Lap Dance Tips for Beginners

  • Feb.12.2021
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So you’re interested in learning how to lap dance, now what? Lap dancing is a classic and sensual way to really tease and play with your partner on any occasion. A lap dance could be an appetizer for something later or it could be the main course depending on your evening plans. If you’re giving a lap dance to someone you find sexually magnetic, this lap dance is just as much for you and your arousal as it is for them.

Giving a lap dance can make you feel powerful, sexy, and desired, making it a stellar way to start any sexual explorations and activities. Worried that you won’t be sexy enough because you’re not a pro? Don’t be! This guide will help you channel your inner sex pot and learn the steps to a very successful first lap dance. If you use these lap dance techniques and tips this lap dance might be your first, but it will not be your last!

Step One: Do Your Homework

There are plenty of clips and scenes of lap dances on popular entertainment television and movies. If you’ve ever seen Magic Mike or Showgirls, you know the potential power of a very good lap dance. Movies like these can inspire us to go all out and get into it, so the first step to learning how to give a lap dance might just be watching these stunners do their things on the screen.

You can also do some youtube searching for techniques and inspiration videos. This will not only get you in the mood to dance and feel yourself, but it will give you some fun ideas for how to give a sexy lap dance. If you really feel like going the extra mile, you could even take a field trip to a strip club.

Step Two: Practice

If you went ahead and browsed through some steamy lap dance videos and found some sweet moves and hip rotations that caught your eye, you don’t want to try them for the very first time with your partner.

When no one is home, throw on a spicy outfit and blast some sexy tunes while you try out your lap dance on an empty chair. Depending on your comfort level and how much you’re feeling yourself that day, you could try it in front of a mirror to check out your own moves.

If you just want to be in the moment and feeling the rhythm, skip the mirror and get lost in the music. If you want to wear heels, make sure you try those on when you’re practicing as they can sometimes take some getting used to.

Step Three: Get Ready

lapdance tips

Put on something that makes you feel your sexiest. Maybe it’s that new matching bra and panties set that you bought from a boutique, maybe it’s those tiny shorts your partner always goes mad for. Whatever it is, you should feel confident wearing it and you should be able to move around as you please with it on.

Dress up as much or as little as you want to. You don’t have to go full glam and put on a face of makeup or break out the 6-inch heels. Confidence and comfort come first. If you want to put on those lashes and tease out your hair go for it. Whatever will put you in the mood is the best option. Play a song that makes you feel like the sexual being that you are so you can use the rhythm and beat to guide you through.

Step Four: Lap Dance Tips

Find fun and appropriate time to sit your partner down, cue music, and perform the lap dance of your life. You could try multiple seating options, whether that means a chair in the kitchen, the sofa in the living room, or an armchair in the bedroom, all options come with their own fun possibilities. If you’re using an armchair or a couch, there will be more surface area and sturdiness for you to use for leverage.

If you’re using a simple chair, this might give you more mobility or versatility for moving around your partner during the dance. If you wanted to add to the level of spiciness, you could use handcuffs or a rope to tie your partner to the chair in some way. This way you have fun control of what’s going on. If you don’t want to use any hand restraints, your partner will enjoy using their hands to touch your body as you dance.

Step Five: How to Perform a Lap Dance

The most important thing is to go with the rhythm and feel of the music and just do your thing. There are a lot of little things you can do to really enhance the experience. You could start with a striptease, slowly removing each piece of clothing sensually. You could face your partner and straddle them, touching their face and chest.

To heighten their senses and interest, don’t stay in the same place the whole time. Get up and walk around trailing a finger along their chest and shoulders as you do.

Lean in from behind the chair to feel down their body. If you want to get creative and feel your dominant power, you could use your legs and feet to trail down their body or put one foot on their shoulder. Just make sure that you have plenty of support and good balance to pull off something like this. When the music feels right, grind on their lap facing away from them and looking back over your shoulder from time to time. A couple of hair flips and head rolls can be super sexy, but be sure that you’re doing it in a way that avoids collisions!

Overall just know that this lap dance is all about having some sensual and sexy fun with your partner. If it doesn’t go perfectly the first time around, don’t give up, practice makes perfect. Learning how to lap dance is an exciting activity with very fun results. Put on that song that puts you in your sexual power and do your thing!

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