G-spot insert one or two lubed-up fingers into the vagina and make a “come hither” motion with your fingers once inside. This plus clitoral stimulation is one of the best ways to make a woman squirt. Some people might only need the clitoral stimulation to squirt, so take your time trying all of these options with your partner, being sure to ask them what they like best as you go.

Can You Make a Woman Squirt?

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According to the minimal studies that have been done surrounding the topic of squirting, not all people with vaginas are able to squirt. Additionally, not all people with vaginas have any desire to squirt. If the only reason behind your desire to make your partner squirt is the personal accomplishment you should really reassess your bedroom motives.

If you talk to your partner about squirting and there is a mutual interest in trying some techniques out then you’re off to a good start. If your partner expresses that they’re not interested in this sexual act you should leave it there. Never make it a goal that either you or your partner feel personally invested in achieving at all costs.

It may happen and it may feel great, but it also might not happen and that’s okay. If your partner has never done it before then you know that you are both trying something new, but if your partner has done it before you can ask your partner if they’re interested in doing it again and what they need to get them there. If your partner has never done it but shows interest, it is time to learn how to make a girl squirt through trial and error.

Be aware, you’re not simply learning how to make a female squirt during sex, you’re learning the specific instincts and reactions of your specific partner’s body. Each vagina is like a snowflake, the thousands of nerve endings are placed in a slightly different spot in each human vagina. So what is the easiest way to make her squirt? Asking her what feels best! If your partner doesn’t know, you can enjoy the process of patiently trying out a few different techniques with your partner and finding out which ones work best!

Instructions On How to Make a Girl Squirt

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The exact thing that will make someone squirt isn’t going to be the same for every person, but there are some techniques that work for many people. What makes girls squirt or at least is most likely to get someone there? These squirting tricks might surprise you, but one of the best tips to make her squirt is to make sure that she is extremely comfortable with you. Bodies aren’t machines.

They are very influenced by our mental states and oftentimes no matter how aroused or eager we are to do something in the bedroom, our bodies can’t relax unless our minds are completely relaxed too.

One of the best tips I can offer on the topic of squirting is to do your best to make your partner feel comfortable and trust that they are in good hands. If you can help your partner relax they may be able to go with that sensation that feels kind of like having to pee and eventually get to that really amazing feeling of female ejaculation (aka squirting). This can be achieved when you have the perfect blend of trust, g-spot stimulation, and/or clitoral stimulation. Some people also like other erogenous zones to be involved making for a more powerful orgasm and potentially more of a likelihood for squirting.

Sex Positions for Squirting

sex positions for squirting

What is the best position to make a girl squirt? Positions that hit the G-spot are preferable for making your partner squirt. You may also fare better with positions that allow for clitoral stimulation. Positions like doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and spooning position can be great for both of these desires.

You might also have luck simply having your partner lay on their back and allow you to use your hands to stimulate or sit on your lap for the same treatment. Another tip is to use a toy to help you maximize stimulation and potentially get in the splash zone. If you’re cool with it, you could try having your partner sit on your face or going down on your partner to get clitoral and G-spot stimulation going on all at once. You can use your fingers to get to the G-spot and your tongue for clitoral stimulation. Just be aware this puts your face right near the action.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

If no squirting occurs after all of your attempts don’t be discouraged. Making your partner squirt is not an achievement that you can hang on your wall or use for leverage. It is simply a nice experience that doesn’t happen for everyone. If it doesn’t happen for you all of that trying was not for nothing. By getting to know your partner’s body in an effort to make your partner squirt you are simply learning ways to give them pleasure and increasing your compatibility and intimacy. No matter the result you should be happy just to have the chance to explore and have fun together.

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