Lotus Position Sex: How to Do It With Your Partner?

  • Dec.28.2020
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lotus position sex

The Kama Sutra is a book of teachings translated from ancient Sanskrit which teaches how to follow a philosophy of life that has been practiced for thousands of years. The teachings of the Kama Sutra are not simply about sex and sexual positions, but about how to experience pleasure in the life you lead in and out of the bedroom.

A lot of western mistranslations have rendered the concept of the Kama Sutra inaccurate, making it out to be an exoticized erotic how-to guide as opposed to a philosophical guide to life, love, and happiness. If you want to know more about the Kama Sutra, check out my article about it. Make your sexual life full and exciting!

With a bit more understanding of the Kama Sutra’s teachings, we can have a bit more of an understanding of why the lotus position is such an engaging and passionate position to incorporate into your sexual repertoire. To get into the lotus position, the giver of penetration will sit on the ground or bed and the receiver of penetration will sit in the lap of the giving partner. Both partners will cross their ankles around their partner’s back and embrace in something like a hug.

Be careful that the on top partner does not lean on or brace themselves on the giving partner in a way that is uncomfortable. The receiving partner should not sit directly on the giving partner, or lean their whole weight onto the giving partner, as this won’t be a sustainable position for you both to comfortably stay in. The receiving partner should sit in the space between the giving partner’s legs, but remain as close as possible to achieve maximum intimacy and maximum pleasure.

The lotus position is a more slow and intimate approach to sex. It is truly about more than penetration, with the focus predominantly on closeness, eye contact, skin contact, breathing, and sensing. It is all about connecting with your partner in the fullest way possible. It will be difficult to do a lot of thrusting or fast bouncing, so think of it more as grinding and having a sensual experience with your partner.

This absence of vigorous thrusting will not leave you feeling unsatisfied, it will only intensify your desire for one another and force you to be present at the moment, making shifts in tandem instead of acting as individual players. The on a top partner will do a lot of the grinding and rocking. They are in a good position to get leverage and use their arms to establish a rhythm or just to explore. They’re in a good position to kiss and caress, stroke their partner’s back, head, or neck, and if need be, use arms as support.

The underneath partner who is providing penetration should go with the flow of the receiving partner’s rocking and grinding, but can also use the ground as support. In this position, it will be difficult for the penetrating partner to thrust into the receiving partner, so their role is more of a supportive one, but they can still use their leverage as a base to provide some movement and grinding too.

lotus blossom position

If either of you is finding the position uncomfortable, try to slow it down. While the position may get you so turned on that you will want to move fast and thrust deeply, remember that this position isn’t about fast pace or deep penetration, but a rather slow pace and deep connection.

If you want to try the lotus position with your partner for the first time, it might take some navigating and adjustment. If the giving partner finds it uncomfortable to have their legs crossed at the ankles, they can always leave them straight, it will just be a modification of the lotus position and not the true technical lotus position.

That’s okay! The point of this position is connection so do whatever you need to make it the most comfortable in order to foster that connection and presence with one another. The receiving partner can also modify by leaning back and supporting themselves with their arms which may provide a more stimulating and pleasurable angle for penetration.

You can also use lotus as a starting position and then move to other positions if you want to explore other angles or possibilities, or even just take a break and come back to the lotus position for the final part of your exploration. Ending in a lotus position can be an extremely rewarding and intimate experience, where the connection of your bodies really shows support and an intertwining of sensual and sexual pleasure. If you want to really get close with your partner, I suggest giving the lotus position a try.

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