All You Need to Know About Lesbian Slang – Lesbian Slang Definitions

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Lesbian Slang

So you want to learn about some current lesbian slang? Whether you yourself are a babygay, or you simply seem to befriend and be surrounded by a lot of queer and lesbian friends or family members, learning what lesbian slang means can help you from getting lost in a conversation among lesbian and queer peers. Lesbian slang can be straightforward like “babygay” which simply refers to a person who has just recently started exploring their homosexuality. Lesbian slang can also be really hard to decipher if you’ve never spent a lot of time chatting with lesbians or you simply haven’t heard the term before. For example, can you guess what U-hauler and chapstick lesbian mean? Well, there is no need to guess because this article will give you some useful information about lesbian vocabulary words that are often used in conversations between members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


This is one of the more obvious slang words for lesbian people who are freshly out of the closet, or newly exploring their lesbianism or gayness. It can also be used to reference someone of any gender who is gay or queer.


Angrogony is not exclusive to this list of lesbian slang definitions, but it can be often brought up in conversations between lesbians. To be androgenous is to emit an expression or have an affect that is both feminine and masculine at the same time, but not too strongly either one.


LGBTQIA+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual or ally and +. Basically this long acronym pays homage to many different sexualities that are not heterosexuality. Pansexuality and demisexuality which mean attraction to all genders and attraction to people based on specific attributes or personal knowledge respectively.


slang words for lesbian

This term isn’t so much slang for lesbian as it is a reference to the ancient greek poet Sapho who wrote about being a woman who loves women. Someone being sapphic can refer to a woman or non-binary person who is attracted to women or femme people. It can also be used as a discriptic word, e.g. “That movie was really sapphic.”

Gender non-conforming, Non-Binary, NB, Enby

A person who is non-binary is someone who does not fit into the social categories of woman or man, and thus does not subscribe or fit into the societal binary of gender and gender norms. Many non-binary people use the pronouns they and them instead of she and her or he and him. Some NB people use she/they or he/they and others use neo-pronouns like xe/xir or ze/zir. There are plenty of non-binary people who refer to themselves as lesbians, and many who feel at home within the lesbian community even while some NB people may be pansexual, bisexual or asexual.


A person who is femme is a person who has feminine gender expression. The term can be used as an adjective or as a noun. E.g. “Her outfit is super femme.” or “This message is addressed to all women and femmes.”

High Femme

A person who is high femme is someone who is extremely feminine in their gender expression. This can mean that they rock a dress and a pair of pumps often or that they enjoy all things fairy-like and sparkly.

Lipstick Lesbian

current lesbian slang

A lipstick lesbian is a slang word for a femme lesbian. It refers to a lesbian who often wears lipstick among other feminine qualities.

Chapstick Lesbian

A chapstick lesbian isn’t quite a lipstick lesbian but isn’t a butch lesbian either. If someone is a chapstick lesbian they might have some softness and feminine energy as well as some hardness or masculine energy at the same time.


A futch is a femme-butch. A person who is a futch may also be called a chapstick lesbian. This person can either rock both a feminine and masculine aesthetic and vibe at once or change from day to day.

Butch Lesbian

lesbian slang definitions

A butch lesbian is a lesbian who has a lot of masculine energy. Butch lesbians aren’t just women who act like men. They are women who have natural masculinity that shows in their day to day actions, affect and style.

Stone Butch

A stone butch is a person who is a lesbian with very intensely masculine expression. A stone butch may be non-binary or a woman who emits a very masculine energy.

Stud and Fish

Stud is a term that originated because of disclusion and bigotry. Many years ago, black and latinx lesbians made their own terms for “butches” and “femmes” which were “studs” and “fishes.” These terms mean the same thing, but studs and fishes refer to black or latinx folks who weren’t allowed in the white lesbian and gay bars or hangout spots because of their skin colors. The terms surfaced sometime around the 1960s and are still used today, but unfortunately are seeming to be co-opted by white lesbians who are unaware of the meaning and origins of the terms.

Top, Bottom and Vers

Top, bottom and vers are words used to describe a roll in a relationship. These terms originated in gay culture but are increasingly used to describe lesbians and people with other sexualities. Tops can refer to people who give or are dominant which can mean a lot of different things. Bottom can refer to people who receive or are submissive, which can also mean a lot of different things. Vers describes someone who can take either roll happily. There is no need to label yourself with these rolls, but some people enjoy it or find it useful.

Gold Star Lesbian

lesbian slang and meaning

This term is somewhat outdated and can be considered quite offensive to many people. To be a gold star lesbian is to have never had sex with anyone who isn’t a woman. Whoever decided that this means you’re worthy of a gold star is forgetting about how pansexual, bisexual, non-binary and questioning individuals are no less worthy than those who have only ever had sex with women.


U-hauling refers to the common trope that lesbians move in together really quickly after getting into relationships.


This is lesbian terminology that refers to a famous lesbian like Ellen Degenerous, Jojo Siwa, or any person who acted on the popular lesbian T.V. series, “The L Word”

Hopefully this list of lesbian slang has given you some needed insight on what some commonly used lesbian slang terms mean and how they could be used appropriately. Be cautious about using these terms unless you are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, as some of them could be considered rude or offensive to be thrown around by a straight or cishet person. While you might not be revered for throwing around these terms willy nilly, it is good to know a lesbian slang and meaning or two if you’re about to have a conversation about sexuality with a person who is a lesbian or if you are learning about the community as a babygay!

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