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lingam massage

The practice of tantra is an ancient and sacred lifestyle. While some people think that tantra is specifically about sex and sexuality, it is important to understand that while sex is part of tantra, it is only one part. The definition of tantra is “adherence to the doctrines or principles of the tantras, involving mantras, meditation, yoga, and ritual.”

Tantra is more about the way you live your life than specifically the way you have sex. As sex is part of the human experience for most people, adapting mantras, meditation, yoga and ritual around sex can make it an elevated experience. If you’ve heard about the benefits of lingam massage, you might be interested in trying out some lingam massage techniques to elevate your sexual experience. This article will take you through a lingam massage tutorial so that you can experience the sensuality and pleasure of tantric sex practices.

Lingam Massage Meaning: What Is Lingam Massage Therapy?

how to do a lingam massage

So you might have heard rave reviews about lingam massage for men, but what is lingam massage? Lingam massage is a massage of the lingam, which means penis in Sanskrit, and directly translates to “wand of light”. This massage practice is about having a tantric experience regarding the energy and light that can be felt by the owner of a penis, and the person who is giving love and appreciation to the penis and penis owner.

Lingam massage differs from an ordinary hand job for many reasons, one being that it aims to give the penis owner the ability to have multiple orgasms. These orgasms are brought about by the utilization of tantric practices, as well as an emphasis on multiple areas of the body instead of solely the massage of the penis. Lingam massage gets other areas involved such as the pelvic region, the balls, the perineum and the “sacred spot” also known as the prostate, or the male G-spot.

With all of these areas receiving pleasurable massage, there is a much higher possibility that the person receiving the lingam massage will erupt in multiple orgasms, and that the person giving the massage will feel pleasure from this euphoric energy of lingam massage orgasm.

How to Do a Lingam Massage

In order to understand how to give yourself or your partner an intimate Lingam massage, you will need to take a look at these Lingam massage instructions. First you will want to make sure that the person receiving the massage is super comfortable and relaxed. They can get into a position that they feel completely comfortable in such as a supine position with knees up so that you can get full access to what you’re working with.

You yourself will want to make sure that you are relaxed as well, so do what you need to make the atmosphere relaxed, welcoming and intimate. You will want to have oil or lubricant handy, as this is a truly important component in giving a pleasure filled lingam massage. You can do some tantric breathing exercises together to synchronize your bodies and truly dive into the practice of tantric lingam massage. Once you have made this mental and physical connection, you can begin to touch the areas around your partner’s penis. Lingam massage is a very slow and sensuous practice, so remember that you’re not in a rush to the finish line.

You are here for as long as you and your partner need for the experience, and rushing to orgasm is exactly the wrong way to go about lingam massage. The massage is all about the journey and the destination is just a nice cherry on top. Using lubricant or massage oil, begin by exploring your partner’s pelvic region, massaging the areas surrounding the penis. You can massage the balls by moving them around, cupping or fondling them. Make sure to ask your partner how they like their balls to be touched, as people can have a very different sensitivity to this kind of touching. All of this massaging is good for making sure that everything is lubricated and blood is flowing to all parts of the pelvic region.

When it comes to the penis, you can start with some slow strokes up and down the shaft. You can introduce some stimulation to the head of the penis with circular motions. Switch up your hand motions and positions to give your partner a variety of feel good motions. You can use different grips and kinds of strokes. Just up and down is great, and you can follow it by a spiral or twisting motion. You can even achieve two different hand positions by using both hands at the same time. Remember that lube is key here. You can also switch up the rhythm and speed going from very slow to fast and then back to slow.

In order to get to the point of maximum pleasure, you will want to keep your partner on the brink of cumming. This might make their erection fluctuate in strength, don’t worry that’s perfectly normal. The edging technique can allow for so much pressure and sexual tension to build that the orgasm(s) following can be absolutely mind-blowing.

Prostate Massage

lingam massage tutorial

When it comes to massaging the prostate, there are many ways you can go about it. Ask your partner if they’re comfortable with prostate massage, and let them know that it doesn’t have to be internal, but if they’re down it can be. To do an external prostate massage, feel around for a small divot in the space between the scrotum and anus.

Press that spot with your fingers to find the pleasure, asking your partner what feels good as you go. To do an internal prostate massage, start by trailing a lubricated finger around your partner’s anus, then insert it very very slowly starting with just a tiny bit of your finger and once your partner gives you the okay, you can slip your finger further to find the sweet spot. The prostate should be 3-4 inches into the anus and pressing against the anal wall in a come hither motion can bring your partner to a place of extreme pleasure and bliss.

Once you’ve gotten to all of these elements of the lingam massage and your partner has been to the brink of orgasm and back again many times, it’s time to let the orgasmic energy ensue. This could mean multiple orgasms for your partner or rippling full body orgasm. Whatever the result may be, you will appreciate the pleasure and energy that the lingam massage leads to.

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